When Ronald Cross decided to buy a a second home in Spain, he began his search for a currency exchange specialist who could offer him the best rates along with a seamless service.

His search led him to Smart Currency Exchange. With the favourable current £/€ exchange rate, we asked Ronald to tell us a little more about Smart so that others can benefit too…

How did you find out about Smart Currency Exchange?

I was very fortunate to stumble across Smart when I was browsing the internet looking to find the best ways of transferring funds abroad. I was in the process of buying a small, two-bedroom house in Spain where I spend a few months each year.

Why was it that you chose to use a currency exchange specialist?

That’s simple, I wanted a reliable and efficient way of transferring money and I didn’t want to pay through the nose for those services as I would have done if I had made the transfers through my bank.

How exactly did the Smart team help you?

The Smart Team were great. They were helpful no matter how large or small an amount I wanted to transfer whether it was £2,000 or £200. I just wish that I had known about this service a lot earlier because it could have saved me a lot of money. The company that I had been using before were global but they were nowhere near as helpful as Smart.

Did you deal with a particular trader?

I dealt with David Comber who was on the end of the phone to offer advice whenever I needed him. We agreed rates at which I was happy to trade and when they were reached he would call to confirm that I was happy to sell and would deal with everything on my behalf.

Did anything about Smart’s service really stand out?

The part of Smart’s service that I liked the most is that they contact you when you make the money available and ask you about transferring in into your receiving bank account. They provide you with a currency rate, either by phone or email, no matter where you are. It couldn’t be easier. I would recommend Smart with complete confidence to my friends and colleagues but I believe that the service that they provide really sells itself.

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