The Canadian government must be big fans of Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and friends as they have introduced a process whereby foreign entrepreneurs can secure permanent residency through a Dragon’s Den style interview process.

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Picture the scene – you’ve found the house of your dreams and now the time has come to get stuck in to the nitty gritty of transferring money and signing contracts…

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Although this sounds very basic, time after time we see people overspend on their budget when by taking just a few simple steps, you could avoid this completely.

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“We were £25,000 short of the agreed purchase price of £56,000 when we planned to complete in December,” said Valerie, who lives in Ainsdale, near Southport. “However, I was able to release equity from a property I own in Liverpool….read more »

According to a recent survey by Trulia – despite the housing market troubles plaguing the US in recent years, it is still cheaper to buy property than to rent in America’s 100 largest metropolitan areas.

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Tough economic conditions in Portugal – as in much of the Eurozone – caused the government there to raise a number of taxes this year.

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Would you buy a property knowing the agreed price could change between the day you agreed to purchase it and completion day?

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Stewart Buchanan of the Canada Buying Guide has been a resident of Vancouver for a number of years now. Today he answers a reader question about activities that be enjoyed in Canada long after the snow has melted.

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Irish couple Christine and Glenn Clark are a good example of why Spain has stood the test of time as a popular place to own a holiday home, despite the choice of overseas destination growing in recent years.

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Today, Andy Probert of the Turkey Buying Guide answers a reader question.

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