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    At our Milton Keynes office we understand that each great British home has its own unique appeal and we put all of our experience into a bespoke service for clients who want a more personal approach. 

    Our aim is to reflect the very individual quality, style and heritage of your home by using a range of professional techniques and equipment. Skilled photographers take time to display your home at its very best, while experienced journalists will reveal more about the history of your home, the lifestyle it offers and its distinct appeal. 

    Our carefully designed brochures have a magazine style that is beautiful to look at and pleasurable to read and we can adapt a marketing campaign to suit your individual needs with national, regional and local advertising which also aims to entice prospective buyers to visit your home. 

    Additionally a strong internet presence and a user-friendly website ensure information on your home is available at the touch of a button or screen, while our experienced Chewton Rose staff are on hand from 8am to 10pm, every day of the week, to offer you their support and guidance through the entire marketing and sales process. 

    We would welcome the opportunity to explain further how our service could make the difference to your move.
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    Chewton Rose Milton Keynes 
    T: 01908 528982

    E:  milton.keynes@chewtonrose.co.uk
    Facebook: Milton Keynes Chewton Rose

    Twitter: ChewtonRoseMK
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    Richard Olliffe - Area Sales Partner
    Richard originally served in the British Army before deciding to change career and become an estate agent after meeting his fiancée Hollie. He hasn't looked back since and Richard has earned an enviable reputation within the company for the work he has done establishing the brand in Bedfordshire and neighbouring Buckinghamshire. In his spare time Richard enjoys playing rugby.
    Call Richard on 01908 528980  or email richard.olliffe@chewtonrose.co.uk
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    Graham Nash - Partner
    Graham has been involved in all aspects of estate agency for over a decade. He has predominantly worked in the top end of the market in Bedfordshire and since 2010 has brought to the Milton Keynes office a wealth of knowledge of the local area and local market. 

    Call Graham on 01908 528980 or email graham.nash@chewtonrose.co.uk
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    Adam Hicks - Senior Associate
    A local professional with an accurate eye for today's market, Adam offers a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to the company. Coming from a professional sporting background, ended by injury some years ago, Adam applied what he knew to estate agency and with his positive and pro active manner, he soon became well established in the area, successfully progressing within the industry as a result of his reputable work.

    Call Adam on 01908 528980 or email adam.hicks@chewtonrose.co.uk
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    Tim Lloyd B.A. (Hons) - Senior Associate
    Tim epitomizes energy, hard work and a creative mindset which he applies to every aspect of a property transaction. A graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University where he earned a BA with Honors in Graphic Design. Tim has a keen eye for detail and has built a successful career in Estate Agency over the last 12 years, having also been recruited by a top 100 global law firm where he played a key role in communication between conveyancers, home buyers and vendors, helping to make the process of buying and selling as smooth as possible. He has a wealth of experience behind him and in turn is well respected within the industry.

    Call Tim on 01908 528980 or email tim.lloyd@chewtonrose.co.uk
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    William Hall B.A. (Hons) - Marketing Associate
    As a Sociology Honours Degree graduate, our Marketing Associate William has great interactive skills which truly give him the edge when it comes to understanding the needs of our clients. William makes certain that every home receives the same exceptional level of service that Chewton Rose has become known for, including a bespoke marketing package tailored to each property that we market

    Call William on 01908 528980 or email william.hall@chewtonrose.co.uk
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Our branch locations

Our Branch

Our Branch

Branches within our network

Branches within our network

Our Office Address Services Contact
Milton Keynes
889-897 Silbury Boulevard,
Milton Keynes,
Buying: 01908 871089  Local call rate
Network Offices Address Services Contact
38a High Street,
KT11 3EB
Buying: 01932 485107  Local call rate
156 - 158 High Street,
Buying: 01206 916075  Local call rate
849 Fulham Road,
Tel: 020 7610 6551  Local call rate
Buying: 0843 314 8261  BT 4p/min
Gerrards Cross
30 Packhorse Road,
Gerrards Cross,
Buying: 01628 301046  Local call rate
68 Heath Street,
Buying: 020 8012 4886  Local call rate
107 High Street,
B17 9NR
Buying: 0121 396 0272  Local call rate
15 Bridge Street,
KT22 8BL
Buying: 01372 629003  Local call rate
38 Exchange Street,
Buying: 01603 950058  Local call rate
South Wales
St. Andrews Crescent
CF10 3DD
Buying: 02922 430205  Local call rate
Sussex & Kent
7 High Street,
Buying: 01892 323029  Local call rate
33-35 York Street,
Buying: 020 8012 0000  Local call rate
West Bridgford
15 Tudor Square,
West Bridgford, Nottingham,
Buying: 0115 798 0255  Local call rate
West Essex
728-730 Chigwell Road,
Woodford Green,
Buying: 020 8012 1504  Local call rate
15 Southgate Street,
SO23 9DZ
Buying: 01962 460023  Local call rate
Worcester Park
50 Central Road,
Worcester Park,
Tel: 020 8337 1701  Local call rate
Buying: 0843 314 5250  BT 4p/min


