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Installing a heat pump with British Gas: everything you need to know

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More people are looking for smarter, greener ways to heat their homes, and looking for alternatives to the traditional gas boiler.

Air source heat pumps can be a green and cost-effective way of heating most homes. At British Gas, we’re installing more and more heat pumps in homes across Great Britain.

But how do heat pumps work? And – perhaps most importantly – how much do they cost to install and run? Find out more.

What makes heat pumps a low-carbon option?

Heat pumps are low-carbon because they use electricity, rather than gas, to heat a home. They work a bit like a fridge freezer, but in reverse. They use a special refrigerant to transfer warmth from the air outside, even when temperatures get as low as -15C.

A new, A-rated gas boiler will reach about 90% efficiency, meaning you get 9 kWh of heat for every 10 kWh of gas you use. But a heat pump can reach 380% efficiency, which gives you 38 kWh of heat for every 10 kWh of electricity.

Why replace your boiler with a heat pump?

1. Greener, cleaner heat

They only use electricity, which means they’re better for the planet with fewer CO2 emissions while keeping your home warm.

2. Heat pumps last longer than gas boilers

You can expect a heat pump to last longer than 15 years, which is the average lifespan of a gas boiler.

3. Heat pumps can heat your home more cost efficiently than a hot water boiler system

Installing a heat pump can reduce your household energy bill. The savings vary, depending on the size of your home and the heating system you’re replacing. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust show that if a heat pump replaced a G-rated gas boiler in an average sized, three-bedroom, semi-detached home, with radiator upgrades as required, you could save up to £385 a year.

4. There are government incentives to help with the cost

You can claim government grants of £7,500 when installing either a ground source or an air source heat pump. And the government has removed VAT on domestic energy-saving measures, including heat pumps, until April 2027.

5. Some models can be used with solar panels for a more self-sufficient system

The electricity produced by solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, or solar panels, can be used to help power a heat pump installed by British Gas, reducing the need for electricity from the grid.

What are some of the challenges of heat pumps?

To get the best efficiency from a heat pump, your home will need to be well insulated to retain the heat generated. So, installing a heat pump might involve additional cost to improve the insulation of your home.

You’ll also need to have enough outside for the heat pump itself, as well as for a hot water cylinder inside.

How do you know if a heat pump is right for you?

British Gas offers a free survey of your home – partly to plan the installation, but also to make sure that your home is suitable for a heat pump.

If your home needs some alterations like insulation, new pipework, or bigger radiators, that will all be included in the fixed-price quote.

Our British Gas Warm Home Promise and money-back guarantee

We know changing to a new kind of heating might seem like a big move, so our Warm Home Promise is there to give you total peace of mind.

Our engineers will only install a heat pump if we’re confident it’ll heat your home as well as a traditional boiler. We’ll design your new heating system to reach the right temperature for your home. And if it doesn’t, we’ll come to put things right – or give you your money back.

Installing a heat pump with British Gas – how it works

There are three easy steps to installing a heat pump at your home:

1. Tell us about your home

Answer a few questions to tell us about your home and one of our experts will call you to talk about whether your home is suitable.

We’ll ask things like:

  • What type of home you have, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, your postcode so we can check your home’s EPC, and when it was built (the age of your home plays a part in how energy efficient it is. If you’re not sure, you can always look your home up on HM Land Registry.
  • What type of insulation your home has (in the walls, roof or loft)
  • If your property is listed or in a conservation area (if it is, you need to apply for planning permission to get an air source heat pump installed)
  • What type of window glazing you have
  • If you have space for an air source heat pump to be installed

Tell us about your home to book your free survey

2. Arrange your free home survey

One of our expert, MCS certified surveyors will visit your home and if a heat pump is right for your home, they’ll give you a fixed-price quote.

3. Heat pump installation

It will usually take around 3-5 days for our engineers to install your heat pump, including any changes to pipework and radiators.

How much do heat pumps cost to install?

Government grants have brought the cost of heat pumps down considerably in recent years. If you live in England or Wales, you can claim £7,500 through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Applying for the grant couldn’t be simpler. British Gas will do all the paperwork for you and simply include the £7,500 as a discount on the price you pay.

Homeowners in Scotland can also claim £7,500 – and up to £9,000 if you live in a rural area – through the Home Energy Scotland Grant.

We’ll be able to provide you with a fixed-price quote that covers everything. If you use the grant, British Gas prices for heat pumps now start from £499 (for homeowners in England, Wales and Scotland).

Why choose British Gas to install a heat pump?

You can spread the cost

If you don’t want to pay everything immediately, we offer a range of payment options – including 0% interest over 2 years*.

Our price match guarantee

We’re confident you won’t find a better price for your heat pump. But if you do, let us know – we’ll match the quote for any like-for-like installation.

Free check-up visit and 12 months service cover

For extra peace of mind in your first winter, we’ll check your heat pump is working as it should before the cold weather hits. Plus, we include a year’s free service cover in case you ever need us.

5-year warranty

If you have any problems, we’ll be there to help. Just make sure to get an annual service to keep your heat pump in tip-top condition.

You can find out more about installing an air source heat pump with British Gas here.

*Availability of credit depends on status and credit checks. Terms and Exclusions apply. British Gas acts as a credit broker, not the lender and offers products from a panel of lenders. Payment options are subject to change without notice. British Gas is a trading name of British Gas New Heating Limited (No. 06723244), an appointed representative of British Gas Services Limited (No. 03141243) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 490568). Both companies registered in England and Wales. Registered office: Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD. Availability of credit depends on status and credit checks. Terms and Exclusions apply.

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