Canadian government places freeze on skilled visa applications

Saturday, 14th July, 2012 by Anthony Strachan

As of July 2, the Canadian government has announced that they are placing a freeze on the application process for skilled visa applications.

Usually at this time of year, the flood gates are open and applications to the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program are piling in. So why the change of plan?

Jason Kenney, Canada’s Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister has explained that the freeze has been placed as the most recent step in the re-design of Canada’s whole immigration system. Putting a pause on the application process will allow the CIC to make important changes to the system in a bid to make it faster and more flexible.

The freeze is the latest step in Canada’s Economic Action Plan which was launched in 2012. Although this means that for now no applications can be placed and no visas will be granted, in the long run the system is likely to become more efficient and save people time, money and worry. The freeze is in place until January 2012.

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