Before you have a quiet (or not so quiet) chuckle to yourself, there is a serious point to looking at nudist beaches when buying property abroad.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

Most places that are home to beautiful sandy beaches and plenty of warm sun – such as parts of Italy, Spain, France, Greece, the USA, and Australia – have people (locals and tourists) stripping off to nothing and soaking up the rays.

Unless you’re not impartial to a bit of nude sunbathing yourself, buying a property overlooking or near to a nudist beach can present some unpleasant effects. There can be issues of unwanted attention for nearby residents (although these complaints are not the sole domain of nudist beaches) and restricted use of the beach if you’re uncomfortable ‘doing what the locals do’.

But don’t think that it’s as easy as simply avoiding an ‘official’ nudist beach. For every official one, no matter which country you are looking at moving to, there will likely be several, even dozens, more beaches known only by locals that are a popular place to swim, stroll or sunbathe au naturel.

And they needn’t be isolated, uninhabited areas either – there are beaches in the heart of some of the most popular cities across the globe that are commonly known to locals as being clothing optional or clothing discouraged!

So if a home by the sea is something you’re dreaming of, it’s always a good idea to visit not just the property itself but the surrounding area and popular attractions too, to make sure the local custom – officially sanctioned or otherwise – doesn’t give you a rude surprise once you move in!

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