When it comes to purchasing a holiday home in the exotic location of your choice, it’s understandable that you can get a little over excited and neglect the finer details of home ownership.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

Suddenly you are the proud owner of a holiday home in a warm country where life runs at a slower pace, crime seems non-existent and the stresses and strains of the 9-5 seems a long way away.

Despite the obvious joys of second-home ownership, you should never neglect the important things such as home insurance. Today, Carol Dunning of the Greece Buying Guide retells the story of one of her readers who asked her advice about whether or not she should bother to insure her new home in Greece…

“It was a short while ago that I received an email from a reader who had just successfully purchased on the Greek island of Evia. She had been told by her property agent that “most people don’t bother with insurance because the buildings are so solid that the chance of being damaged is slight”. They asked me my opinion on this and my immediate response was to ask them whether they would ever dream of leaving their UK property uninsured. The answer should always be a resounding ‘NO!’

“I informed them that in a country that is prone to fires and earthquakes, it would be incredibly unwise to leave it uninsured. Evia was one of the islands worst hit by recent fires and if uninsured, they risk losing everything”.

“I advised them that they should not fear upsetting the vendor by disagreeing about insurance and should take all of the same precautions that they would in the UK and this advice should apply to all people purchasing abroad”.

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