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Sold on Rightmove Overseas – pub / commercial property, Crete, Greece

Testimonial from Seller - Kate McIntosh / Peter Homewood (2013) Rightmove have proved invaluable in selling my business abroad, any enquiries have been answered quickly and efficiently with a personal touch. Their service is professional, effective and gets the required results. I advertised with them in June and my business was sold by November 2013. [...]

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Sold on Rightmove Overseas – 7 bed house, Chateauneuf-Val-de-Bargis, France

Testimonial from Seller - John Clarke Advertising our house in France on Rightmove Overseas has been a thoroughly worthwhile experience. Firstly, the process of setting up the website was very straightforward and the Rightmove staff were extremely helpful, as they were in all our dealings. The advert produced a number of good leads, more than [...]

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Sold on Rightmove Overseas – 4 bed house, Cussac, France

Testimonial from Seller - Cherry Turner (November 2013) I placed my property on Rightmove Overseas in late August and within a week began getting many enquiries. Within a short space of time I accepted an offer and have now sold my property. Rightmove were very helpful, informative and professional and come with my recommendation. Cherry [...]

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The property market in the Balearic Islands

Article Provided by Balearic-Properties.com The Balearic Islands are situated in Spain, in the western part of Mediterranean Sea, near the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast. These islands are considered to be Spain’s archipelago. The largest of the Balearic Islands include Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. These islands are a wonderful and quite popular holiday destination for tourists [...]

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The best jewels are the hardest to find

An Overseas Owners Story - David Allen The article below is written by David Allen. Mr Allen owns a property in Ribatejo, Portugal which is being advertised as a private sale on Rightmove. Sometimes, even carefully laid plans need to be adjusted so with a requirement to be in England for regular medical treatment we’ve [...]

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