Help finding “shabby chic” in France!

Monday, 3rd September, 2012 by Overseas Editor

This week expat Alexis Goldberg, who lives in the south of France and writes the, answers the following reader question about furnishing a home in France:

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“We have moved into our house in the Dordogne but are struggling to find a reasonably priced modern furniture store with items in a style that we like. It seems you have two choices in France – cheap or expensive furniture, with nothing in the middle! I like a modern shabby chic style and would prefer not to have to drive over with a load of stuff from the UK – we live in Scotland… Can you help? “

Regarding furniture, I do understand your dilemma; it is hard to come by decent shabby chic items, as much of it in France seems to be either very old or very modern! I think you will do well to seek out some of the “brocantes” which are scattered about most areas of France. You will often find interesting pieces if you take time to rummage around. We found a lovely chest of drawers in one which we painted. Sometimes a piece which looks rather dreary in dark wood is transformed by a coat of paint.

I have a couple of further suggestions for you, which you can Google for websites. Take a look at Maisons du Monde, which has a good range of modern furniture with an ancient touch – plus some very pretty accessories. There are branches in many towns in France. Also there is quite a good on-line shop called Mobilier de France a wide range of sofas, chairs, beds etc. The other online shop that I use frequently is 3 Suisses – they deliver either to your home or to a shop nearby where you can go and collect the items. They have a pretty good range of beds as well as decent sheets/mattress toppers/pillows etc.

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