Front row seats to the London Marathon?

This weekend sees the return of the London Marathon, with 50,000 people running 26 miles around the city! Come on a tour of the route with us and explore some homes that would give you a front row seat…

See the start of the race over in Greenwich, where this three bedroom penthouse boasts beautiful views over the area.

Celebrate the 5k mark over in Woolwich and in this quirky two bedroom apartment.

Next up is a stretch through Deptford, the location of this two bedroom apartment with spectacular city views.

In the slog up to the halfway point, it’s time to explore Rotherhithe, where this four bedroom home offers stunning Thames views.

With Tower Bridge up ahead, the runners will be hitting the halfway point! Check out this gorgeous home which would give you front row seats.

Now we’ve crossed north of the river, it’s time to run through Whitechapel on the way back towards the East, past this trendy pad!

In a twist of the race that goes through Canary Wharf, maybe being on the water would give the best vantage point! Why not jump on a houseboat?!

Now back towards Central London, Bank is the next spot, so explore this one bed flat.

In the home straights now, Blackfriars is the next stop so step inside this luxury pad!

With a mile to the finish line, Westminster is the ultimate view point to watch the marathon. Check out this five bedroom home there!


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