CCS Quarter 4 2010

this_quarter=”Q4 October 2010″
last_quarter=”Q3 July”

table1=”House price forecast – one year from now”



table2=”Is it currently a good time to buy?”


table3=”Is it currently a good time to sell?”



  • 25,584 potential home-movers fairly equally split on whether prices will be higher, lower
    or the same in 12 months – the first time Rightmove has recorded such divided opinion
  • Rise of the ‘price pessimists’ as those expecting prices to fall jumps from one in ten to
    one in three in the space of a year, while proportion of ‘price optimists’ halves over the
    same period
  • Could such a lack of consensus in any direction lead to property market stalemate over
    the next year?


  • Three out of five people believe it is a good time to buyr
  • Slight increase in those feeling it is a good time to buy since last quarter, perhaps being encouraged by recent falling prices
  • Little change in those expecting market to be better in a year with economic uncertainty making things difficult to judge


  • Proportion of those believing it is a good time to sell drops back to just 6%
  • Return to sellers’ negativity of a year ago shown in little change year-on-year
  • Sellers’ market pessimism likely being driven by high levels on unsold stock and falling prices in many areas./li>

“] [appendix-start]

The data presented as part of this release is taken from the quarterly Rightmove Consumer
Confidence Survey. The survey seeks the views and attitudes of home-movers towards a key
British obsession – the housing market. Started in early 2009, more than 120,000 people
responded to the survey in its first year alone.

The Rightmove Consumer Confidence Survey provides a UK-wide picture of home-mover
confidence by collecting opinions on a range of factors affecting the housing market and
perceptions of it.

As one of the Top 20 most visited websites in the UK, Rightmove attracts a wide
demographic and one that very closely matches the working-age profile of the UK. Rather
than purely seeking the views of those currently active in the housing market, Rightmove’s
database ensures a much wider, more representative sample.

All responses were completed via an online questionnaire between Monday, 5th July and Monday, 19th of July 2010. A total of 22,010 responses were received from respondents during this time.

Data is weighted using Census data available from the Office for National Statistics to help
ensure the results are representative of the UK and its regions.



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