Jennette Bradbury of Egyptian Experience

Egypt – A country full of mystery, history and intrigue.

Egypt is still an emerging market for the overseas investor. Prices are excellent and the cost of living is extremely reasonable. Investing in Egypt is extremely easy and individuals can buy in their own right. Bank accounts can be opened up in your own name with a minimum of £1500 deposit.

Luxor – A tourist resort for over 100 years and over 4000 years of history to explore!

Luxor is the latest place to invest in Egypt and gives a wonderful contrast to the Red Sea areas which have already proved a great success for investors.

Only 4 and a half hours from UK,there is so much to see and do in Luxor. Formerly known as ‘Thebes’ in Pharonic times the area has 1/6th of the world’s ancient heritage, it’s almost like an open air museum and boasts the largest Temple on earth at Karnak. Other attractions in Luxor include a world class golf course and a wide choice of restaurants offering international cuisine. There are plenty of stalls to buy fresh food grown locally in the fields around Luxor as well as supermarkets.

From Luxor you can go by train to Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria, by road to Hurghada and the Red Sea or you can fly to all holiday destinations in Egypt.

Visiting Luxor really is like taking a trip back in time where looking after the land appears not to have changed since biblical times. You cannot help but relax and unwind. The amazing river Nile separates the city into 2 halves and appears to be timeless. On the East bank you will find the Temples of Luxor and Karnak Temple as well as Cairo museum. On the West bank you can explore the Valley of the Kings and Queens where Tutenkhamun’s tomb was discovered and so many other Pharonic monuments and the village the workers lived in whilst constructing the Tombs.

Sun all the year round with clear blue skies every day and very friendly hospitable people make Luxor a very special place to invest in and the opportunity to live your dream in an idyllic location. Rental yields are good as Luxor is already a well-established tourist resort and a few apartments have been built to date for this purpose.

One recent development in Luxor is the Egyptian Experience resort which has the luxury of having its very own Nile promenade and beautiful landscaped gardens. It’s no wonder the resort is already receiving rave reviews from holiday makers and you can pick up a studio apartment from as little as £31,250

Egypt is an emerging market so now is an excellent time to invest in what has always been an amazing country and will now grow even stronger.

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