Why choose Rightcheck?

Rightmove has the largest dataset of any AVM or property data provider - 50 million records

Seamless integration with client systems and third parties

  • Extensive testing with Xit2's fraud detection products and 'valuation exchange'
  • 3 years experience receiving and returning AVM and property data via Quest in real time to client systems

Transparent results that give the user access to the evidence behind the alert

  • Sold prices
  • Estate agent details - internal and external pictures, room dimensions, floor plans etc
  • Previous surveyor valuations
  • Comparable property details
  • Asking / rental prices

Unique alerts not available from any other organisation

  • Rental Property (hidden buy-to-lets)
  • Lower Asking Price (property clubs, gifted deposits, incentives etc.)

Key features of the Rightmove AVM

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Rightmove's established product reliability and speed
  • Full audit capability
  • Detailed, statistical indicators of confidence levels for all valuations
  • Photographs of comparable properties
  • Individual property as well as batch valuation capability
  • UK coverage
  • Reinstatement values
  • Rental AVM available

Rightmove for professionals