Five ways your business is more secure if every employee has their own login

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We recommend everyone who logins into your agency software, including Rightmove, should have their own login and password.

Here’s five ways your business can be made more secure by creating a login for everyone.


Sharing isn’t caring when it comes to logins. If you want your employees to take the security of your business more seriously, it’s best practice for each employee to be responsible for their own login. Creating a culture of being careful can help you not just with login access but also the security of equipment such as mobile phones and laptops. They are less likely to lose them if they know the implications of data falling into the wrong hands.


pic2Leaving the business, doesn’t mean leaving with the login. When an employee moves on, they should do so without the office login for all of your software. Your data is safer when an account can be simply deactivated.


pic3Create accountability for security in your security in your office. With a shared login there isn’t a way to trace accountability back to an individual. When every employee has their own login the correct people would be made accountable if the security of the business is put at risk.



Losing a laptop wouldn’t mean lost work. Bring your own device (BOYD) is a term being used more frequently by companies. It effectively means employees can use their own phones, laptops and other devices, for work purposes. Although this has its benefits, such as improved communication and response times, it also has its risks. Losing a device with a shared login saved onto it, particularly when the device is set to remember passwords, can open your systems to anyone that finds the device. A single login can be deactivated and work can continue for the rest of the office as normal.


pic5Forgetting a password doesn’t mean everyone needs to remember a new one. If you haven’t logged into a system for a while and you can’t remember the password, resetting it doesn’t mean everyone has to start using a new one. When a password reminder needs to be sent, having an email address associated to an individual login will mean it will go straight to the right person.

By following these tips, you can create a culture of being more secure with your data and increase productivity by limiting the frequency everyone in the business needs to change or reset passwords.


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