California property home values drop

A drop in the value of California property has been recorded in a new poll.Research conducted by Zillow has revealed that more than half the sales during the fourth quarter of 2008 in Central Valley, California were foreclosures - the highest amount across the US.House prices dropped by 33.4 per cent year-on-year in the Stockton [...]

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Expert: California is hotspot for Brits

California is one destination in the US that is very popular with Britons, it has been claimed.In news that may encourage California property buyers, communications manager at Saga Holidays Carl Catterall said that the large state on the western side of the US is a hit with British tourists.He noted that Saga does a lot [...]

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Obama stimulus hope for California property?

President Barack Obama has said he hopes his economic stimulus package can ease its way through Congress and boost the US economy.The new White House incumbent has been wooing Republican members on Capitol Hill to seek their support for the $825 billion (£577 billion) programme of public spending and tax cuts.Speaking about the prospects of [...]

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California property offering more bargains

Southern California property prices dropped by more than a third in 2008, new figures have revealed.The latest study by MDA DataQuick revealed that in that part of the state the median price in December was $278,000, (£200,000) compared with $425,000 in December 2007, representing a drop of 34.6 per cent.Such a fall in price may [...]

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California property ‘attracting investors’

Foreign real estate experts have named California property as one of the most attractive investments in the US.Los Angeles and San Francisco were ranked among the top five US cities in which to purchase real estate in a new poll from the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate.Washington DC, Houston and New York were [...]

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California property buyer numbers on the rise, says analyst

An economist has noted that the California property market is seeing a rise in the number of people buying. Michelle Girard, an analyst at RBS Greenwich Capital, said that the state is among those that have bucked the recent trend for the number of house sales to drop in the US, Reuters reports. She remarked: [...]

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California property may be boosted by population growth

New figures have revealed that the population of California is still growing.Demographic survey data from the California department of finance revealed that the overall population grew by 1.16 per cent in the year to July 1st 2008.Three quarters of the growth was due to the higher number of people being born than dying, with migration [...]

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California property prospects rated highly

A list of top places to invest in US property has placed two Californian cities in the top five.Compare Shares, an Australian investor portal, has noted that the US overall saw house prices tumble 11.3 per cent in the year to October.It said that for this reason it is a good time to purchase real [...]

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Floatin’ good for California property

Those interested in investing in California property may find that they are attracted to the state by a number of events that take place during the year, not least those along its lengthy pacific coastline.At Marina del Rey in Los Angeles this may especially be the case in December, when the Holiday Boat Parade takes [...]

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California property smelling of roses

Those thinking of buying California property may be keen to enjoy some of the interesting and varied cultural events happening around the sate, as well as being able to rent out their properties to tourists hoping to do likewise.One such event is the Pasadena Rose Parade, an event that highlights the mild winter weather of [...]

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