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Aimee is the Product and Pricing Analyst for Rightmove Overseas. Aimee can usually be found with her head buried deep in spreadsheets as her role is to produce relevant, insightful data to help buyers, property professionals and the Rightmove Overseas business make informed decisions.

American mortgage rates still falling

Mortgages in the USA continue to get cheaper, after average rates on 30-year and 15-year fixed deals last week fell to record lows for the sixth straight week. This is good news for the American property market as a whole and potentially for the economy there. Cheaper home loans should help to increase residential sales [...]

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Relaxed work permit rules spell good things for foreigners

The Interior Ministry of Turkey have announced that they are changing the rules governing residence and work permits for foreigners. The new decree, which was recently sent to all Governors offices across the country, also reduces the fee for obtaining the work permits dramatically from TL650 to just TL150. The main effect of the decree [...]

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Quick guide to retiring to Portugal

PortugalBuyingGuide.com’s Ben Taylor, a resident on the Algarve, outlines need to know facts for Brits retiring to Portugal There’s no debating the fact that Portugal is a great country to retire to. After all, thousands of expats have already chosen to do so. The climate is good and medical care is comparable to that on [...]

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More for your money in Menorca

Sleepy, whitewashed villages set against a Mediterranean backdrop, with a hint of Englishness thrown into the mix. If this sounds like your idyllic overseas home destination, a trip to the often overlooked Balearic island of Menorca, once occupied by the British, could be worthwhile. Smaller, quieter and less touristy than neighbouring Mallorca, Menorca offers converted [...]

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New marina a boost for Cyprus’s east coast

At last, the eagerly anticipated Agia Napa Marina has been given the go ahead. The agreement to proceed with the development was made between the Ministry of Trade and the M.M.Macronisos Marina LTD back in April. The Marina, which is set to cost close to €220million, will be made up of residential, commercial, recreational and [...]

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