Peter Smith was especially relieved when funds showed in his Irish euro account only hours after being sent from the UK. The super fast transfer time was thanks to the efficiency of transfer specialist Smart Currency Exchange, and compared starkly….read more »

Customer service is key

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It is a simple matter of trust. When you are used to dealing with financial matters through a particular institution it is easy to see why you would turn to them for your international transfers as well. The only problem….read more »

Multi-currency trading conditions in Turkey continue to make the country more attractive to foreign property-buyers than Eurozone destinations, following renewed uncertainty in the Eurozone.

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A rising economic power, Turkey embraces a culture where trading in….read more »

Although this sounds very basic, time after time we see people overspend on their budget when by taking just a few simple steps, you could avoid this completely.

Fortunately, this type of problem can be easily avoided by enlisting the services….read more »

Would you buy a property knowing the agreed price could change between the day you agreed to purchase it and completion day?

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You might say ‘no’, but incredibly thousands of people do exactly that when….read more »

Repatriating money from the sale of their Florida home in February was easy for Gerry and Florence Allerston, thanks to the Sheffield couple employing the services of currency specialist Smart Currency Exchange.

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Back in….read more »

It’s seems unfair, but it’s something anyone buying overseas property should be prepared for… We’re talking about overseas property recently going up in price for British buyers, thanks to nothing more than exchange rate movements – despite the price of….read more »

Can you guess how much this smart four-bedroom home in the town of Orthez in France’s Pyrénées-Atlantiques costs?

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The truth is, for too many British people it’s impossible to say. Why? Because fluctuating exchange….read more »

When moving or purchasing property abroad there are a million and one ways to get things done.

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Depending on where you are moving to, there are migration agents to contact, removals companies to request quotes….read more »

When the time came for South Londoners Russell and Lesley to transfer their pounds into euros to pay for their dream French home, they didn’t even bother asking their bank for help.

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After conducting research….read more »