Expats 'should think about health' when buying a property in FranceWhen you consider moving to a property in France or somewhere else around the world, thinking about your health needs may not be at the top of your priority list.

However, insurer Aviva has stressed the importance of making sure that you take basic medical records with you when you move, as these are not automatically transferred overseas.

To help expatriates ensure that they have all the information that may be required in one place, the company has launched the Aviva My Health Passport.

It will feature information such as blood group, illnesses, personal details and health insurance cover.

Teresa Rogers, business lead for international personal medical insurance at Aviva, stated: "Easy access to personal health information can be vital, particularly in a medical emergency situation or when visiting a GP or pharmacist abroad."

Last month, personal finance reporter for the FT Money Show Tanya Powley noted that property in France is still popular among Brits considering moving abroad, although Australia and New Zealand have been attracting much interest in recent months.

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