A highlight of owning abroad is enjoying the local cuisine. Here are four second-home destinations that are growing increasingly popular with foodies!

Beachfront apartment in Isla Canela, Huelva

Huelva, Spain
The city and province of Huelva, located in Andalusia’s south-west corner, was deservedly crowned Spain’s 2017 Gastronomic Capital.

A highlight there are the beachside ‘chiringuitos’, which are traditional restaurants specialising in local fish and seafood – clams being one of many favourites. Head inland to discover Huelva’s famous Iberian ham, which has Protected Designation of Origin status and is regarded as among Spain’s finest. For wine, try the region’s excellent whites.

Huelva’s estuary town of Ayamonte, home to the resort of Isla Canela, is an untapped foodie heaven, where each year dozens of restaurants compete to produce the best and most creative tapa.

Riverside house near Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France
Boasting three restaurants with two Michelin stars, three with one star and three with the coveted BIB Gourmand award, Bordeaux was recently voted France’s “best city for eating out” by a food website. Even Gordon Ramsey couldn’t resist having a slice of the action in this exciting gastronomic city – the celebrity chef’s restaurant there has two Michelin stars.

Bordeaux, which now has a high-speed rail link with Paris, has been recognised internationally for its fine wines since time began. But in the last decade or two, the city’s successful regeneration has triggered the emergence of a dynamic gastronomic scene, ranging from haute cuisine establishments to hip bistros and cosy gastro-bars.

Apartment near Porto city-centre

Porto, Portugal
The weather in Portugal’s northern city of Porto, set in the estuary of the River Douro, might be less appealing than the sunnier Algarve in the south, but the food more than makes up for this.

Combined with the architecture, the cuisine is a key reason this once tired port city – famed for the eponymous fortified wine drink, has become such a popular city break destination. The essence of Porto’s gastro scene is traditional dishes made using fresh, local ingredients, served up in cosy, affordable eateries. Juicy pork sandwiches, octopus and cod should not be missed. Foodies with a second home in or close to this city would never tire of eating out!

Refurbished country house in Brescia, Lombardy

Lombardy, Italy
Lombardy in northern Italy is one of this year’s three European Capitals of Gastronomy, an award based around the cities of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua. The culinary-rich region has an impressive 23 Michelin-starred restaurants and eight wine-tasting routes.

While each city and district has its own specialities, food products that really put Lombardy on the map include salami, wine, filled pasta, polenta and risotto and several great cheeses, including Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, and Taleggio. Other highlights include the fashionable hot spot of Milan, Lake Como and no less than nine UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Written by Overseas Guides Company.

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