According to a recent survey by Trulia – despite the housing market troubles plaguing the US in recent years, it is still cheaper to buy property than to rent in America’s 100 largest metropolitan areas.

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Repatriating money from the sale of their Florida home in February was easy for Gerry and Florence Allerston, thanks to the Sheffield couple employing the services of currency specialist Smart Currency Exchange.

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Once you have made the move to new country, you will be so full of excitement about exploring your home that you may choose to enjoy holidays there, or “staycation” rather than venture further afield.

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If you are among the many Brits who dream of a retirement spent in the sun – there are a wealth of options to choose from and it can become a little bit of a minefield.

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A two-bedroom apartment is for sale in central Florida for less than the national average salary in the UK, currently around £26,000.

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The US property market is showing no signs of freezing-up in the winter months, following a record-breaking 2012.

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Super Wi-Fi network proposed for USA

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A little place in Miami

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If you are considering moving to the US or investing in property over there – Miami may well be the place for you if the latest figures from the Miami Association of Realtors are anything to go by.

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A year that began with uncertainty over the future of a crippled Eurozone and hesitancy amongst foreigners, as well as Europeans, to own any type of euro asset, particularly property, is ending with a resurgence in sales in key euro….read more »

New website attracts entrepreneurs to US

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In a bid to make it nice and easy for foreign entrepreneurs to navigate the usually tricky US immigration system, the government have launched a new website to provide much-needed assistance.

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