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You have found the Rightmove Halloween Hunt competition entry form!

Simply enter your name and email address below to be entered into the draw to win an iPhone 5.

To increase your chances of winning, tweet, share and/or link (via your blog, website or favourite forum) the Rightmove Halloween Hunt competition to get additional entries – the more entries you have, the great your chance of winning.

Good luck!

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If you have any problems entering above, then please send your entries via email to halloween@rightmove.co.uk

154 Responses to “”

  1. Sarah Miller Says:

    Thanks for all your help in my search.

  2. Rafina Bibi Says:

    Hope I win!!


    hope i win

  4. Lindsey Norden Says:

    Happy Halloween

  5. Sarah Entwisle Says:


  6. Steve Lambert Says:

    Great Competition !

  7. karen roff Says:

    Fingers crossed

  8. kim neville Says:

    43 crossmead
    wd19 4jq

  9. Alexandra Hawes Says:

    Happy Halloween!!

  10. Margaret Jones Says:

    Happy Halloween

  11. Dale Bird Says:

    *crosses fingers* ! :D

  12. Marvin Pryce - Jones Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  13. nicola hawley Says:

    have shared on fb and twitter I don’t have a blog

  14. G. Parkinson Says:

    Halloween Hunt – Congratulations!

  15. Keith Reid Says:


  16. Daniel spencer Says:

    Great competition! Love that pumpkin! Love him even more of he gets me an iPhone!

  17. Jayne fuller Says:

    Wow love right move they found us our pictures of our soon to be new home. An iPhone 5 would be awesome to tell all our friends too!!


    thank you

  19. GORDON MURR Says:

    thank you

  20. Jen Says:

    Good luck :)

  21. shanaz malik Says:

    fingers crossed i win!

  22. Angie Allen Says:


  23. shanaz malik Says:

    good luck to everyone!

  24. Brian Goulding Says:

    Rightmove is the right move to make

  25. simone lee Says:



  26. Mandy Carter Says:

    I’d love the iphone 5 x

  27. Alison Rees Says:

    Happy Halloween :)

  28. Denise Lyons Says:

    perhaps i should read more harry potter,,,,,,,

  29. Carol Usher Says:

    Thank you for the competition

  30. Kirsty Bromley Says:

    Found the Pumpkin!

  31. Mrs Sue Cook Says:

    I found the pumpkin

  32. Brigitte Leprince Says:

    What a fantastic Competition! I have tweeted followed @Rainbow1861
    Got my fingers and toes crossed too!

  33. Rosalind Sargent Says:

    19 Jengar Close
    SM1 4DX

  34. Julia Spencer Says:

    found the pumpkin!

  35. Rebecca MIller Says:


  36. Linda Andrews Says:

    great prize

  37. GL Says:

    Absolutely lovely competition!

  38. Robin Lozeau Says:

    J K Rowlings former Edinburgh house,(the stone one!), is an absolute Dream home.

  39. Caroline Johnson Says:

    Found you!!

  40. Shirley Cheung Says:


  41. karen hunt Says:

    spoooooooky fun, but watch out you never know whats behind the doors!!!!!

  42. Rebecca Owen Says:


  43. ayaz Says:

    I Actually spent time reading the articles they were intresting

  44. Brendan Wood Says:

    Pumpkin Time !

  45. Michelle Pude Says:

    I found the pumpkin

  46. Michelle Pude Says:

    I found the pumpkin! :)

  47. Jennifer Prismall Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  48. J Grant Says:

    I found the pumpkin

  49. Kay Says:

    Would be great to win!

  50. caroline stewart Says:

    Found the pumpkin

  51. Cat Munns Says:

    Halloween Hunt competition, Thanks :)

  52. Pamela Campbell Says:

    Everything crossed to win in soggy Scotland!

  53. tracy wheeler Says:


  54. Andy escott Says:

    Found it

  55. Donna Lamont Says:


  56. richie cooley Says:

    great competition

  57. Heather Magill Says:

    @motwoosotdot on twitter!

  58. Rosie Garrett Says:

    Great prize!

  59. Vicky Kirk Says:

    I found the pumkin in the Halloween Hunt!


    Pumkin found liked and shared and tweeted :)

  61. Pam Whitham Says:

    Halloween Hunt Competition

  62. Neil Currie Says:


  63. Linda Thorn Says:

    brill comp

  64. Michelle Best Says:

    I want to win!

  65. Isabelle scaife Says:

    Great competition! Good luck!

  66. susan surgeoner Says:

    Wow, great competition!

  67. Pete C Hewitt Says:

    iPhone entry

  68. Lucy Dorrington Says:

    Entered, tweeted and shared! :)

  69. Sean Moss Says:

    Happy Halloween all!! =)

  70. Jacki Hamer Says:

    Pumpkin found!

  71. Amanda Barr Says:

    Great website! Great comp.

  72. Susan Carson Says:

    wonderful prize

  73. Sue Barton Says:

    If I won an iphone 5 I could have a look at my house on rightmove

  74. Janet Appleyard Says:

    Love to win the iphone 5 !!!!

  75. charlene ratcliffe Says:

    wahoooo nice prize

  76. M Smith Says:


  77. jerry Baker Says:

    Happy halloween

  78. Rona G Says:

    I would love to win an iPhone 5

  79. Jacqueline Burgess Says:

    found it

  80. James Stevens Says:

    Shared on facebook:

    twitter @j4mes2:


  81. EMMA PIKE Says:


  82. Brigitte Leprince Says:

    I have shared on Twitter and followed to @Rainbow1861

  83. John Dean Says:

    I am not on social network sites so I sent a Halloween e-mail!

