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European visitors could head to Spanish property

Europe has always been a popular tourist destination with British travellers, but those planning on heading to the continent could find that certain times of the year are better than others.Such a trip could see Brits staying in French property, or property in Italy, with both countries traditionally popular with UK holidaymakers.According to executive director [...]

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A ‘leisurely pace’ awaits Florida property

Florida property is about to experience a more leisurely pace of life, the region's tourism organisation has noted.Visit Florida explains that, in the autumn months, Florida's beaches begin to empty and can, at times, seem like they are for the sole use of those who remain.These pseudo-private beaches allow those who reside in Florida property [...]

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French property leads to underwater worlds

A whole new world awaits those who stay in French property, as the French Government Tourist Office notes the existence of underwater theme parks.These aquariums are located in towns from France's historic ports through to the more tourist-focused seaside resorts.Along with "ocean discovery centres" dedicated to housing and displaying sealife, the organisation adds that water [...]

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Rugby star praises stay in Italy property

Former England rugby union captain Lawrence Dallagio has spoken of his love of the Italy holiday destination of Lake Como, calling it a "magical setting".The country as a whole has special significance for the player, as his father is Italian - but also, he and his wife were married by the lake which Dallagio noted [...]

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Holiday to Spanish property ‘can still be affordable’

Holidaymakers heading to Madrid in Spain could find that despite the weak pound and strong euro, they can have a great holiday without breaking the bank.Writing for the Telegraph, travel writer Fred Mawer said that the "lively" Spanish capital can be an affordable place to holiday.Those who regularly jet off to Europe for a holiday [...]

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French property sales on the rise

Both sales and enquiries into French property are increasing, according to the findings of a new survey.According to the estate agent's group FNAIM, prices are falling at a much lower rate than previously seen - which could suggest that stabilisation in the market is on its way.Overall, prices fell by 1.2 per cent in August [...]

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