Preview of the new functionality coming for commercial agents on Rightmove

We’ve rebuilt Rightmove’s commercial search results pages and will shortly begin testing the new pages and the new functionality, created just for commercial property.

In this video, we give our Commercial Portfolio members a preview of some of the changes coming to the new search results pages.

Just to recap – some of the things our new commercial search results pages deliver for you:

  • Quicker and cleaner design
  • Fully integrated mobile and desktop pages, with responsive designs that automatically resize to the device
  • Filters that sit at the top of the page giving your properties more space
  • Improved Functionality around the property type filter allows our end users to find the property they are looking for more efficiently
  • New functionality that allows you to list properties by size range and price per unit (square foot, m², acres, hectares)

What does that mean for you?

The new size range and price per unit functionality alone will mean that your commercial properties will appear in 1,000’s more searches across more devices, helping you to reach more new people actively looking for commercial property.

What happens next?

Our Rightmove Commercial agents will have access to the enhanced size range and price per unit functionality.

How you enter the new size range and price per unit information depends on if you update your properties automatically via your own software or whether you use Rightmove Admin, which is included as part of your membership.

If you update your properties automatically via your software:

Speak to your software provider to find out when you can start using the new features.

If you update your properties using Rightmove Admin:

Start entering the new size range and price per unit information in Admin now – you’ll notice we’ve created some new fields in Rightmove Admin for these new features. Watch this 2.5 minute video and find out how to upload your properties using Admin.

We want you to see it first…

Before we start testing, we will be giving you a link to the newly designed pages so you can experience the beta version of the search results pages before they go live on site.

We’ll be emailing you that link in the upcoming weeks – so keep an eye out.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the new search results pages, ask your Rightmove Account Manager who will be able to talk you through how these changes can deliver results for your business.

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