The Turkish Government has set the wheels in motion to nationalise a plot of land for Istanbul’s third airport, according to Turkish Transport Minister, Binali Yildirim, who expects a tender for the project to take place later this year.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

If all goes to plan, the first stage of the airport’s construction will be completed by 2015, and in its first stage the airport will be able to accommodate 90 million passengers. The location that has been chosen for the airport is 80 per cent public land, while the remaining 20 per cent will be obtained through nationalisation.

“The location of the airport has been determined. It will be on the European side in the northern part of the city near the Black Sea,” the minister said.

These new developments signal good things to property-owners and businesses in Istanbul. With more flights available, the number of people visiting the already popular city is likely to increase.

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