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Our Branch

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889-897 Silbury Boulevard,
Milton Keynes,

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Buying: 01908 871089  Local call rate

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Testimonials from Sellers

  • Seller Testimonial

    Cannot thank you enough in terms of efficiency
    "Adam, just a short note to say a very big thank to the team at Chewton Rose but particularly you personally for all the hard work that you put in to achieve the sale of our house. 

    Chewton's service is excellent, from the very beginning with professional photography that I cannot praise highly enough - it really makes such a difference. Then the text narrative describing the house is so personal rather than a simple description of rooms, it brings to life what makes your home loved by you, and why others will love it too.

    Adam, I can't thank you enough in terms of your efficiency and energy, positive upbeat attitude and perseverance right from the start to find the right buyer and up to the end to get the sale through. 

    I don't think ours was the simplest of processes and you put in so much time at the beginning to negotiate a mutually acceptable offer and then so much time towards the end as it becoming in danger of the deal falling apart - being a go-between for us and the buyer, and chasing both sides of conveyancers when things had stalled. 

    Thanks again for helping us on the way to a new life. I hope our buyers will be very happy in the house"

    Sue, Milton Keynes, October 2014
  • Seller Testimonial

    You were the conduit & peacekeeper of the sale
    "I would like to express my gratitude to Adam Hicks and Graham Nash for their efforts and professional conduct inwhat could have been a very difficult sale.Both Adam and Graham supported throughout and became the conduit and peace keepers and I don't know how they did it, but managed to retain the buyer and push the sale. 

    They remained professional and positive at all times. For once I have had a positive and refreshing experience dealing with an estate agent and as such, have been very impressed with Chewton Rose and would recommend your company to any seller"

    Martin Bendall, Milton Keynes, August 2014
  • Seller Testimonial

    You helped us obtain the house of our dreams
    "We are so happy that we selected Chewton Rose to sell our home. Chewton Rose stepped in to find us the right buyer at very short notice, after being let down by our previous estate agent, we ran the risk of losing our onward sale. 

    Thanks to Graham and Adam, we were able to complete on the house of our dreams. Compared to other agents in the area, we found them to be most professional and proactive agents in Milton Keynes. We would highly recommend them to sell your property too"

    Mr & Mrs A, Milton Keynes, August, 2014
  • Seller Testimonial

    Adam was great & had the personal touch
    "We have been impressed with Chewton Rose throughout the sale process. I had originally promised another agent the opportunity to market my home should we ever sell, but after speaking to Graham who was persuasive but not pushy we decided that we would give dual agency a try. Our neighbour recommended Chewton Rose who had previously sold her house and I naively thought that there couldn't be that much difference between estate agents! 

    Chewton Roses' photography and marketing were of the highest quality.We had lots of interest and the other agent received offers on our home within 3 days of it being on the market, however, the offers were not adequate and I felt as though I was being put under pressure by the other agent to sell at an unacceptable price. In the meantime, Chewton Rose had a couple of interested parties in our house. 

    Graham or Adam accompanied all the potential buyers, I was usually given a days notice of all viewings. Graham and Adam were always professional and I fully trusted them with a key to our home. Adam even did a viewing on a Sunday which was his only day off - that person eventually bought our house so his extra effort paid off. 

    Our buyer was completely vetted and everything we were told about their circumstances was truthful.Throughout the whole procedure up to exchange of contracts, Chewton Rose have kept everybody updated. Adam popped around the day after the sale was agreed on his way home from work just to say congratulations - this was a nice personal touch. 
    I know they were completely mad busy but he still made time.

