How can School Checker help parents?

Finding the right school for your children can be hard enough, without having to worry about scouring the web for catchment information and Ofsted ratings. Our School Checker tool, now on every property, gives you access to admissions criteria and academic inspection reports, to help you find the right home near the right school.

Since it’s National Offer Day for primary schools across the UK, we asked parents what they were looking for in a school for their children – check out the video below.

We also asked Mumsnet community about their own experiences with School Checker… Here’s what they said:

“I liked the visual catchment areas, making it easy to see if the property I was looking at was inside the catchment or not.”

“I like that you can see the Ofsted ratings straight away and to see whether the schools are oversubscribed.”

“I found it very straightforward and easy to understand.”

“I did find it really useful as we are currently house-hunting and schools are a consideration. I find it particularly useful to be able to see the catchment areas for local schools, Ofsted ratings and whether they were over-subscribed at the last school intake, all on one screen, when a new house comes onto the market.”

“I would recommend it, because I think it gives a good indication of what kind of school your child might be able to get into.”

“I found the Ofsted rating being shown most useful as some schools I could rule out straight away. I also found the distance from the property useful as I like to be able to walk to schools due to parking near schools often being poor.”

“School Checker helped us choose where to buy are first house. Our 3 year old (4 in May) starts school in September so we chose his school using School Checker. We also wanted to keep our older children at their present schools so it helped us rule out properties out of catchment.”

“This is a great idea as we all want the best for our kids. I found it very insightful and interesting to use. I would certainly use it when I am looking for a new home in order to get into a catchment that offered the best schools for my child.”

“It gives a comprehensive summary of important information on schools close to homes.”

Find out more about School Checker now.

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