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Questions to ask on a viewing SOS

When you’re looking for a new home, whether you’re buying or renting, getting swept up in the excitement of possibly finding your next happy home can mean you don’t ask [...]

A quick guide to landlord law

With more and more laws governing how to rent property in England, ARLA Managing Director, David Cox, provides some guidance for landlords. Using an Agent Not [...]

Understanding insurance for landlords

When renting out a property you need to be aware that you will require specialist landlord insurance. General home insurance isn’t right for you as it doesn’t cover all [...]

Top tips for landlords of student accommodation

James Vilarreal, CEO at Glide, the utilities and service provider for students, reveals what students are really after when it comes to their accommodation, and how landlords can improve [...]

Top tips for first time and accidental landlords

Investing in property can be extremely rewarding but it comes with its own set of challenges. The appearance of your property is really important If you want tenant to [...]

Right to Rent is rolled out across England, ARLA explains what this means to renters and landlords

The Home Office has this week announced rollout across England of Right to Rent checks as part of the Immigration Act 2014. The new measures mean [...]

Rent growth set to ease as just one in four landlords intend to put their rents up in 2013

Rightmove’s latest Consumer Confidence Survey provides the strongest indication yet that landlords are tempering their rental expectations for 2013. Just one in four landlords (25%) indicated that they had [...]

Accidental landlords begin to thrive

A feature of the rental market over the last few years has been the rise of the ‘accidental landlord’, an owner-occupier who ends up letting a property out as [...]

Landlords Guide to Capital Gains Tax

What is Capital Gains Tax? Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax paid on profit or anything gained from the selling or disposal of an asset. [...]

Landlord 101

Ed Fowkes, a developer and investor, and Your Property Network look at the basic rules, regulations and obligations of being a landlord. Provisions The Landlord must [...]

Is a Scottish landlord exodus on the cards?

Following the recent Conservative election win, the English and Welsh PRS have breathed a sigh of relief with regards to the Labour parties proposed rent controls and longer tenancies. [...]

Things you didn’t know about being a landlord

Paperwork is your best friend The problem with paperwork is that we never really look at it until it’s needed, and then it’s too late… If you have to [...]

How to deal with a ‘missing landlord’

Landlords may be “missing” or uncontactable for a number of reasons.  It is important to establish, early on, if the landlord is truly “missing” for the purposes of the [...]

Dos and don’ts of being a landlord

Managing a residential lettings property means covering all the bases – a combination of common sense, practical organisation and using a letting agent who signs up to the standards [...]

Phil Neville becomes a landlord!

Phil Neville is renting out his three-storey apartment that can be found in Manchester’s tallest building. The three bedroom property is thought to be one of the most expensive [...]

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Buy-to-let landlord? Don’t forget your January tax return

There’s more to being a landlord than collecting rental payments and deposits. Paying your tax is one job you really need to be on top of – and the [...]

A Beginners Guide To Renting

When you’re new to the renting game, it can often feel overwhelming, confusing and even a tad scary at times. No need to worry though; we believe there are just [...]

Broadband and your new home

Moving home is a busy and stressful experience at the best of times, with a great deal of organisation required to make everything run smoothly. Unfortunately, there’s now something else [...]

Your moving house checklist SOS

When you’re moving home, there’s so much to think about and organise. To help make the process a little simpler, why not check out our quick checklist of utility reminders. [...]

Pets in Rentals SOS

Looking to rent with your furry friend in tow? Make sure you know the rules and ask the rights questions – you don’t want to end up getting a hefty [...]

How much do you know about renting?

How much do you really know about renting? Whether you’re just flying the nest or have rented privately several times, we’ve created a quiz to test out how much you [...]

Top tips to help you rent with confidence

Looking for a new place to rent is, let’s face it, stressful. Horribly stressful in fact. It’s one of those awful things in life that just has to be done [...]

Top 5 deposit-friendly decorating tips for renters

Renting definitely has its fair share of perks; not having to worry about the cost of a new boiler for a start! But while it can be the perfect solution [...]

Renters could save over £200 a month sharing a two bed flat

Save-to-buy renters could put £210 on average towards their deposit each month by flatsharing, with Newcastle offering the best value being only 11% more expensive for a two-bed than a [...]

Tips for sharing costs when renting with flatmates

Renting with other people can be a great way to share home costs, but it's important to have a conversation about paying shared bills on time. Services such as heating [...]

How can I save my rental deposit?

As a young professional, moving into your first rented property is an exciting time; exploring your new local area, buying a variety of brightly coloured decorative items for your various [...]

The advantages of renting through a reputable agent

This article is written by Lauren Sutton on behalf of Leaders. If you are looking for property to rent, you may be wondering what agency you should go with. There are [...]