    As a seller, you want reassurance that the estate agent really is working on your behalf - with Chewton Rose, I was put under absolutely no pressure to accept anything less than the asking price and I knew Graham had negotiated with our Buyer for the best result. Had it not been for Chewton Rose, we could have been pressurised to accept an offer 20 thousand pounds less than we eventually received so all things considered, I feel we received the very best value for money. The 'sold' sale board was put up today as well"

    Emma Wilson, Milton Keynes, July 2014
  • Seller Testimonial

    Your business technique quoted in business schools
    Having come to the market with you officially at the very end of April, I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed we are by the members of your team with whom we have had contact so far, especially since three sets of individuals were contacted and followed up and two viewings arranged even before the official start date. 

    We wanted to mention how particularly impressed we have been with our recent experience of Adam Hicks who has shown enormous persistence and dogged determination in following up interested parties and in obtaining feedback from them. Even after he had a wasted journey to the property this week, when the viewers failed to show, he went to their home address and tracked down their son (the potential buyer) in Hong Kong and continues to press for the viewing despite the rudeness and inconvenience they have caused him. 

    His description of his personal marketing technique has even ended up being quoted in his dissertation by our son who is at one of the UK's leading business schools, sponsored by Ernst and Young! Graham Nash too has showed real creative thinking and use of the psychology of marketing when describing his approach to us and we look forward to seeing him in action. 

    So many people are keen to complain but few think to congratulate and we felt this was due"

    Katherine Watts, Milton Keynes, May 2014
  • Seller Testimonial

    "I just wanted to say thank you to Chewton Rose for your outstanding service in selling our property.  The service offered to Vic & I by your company from start to finish was exceptional.  From the initial meeting with both you and Graham to determine the right price to market the property"

    "The amazing brochure and photo's from the team and the commitment from yourself and Adam, who equally put so much time and effort into selling this unique property and in finding the right buyer"

    "Both Graham and Adam are a credit to your company, were very professional and trustworthy at each viewing and each viewing was followed with great feedback . The property has now exchanged and we look forward to completion in April, so thank you for personally pushing the exchange through"

    "We are off to pastures new and I am sure when we go to sell the property, we will once again call for your outstanding services"

    Special thanks to Graham you always said that one day you would sell a house for us, and Adam, who was committed and tenacious in his approach to selling our property - Once again thank you to all the team and we hope the new buyers will have a happy future in such a wonderful home".

    Maxine Wright, Milton Keynes, March 2014

  • Seller Testimonial

    We cannot praise enough the service is outstanding
    " We were vaguely aware of the name 'Chewton Rose' when we put our house on the market but did not approach them initially as we had already asked another estate agent to handle the sale us. Unfortunately, we had only one viewing in over twelve weeks and as a consequence wasted a lot of time. 

    During that period we had received some information from Chewton Rose about their services and were impressed by the sample brochures that they had enclosed. We made an appointment for one of the directors, Richard Olliffe, to come and see us. He immediately appreciated the uniqueness of our property and could accurately predict the profile of likely buyers. He mirrored our thoughts exactly but at the same time, unlike some other agents, wasn't just telling us what he thought we would want to hear. Instead he gave us a realistic appraisal and valuation and he proved to be correct because, once appointed, the viewings came thick and fast.   

    From prospective buyers' responses we were able to establish a fair price that satisfied both the purchasers and ourselves as the sellers. The professionalism extended to the excellent work of the photographer who, by mutual agreement, arrived at 7.00 a.m one morning to take some stunning sunlit images, having worked out just the right time to do so in order to show the external shots of the house and the grounds to their best advantage.
    The photographer was extremely pleasant and stayed for breakfast! Adam Hicks, one of Chewton Rose's senior sales negotiators, handled all subsequent proceedings, and has provided an exemplary service throughout, being businesslike, friendly and entirely supportive in equal measure. It has been his initiative and thoughtfulness that ensured a range of viewings including an interest from people who may have overlooked our house details in the first instance. Indeed it was one of the latter who put in an offer which was accepted"
    "We cannot praise Chewton Rose enough and we consider their services to be outstanding"

    Wendy, Milton Keynes, December 2013
  • Seller Testimonial

    Chewton Rose had imagination & tenacity
    "In order to sell our self-build, full of eco features house, we needed an estate agent with a bit of imagination and ability to present not only 'the look' but also the technology involved and use of unusual building materials.

    Chewton Rose estate agents in Milton Keynes were the only agency prepared to look behind the obvious and present a modern, high end interface between ourselves and prospective buyers. Both Graham and Richard who met with potential buyers were very professional in their approach, came well prepared for the viewings, and proved quite tenacious in following up. We were glad to have them on our side" !

