UK officially a nation of property lovers

Have you ever found yourself searching for property when you should be doing something else? Or maybe you’re prone to the occasional search for multi-million pound properties, choosing only to look in detail those that have their own cinema room or ten pin bowling alley perhaps?

Fear not people of Britain, because you’re not alone!

When we asked the nation’s home-hunters about their property searching habits, we uncovered some astonishing figures, confirming that Britain is indeed mad about property!

With the rise of the internet, and perhaps more specifically mobile internet, a whooping 82% of you now spend one at least one hour per day looking at property on-line during the period you are actively looking for a new property. Impressively, 14% of you are spending three hours plus looking ensuring that you are the first to find out about new properties to market, and on the ball with comparative sold prices if you’re looking to sell a property.

Home moves don’t however happen too often (thankfully) and so what are you doing the rest of the time when you’re not actively looking to move?

For an astonishing 55% of Brits, they are still looking at property online, be it checking to see which of their neighbours might be looking to move, fantasy window shopping or perhaps just curious to see what’s on offer.

The majority of this group claim to spend between one and two hours searching for property every day (38%), while 5% claim to spend three hours plus, cementing their ground as hard-core property lovers.

“And where are these property searches taking place?” you may wonder. Well for 28% of you, they’re happening at work, with 2% of you saying you spend over three hours looking at property. For those of you working in the property industry, granted, however for the rest of you…. We sincerely hope your boss doesn’t find out!

Some of our tweets from our users who, it seems, really do love a good property!

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