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The Balearic Islands are situated in Spain, in the western part of Mediterranean Sea, near the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast. These islands are considered to be Spain’s archipelago. The largest of the Balearic Islands include Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

Balearic Properties

These islands are a wonderful and quite popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. However, apart from being a tourist attraction, the Balearic Islands have also experienced a rise in property and real estate interest. In the past it has already been noted, that the real estate market on the Balearic Islands has been prospering much better than in the remaining other regions of beautiful Spain, not only on yearly basis but on quarterly basis, too. Many factors have contributed to the immensely high rise in the real estate market.

The first reason is the increasing popularity that the Balearic Islands enjoy as holiday destination among people from all over the world. This factor has resulted in people investing in the Balearic Island’s real estate market in order to enjoy the benefits of the attracted tourism. Secondly numerous nationalities are eagerly participating in the Balearic Island’s real estate market. These nationalities are visiting for professional as well as personal purposes. From a professional point of view, the Balearic Islands are a good investment entity on long term basis due to the demand by foreign tourism. On personal front, people with solid capital who are seeking a place for relaxation & enjoyment, are coming to the Balearic Islands. If you have enough capital and you are looking for the one elegant place, which can be both beneficial in terms of investment as well as perfect for enjoying life during time away from a hectic career, then investing in the Balearic Islands’ real estate is the best option.

You can take your pick out of numerous property listings for sale depending on your budget and your area of preference.

In Port d’Andratx you will find some of the world’s most majestic villas that can make you feel like a king. If a villa is out of your budget then you can opt for a simple apartments. The Balearic Islands have everything from majestic royal villas to simple apartments that won’t cut a hole in your pockets. There are numerous real estate agencies who can help you satisfy your requirements. This is the right time to invest in properties as in time this area will experience great developments. Furthermore, this is the area of Mallorca that experts say will always rise and there are hardly any chances of future downturn.

It is also notable that the Balearic Islands’ real estate market was not affected too much during the downfall of the Spanish real estate market which was an indifferent event in itself. In that time of severe property – downfall, the Balearic Islands’ real estate market stood firm and was an exception.

The delightful, enchanting climate, a unique blend of modernization & ancient beauty along with beautiful places to visit on the Balearic Islands make it a paradise for people around the globe. These factors have jointly led to the exploding growth of the real estate market in the Balearic Islands.