The Rightmove SCT will help surveyors gather all the comparable information they need to support their property valuation.

We can offer this by having the most complete view of the UK property market, allowing them to find comparable property information such as sold price history, property type and the number of bedrooms.

Rightmove is the only property website with over 1m properties to view, making it an authoritative source of property information.

A tool built with surveyors, helping them be more productive

The UK’s largest surveying firms are using this tool, designed specifically for surveyors seeking evidence for their valuations. It uses millions of data points found on Rightmove, HM Land Registry and data from surveyors themselves. It lists all available comparable properties and arranges them on relevance.

Surveyors can create and view bespoke reports on their own criteria, these can be archived as PDFs for reviewing at a later date.

This tool integrates with the most commonly used valuation hubs, this removes the need for double keying, eliminating the risk of manual typing errors, saving time and increasing productivity.

Rightcheck is the real-time risk check for surveyors

Avoid the risk of overlooking easily missed information such as, whether or not the property has been rented recently or if there have been recent changes in property values in a given location.

Once you’re confident on your valuation of a property, Rightcheck is a final piece of reassurance that you have taken more information into consideration.

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