    Mr & Mrs Witham, Milton Keynes, December 2013
  • Seller Testimonial

    I was impressed at the thoroughness
    "I instructed Chewton Rose in Milton Keynes to value my property in September 2013. Although their valuation was broadly aligned with that of the other agents to whom I had spoken, I was impressed at the thoroughness of their review and benchmarking analysis and also by the fact that, even before visiting the property, they had clearly considered in some detail a marketing strategy that was designed to appeal to the kinds of buyers who were most likely to buy my property. What was particularly welcome however was the fact that they presented this strategy as a proposal which they were then able to refine, a develop and execute in the light of our discussion and with the support of a team of specialists. The clear objective of all of this was to sell my property before the first winter snow fell.

    In broad terms, the Chewton Rose marketing process is predicted on the simple proposition that the buyers of premium properties are sophisticated consumers who will make buying decisions about where they wish to live in a similar way to buying decisions about any other premium products; such decisions tend to be both rational and emotional and appealing at both levels is key at every stage of the marketing process.

    At a practical level and in my experience, this translated into a marketing brochure that told a compelling story about my property where high quality and user-friendly factual information was seamlessly combined with an engaging lifestyle narrative and magazine quality photography. As one might expect these days this was made available to prospective buyers through the main digital channels but it was also produced in a glossy paper format. This was important because it meant that it could be pro-actively sent to prospective buyers and served as a useful point of reference for follow-up conversations.

    The result of all of this was that I had a steady flow of viewings almost immediately. These viewings were conducted in a highly professional manner and it was reassuring to me that two agents who led them had really taken the time to understand the property and the local area so that they could discuss issues with potential buyers in a confident and informative manner. It was also very helpful that I received prompt and candid feedback after each viewing.

    After less than four weeks of viewings, I received a credible full asking price offer which led to an exchange of contracts in around seven weeks. It's now November and it still hasn't snowed."

    Justin Hoskins, Milton Keynes, November 2013 

Testimonials from Buyers

  • Buyer Testimonial

    On the ball, totally committed, thanks Adam
    "We have recently moved from London and found Chewton Rose on the internet. We found a property we liked and wanted to view so called the Milton Keynes office and were put in touch with Adam. 

    Adam was surprisingly and refreshingly not your typical estate agent and has been extremely helpful from start to the finish with the purchase. He has gone above and beyond to answer questions and source information, whilst being 100% committed. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was very reliable. 

    It was very reassuring to know that if you asked something he would get back to you with an honest and straight answer. He manages clients with professionalism and always has his eye on the ball at all times. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and I know he is very busy however he always makes you feel like you are the most important client. Adam was also very punctual with appointments. 

    At the end of our purchase a more senior colleague was also involved however in my opinion this was not necessary as Adam is more than capable of dealing with things. He is a very genuine and likeable chap who is very good at his job. I would definitely recommend people to use him at Chewton Rose. I wish him all the best in his career"

    Mr & Mrs M, Milton Keynes, August 2014
  • Buyer Testimonial

    We were immediately impressed with everything
    "We were immediately impressed when contacting Chewton Rose, both with their advertising and professional staff, namely Adam Hicks who worked with us and the vendors throughout the whole sale process. 

    We have our new family home and were delighted to purchase it from new friends made, moving here has and, will be, a great experience. We will highly recommend your services"

    Dr Majid Al-Kader & Dr Sanaa Sabri, Milton Keynes, July 2014
  • Buyer Testimonial

    We were impressed by the quality of advertising
    "We purchased our property through Chewton Rose in December 2013. We were immediately impressed by the quality of advertising including the very detailed description and large number of quality photos which really helped us to decide if it was worth the trip to view it as we previously lived quite some distance away. Adam and Graham were very friendly and helpful during the viewings and purchase negotiations. They were also very helpful during a very difficult sale process and did a great job in keeping us up to date on what is happening. We would recommend Chewton Rose to anyone."

    Wayne Galloway, Milton Keynes, February 2014
  • Buyer Testimonial

    Professionalism and high level of service
    " I would like to thank Chewton Rose for a smooth house purchase and in particular Adam who has without doubt been the best estate agent I have ever dealt with.  Always on hand, courteous, responsive and hard working I have been extremely impressed with the whole process from start to finish and would recommend Chewton Rose for their professionalism and high level of service"

    Simon Warnford-Davis, Milton Keynes, February 2014
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