Anyone looking for a Portuguese home near a beach will welcome a new promotion highlighting every beach along the Algarve.

The on-line promotion, organised by the Algarve Tourist Board, is called The 1001 Beaches of the Algarve and began on 2nd January. Every day the tourist board is adding a detailed blog post, complete with photographs, featuring a different Algarve beach. The intention is for the tourist board to eventually judge and decide on the seven best beaches in the Algarve – so watch that space.

While the promotion is in progress, it offers a great opportunity for beach lovers to find out all about the diverse beaches the Algarve has to offer, from the flat, white-sand island beaches in the East, to the orange coves in the West. Many of the Algarve’s beaches are off the beaten track, so this promotion gives tourists and residents alike the chance to uncover some secret beaches to visit.

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