An inspector calls… in Florida

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Homebuyers in Florida tempted to skimp on paying for a “home inspection” do so at their peril – there is a reason they are recommended, even for new properties.

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Interest from investment funds in Florida real estate has grown considerably in recent months, indicating the market there has healthy returns to offer, if not now at least in the future.

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Brits rank in top 3 of foreign-buyers in USA

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British buyers make up one of the top three nations of foreign property-buyers in the USA, along with Canadians and Brazilians. And of the ten most popular areas for foreign buyers anywhere in the USA, six are in Florida.

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Winter Sun Destinations Flourish

55.9% regions seen an increase in searches since last month,44% seen a decrease in searches and 0.10% of destinations saw no….read more »

A desirable lakeside home in a Florida hot spot is on the market for $40K less than comparable properties in the same community, proof that while prices in the Sunshine State might be showing signs of creeping up, there are….read more »

Repos still a quarter of USA’s market

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Nearly a quarter of all home sales in the USA in the second quarter of this year involved a property in some stage of foreclosure, according to research from a leading real estate firm.

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Spain or Florida for £80K?

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Most of us would be happy spending up to £80,000 on a smart apartment somewhere sunny abroad but did you know the same money could buy you a desirable detached property in either Florida or Spain’s Murcia region?

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Get in the zone for a Florida home!

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Easy rental income is what attracts many UK property-buyers to Florida, where Disney and the other numerous theme parks, constant sunshine and world-class amenities ensure a year-round stream of tourists in need of accommodation.

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A developer in Florida has shown that environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean expensive with the launch of an affordable eco project in Orlando, geared towards investors and second home owners.

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UK buyers favour European destinations as traffic rises to 3.6 million searches

50.73% of locations saw an increase in searches

,49.23% of locations saw a decrease in searches

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