Turkey’s increasing popularity with British retirees is not only down to the affordable property there and accompanying laid-back lifestyle, but also the perceived cheaper cost of living compared to in the UK.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

However, there is evidence expats need to be savvy and prepared to hunt around for the best bargains to really make savings.

For an idea of living costs in Turkey, expat and author of the TurkeyBuyingGuide.com Andy Probert recently noted down what he pays for typical groceries at his local supermarket, Migros, in Didim, which is popular with expats. Here’s his shopping list with prices (£1/2.88 Turkish lira):

  • Loaf of bread – 0.75 lira (26p)
  • Litre of UHT milk – 2.35 lira (82p)
  • 6 eggs – 2.4 lira (83p)
  • Jar of Nescafe (100g) – 15.95 lira (£5.54)
  • Box of cornflakes (500g) – 6.25 lira (£2.17)
  • Granny Smith apples – 7.99 lira (£2.77)/ kilo
  • Bunch of 6 bananas – 4 lira (£1.39)
  • Four chicken breasts – 15 lira (£5.21)
  • Bottle of Heinz ketchup (700g) – 4.45 lira (£1.55)
  • 6-pack Efes beer – 12 lira (£4.17)
  • 1.5 litre bottle of Coca Cola – 2.30 lira (80p)
  • 20 Marlboro Light cigarettes – 5.50 lira (£1.91)

But expats can’t expect everything to be cheaper. For example, petrol is around 4.45 lira (£1.55) a litre, but diesel less at 3.85 lira (£1.34). If you travel on public transport, a typical bus fare in Altinkum costs 1.75 lira (61p), while a typical taxi journey around the resort costs around 20 lira (£6.94) . A haircut can be had for just 10 lira (£3.47), while a trip to the cinema will set you back around 17.50 lira (£6.08).

“A trip to the doctor or dentist is free here,” added Probert, “but treatment costs vary. If you have health insurance this will typically set a male in his 40s back around 450 lira (£156) a month. In the home, there is no TV licence fee in Turkey but expats tend to use a private provider and costs vary depending on the package you receive and the provider you use.

Council tax is minimal at typically just 30 lira (£10.42) a year per person. An average household bill will be 175 lira (£61) for electricity, 30 lira (£10.42) for water, while gas comes in bottles, at 60 lira (£21) per bottle.”

If you go out to eat in a Turkish restaurant, a meal for two with side orders and three beers will cost around just 20 lira (£6.94), while in a continental restaurant a main course for two with a bottle of wine will cost around 100 lira £35.

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