  84. Calum Tait Says:

    Great prize.

  85. Glenn Gregory Says:

    I would love to win this fantastic prize!

  86. Dee Johnson Says:

    What a fab giveaway. I would be happy with either of those prizes. Always fancied an iphone but out of my pricerange. Thank you will keep my fingers crossed :o ))

  87. Nicole Benjamin Says:

    Thank you

  88. Dave Piper Says:

    Look forward to competition draw.

  89. Austin Purdie Says:


  90. Jane Price Says:

    Happy Halloween!! Good luck to all – fingers crossed I’m lucky this time!!

  91. Amanda Price Says:

    Ooh would love to win this spooky prize :)

  92. fleur Says:


  93. lauren garica Says:

    Good prize!

  94. Jenny Heathcote Says:

    I really deserve to win this!!!

  95. Rachel Shaw Says:

    Hooray, would love A new phone.

  96. Gillian Davies Says:

    Brilliant prize, fingers crossed.

  97. Jane Mundin Says:


  98. James Bean Says:

    Happy Halloween. Rightmove on the iPhone would be amazing! Good luck everyone!

  99. Ian wright Says:

    fingers crossed

  100. Kellie Faggle McIntyre Says:

    @kelliefaggle : )

  101. Michael Says:

    Great give away, good luck :)

  102. Hannah Kate Says:

    Thanks for the great comp! Liked and shared on fb!

  103. PhillipA Says:


    I’M IN……


  104. Matt Vaal Says:

    Happy halloween!

  105. Gary Starkey Says:

    Have a fun Halloween tomorrow everyone

  106. madelineconnolly Says:

    like to win

  107. josie cox Says:

    use your site all the time.

  108. Adrian Everett Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  109. Tara O Says:

    Tweeted via @Englishian! Fingers crossed :) x

  110. Daniel Orme Says:

    Found! need a new phone!

  111. Jerri Peters Says:

    Fingers crossed – Happy Halloween!!

  112. sheena mckown Says:

    i wanna win!!!!!!!! ChaChing

  113. Sue Leonhardt Says:

    Have a Happy Halloween everyone…but a safe one.

  114. Patricia Prismick Says:

    Love to win this spooky prize

  115. Toni Cosgrove Says:

    My daughter claims I am only person with no cell phone so I need one.lol

  116. Eva Hume Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  117. Russ Murch Says:

    Great mobile dog n bone

  118. Diane Says:

    I dream of one!

  119. Penny Says:

    woohooo got me a pumpkin!

  120. karen Says:

    hope i win…

  121. Linda Allen Says:

    Love to win happy halloween

  122. maria Says:

    Happy halloween everyone

  123. maria Says:

    happy hunting

  124. Maria Says:

    Happy Halloween!! Good luck to all!!!

  125. Asa Bentley Says:

    Happy Halloween from all at makeurmove.co.uk

  126. Asa Bentley Says:






  127. james lenaghan Says:

    Would be a nice brucy bonus before christmas! Good luck to all

  128. Claire Briggs Says:

    Fingers crossed

  129. Donna Sadler Says:

    Woo hoo!! Well done to everyone who found the pumpkin!! Definitely a TREAT to win one of those and not a TRICK! lol xx

  130. caspermia Says:

    found the pumpkin and looking forward to the possibility of winning something, it’s been so long in winning anything, most valuable win not much more than the cost of a pumpkin. hmmm maybe this time

  131. Steven Comley Says:

    Happy Halloween!

  132. Keely Hostetter Says:

    Thanks would love to win!

  133. JP Holroyd Says:


  134. Laura Wilkinson Says:

    HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

  135. Anene Cee Says:

    Found it! Would love to win a new phone, mine is a brick!

  136. Dan Williams Says:

    I found the Pumpkin

  137. caroline mccabe Says:

    great prize – fingers crossed

  138. David Hussey Says:

    Sounds good to me Happy Halloween everybody …

  139. Zsolt Nagy Says:

    Fantastic competition!

  140. scott furness Says:

    no trick or treating for me this year as im working. but this made up for it. come on luck

  141. stacey barlow Says:

    yes i found it. after having no trick or treaters turn up i thought i would have my own halloween fun looking for the pumpkin.

  142. Scott furness Says:

    Not a good Halloween as I was working but this made up for it.

  143. Stacey Barlow Says:

    Not one trick or treater the whole night. I could probaly do with the vouchers to buy a exercise machine after eating the remaining treats :)

  144. carol egan Says:

    Fingers and toes crossed

  145. Wendy Duckworth Says:

    Lots of trick or treaters and they all went away very happy!

  146. Darius Dragasius Says:

    Shared on twitter @darifas

  147. Lela Lilko Says:

    great contest!

  148. Barry Says:

    A must-have prize ! The vouchers are a SUPER bonus ! :)

  149. Simon Maisey Says:

    yay :)

  150. terry villeneuve Says:

    great contest!

  151. mary Says:

    i so wanna win dis

  152. suzana jovanovic Says:

    love to win x

  153. nicola Says:


  154. Himanshu Tanwani Says:

    love rafflecopter..!!

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