Those buying Budapest property may find some of the best rental yields in Hungary by doing so, it has been suggested.

Commenting on the prospects for the Hungarian market, director at Write About Property Liam Bailey said the cheapest properties of all were to be found in the rural areas, but cities offer better prospects for "lifestyle" purchasers.

Discussing letting prospects, he commented: "At the moment, the rental yields are probably going to be slightly better on apartments in the cities than the rural areas."

The Hungarian market is generally stable, with neither exceptional rises in value or large falls, Mr Bailey noted, a factor that could appeal to Budapest property investors who can see the value of avoiding a boom-and-bust market.

Another positive factor in favour of Budapest may be its growing infrastructure.

Budapest Airport said earlier this month that work on a new Terminal 2 building at Ferihegy Airport will start shortly, while a fourth line to the city’s underground Metro system is under construction.

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