Researching your move abroad

Deciding to move abroad is an undeniably big step and the decision to do so is not one that should be taken lightly. Article written by The Overseas Guides Company You need to consider whether it is the right thing for you and your family, whether it is financially viable, whether your life will improve [...]

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Moving your belongings abroad

When planning a move abroad, you will need to take the time to plan how you intend to transport all of your worldly goods. There are three main options to consider: using a professional moving company, which is often the only way when emigrating to Australia, the USA and other far afield destinations, hiring a [...]

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The importance of international health insurance

Whether you plan on relocating on a permanent basis or just want to use your holiday home as a place to get away from it all, it is important that you take a moment to consider your healthcare options. Healthcare systems vary from country to country and may not include services which you would expect [...]

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Securing your preferred exchange rate

Rightmove Overseas partner Smart Currency Exchange answers reader questions about how to save money when transferring money between two countries and currencies. Living full-time in the Dordogne, I cut all ties with the UK recently when I sold my former home in Yorkshire. I’d like to repatriate the proceeds from this sale, around £150K, to [...]

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The AIPP Awards 2012 – the winners announced

On Friday 30th March 2012 the successful winners of the AIPP Awards 2012 were revealed in front of a live consumer audience at A Place in the Sun Live, Earls Court London. Now in their fourth year these annual independent awards focus on customer service, rewarding excellence and professionalism whilst setting new benchmarks for the [...]

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Could your property earn you extra cash?

If your second home abroad sits vacant most of the time, you could be throwing money away unknowingly. With a little thought and attention, letting your property to holidaymakers could bring in some welcome extra income or help you cover its mortgage repayments. A new guide to letting your second home, written by The Overseas [...]

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Can I take it with me when I emigrate?

The British countryside is what expats most miss about their native country, according to a recent survey, with the British sense of humour being the next thing Brits living abroad miss. Expats living in the United Arab Emirates missed the British countryside the most, as well as UK arts and culture. Those in Spain miss [...]

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