Here’s a few reasons why Rightmove is the go-to place for commercial property

Commercial properties on Rightmove can be listed and searched by property type, price per square unit and you’re also able to list properties within a size range.

If you’re a commercial property professional, you’ll benefit from having your commercial properties advertised on Rightmove.

Get seen by a huge audience of potential occupiers, investors and acquisitions agents. We’ll help you find the right person.

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Can commercial landlords advertise on Rightmove?


If your property is marketed as being suitable for residential owner occupation or residential conversion, it must be marketed by an appropriate sales or lettings agent.


Please visit the Find Agent page for a list of local agents who can advertise your property on Rightmove.

The legal bits…

Terms and Conditions of membership

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Membership Guidelines

As well as the T&Cs, it’s worth familiarising yourself with these guidelines:

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