Achieving local success through the power of Rightmove and Facebook

Facebook tips for estate agents
Facebook tips for estate agents

Many of you have told us that you’re making social media a top priority for 2016.

Following on from our recent article on 10 tips to get you started, this week we’re focusing on Facebook.

Here, Stephen Roberts of Havant-based agency YesCanDo Property talks about how they’re using Facebook to achieve success in their local market.

“When YesCanDo Property started out, we needed a way to connect with as much of the market as possible. We chose Rightmove as our property portal – this was a no-brainer! The second challenge was to work out how we were going to connect with Rightmove in a meaningful way that would create house sales and rentals.

Facebook has around 1 billion monthly active users so was never a platform we were going to ignore, but we didn’t realise to begin with how fundamental the Facebook/Rightmove link would prove to be to our success. The key for us was to focus straight away on quality interaction with our clients. We consider these online relationships particularly important, as we are 100% online.

Our YesCanDo Property Facebook page is not just an online glossy magazine showcasing our properties available for sale or rent, but an online community where we interact with our landlords, tenants, vendors and potential purchasers – past and present. A few of the ways we’ve driven organic growth of our page are:

  • Encouraging followers to share our property posts and leave feedback for us.
  • Posting pictures of staff in the office – really bringing our followers into our world and creating a YesCanDo family feel.
  • Sharing pictures of gifts we leave for new tenants and purchases. This really helps us as recommendations from previous clients are so important for getting new business.
  • A daily focus on our properties for sale or let – linking to Rightmove to get the full details. The relationship between Facebook and Rightmove is symbiotic. Our Facebook posts all send people to Rightmove and Rightmove hosts all of our properties so that anyone in the world using the Rightmove site can see them.
  • But we’re really aware that Facebook is not just a channel to promote our business – it’s all about engagement. We run regular competitions and post road name teasers, which our online community love and gets them talking.

The great thing about Facebook working to generate sales as well as encouraging feedback is that it gives anyone who looks at our page the complete package; products, services and feedback from real people!

Here at YesCanDo Property we really believe that smaller companies can be successful when they use all of the media outlets and resources available to them – and we consider ourselves to be the proof!”

Check out the YesCanDo Facebook page or follow @RightmovePro for more handy social media tips.

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