Istanbul is to become the site of the latest new marina in Turkey, as the country hopes to increase the revenues from its incoming tourists, by becoming attractive to the high-end tourist.

Dati Holdings is to build the $16 million (estimated) marina in the Ataköy district of Istanbul. The ParkMarina project will include restaurants, residences, and shops as well as the marina, and will be constructed on an area of 15,000 square meters.

At a press conference for the marina, Gökhan Kıran, board member and head of executive board of Dati said:

“We aim to create a living space for everyone. [of the 15,000 square meters] 5,000 square meters will be open and 10,000 will be covered.”

“We aim to finish the project by September,” Kiran added. The ParkMarina is scheduled to open Sept. 15.

“The transportation facilities play an important role in Ataköy,” he said. “This is an exclusive area because it has sea and highway transportation facilities.”

Noting that “not only yacht owners, but everyone” will be able to spend time at the life center, Kıran said Ataköy lost the attraction it had in the 1990s.

“We want to revive this region,” he said. “With ParkMarina life center and Dati’s new projects [in the pipeline], we believe Ataköy will again be an attractive district.”

This is the latest of Dati’s Ataköy projects; the company recently undertook a $60 million renovation and refurbishment of the Sheraton Hotel in the town. The Sheraton project followed the firm’s $20 million renovation of the Galleria shopping centre.

The company will continue to invest in new projects, said Kıran. “We also plan to build a new hotel in Ataköy, and our master investment plan for the region will be a mega yacht marina.”

With this news it becomes clear that, as well as all its other strengths, which are covered regularly on this blog, that Turkey is looking to become a marina centre within the multi-continental oceans which it spans.

Turkey’s Altinkum marina is the largest in the Aegean, and the country also boasts some impressive marina’s to the Mediterranean, including others that are currently being built.

Source : Spot Blue