Fishy time for Brittany property seekers

La Fete de la Morue is a festival dedicated to the Brittany fishing industry and is held every May.Those seeking to buy Brittany property can indulge in a variety of fishy dishes and discover more about the local industry in the town of Binic, a port on the Brittany coast.As well as experiencing the event [...]

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Canary Islands property may get airline bargain boost

A low cost airline has announced a sale of cheap airfares to all its destinations, something that could boost the Canary Islands property scene.The new sale of flights by Monarch Airlines has seen it trim 20 per cent off flights to all the locations it serves, provided they are bought by February 24th.Places to which [...]

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Laying down the law on Brittany property

The patron saint of lawyers has his life and times remembered in one of Brittany's annual festivals, which takes place in the town of Treguier every May.Le Pardon de Saint Yves sees a large procession marching through the streets of the town, with pilgrims from the legal profession and courts getting dressed up for the [...]

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New Roscoff service for Brittany property seekers

Those thinking of buying Brittany property may be encouraged by news that a new ferry service from the UK is being launched to the town of Roscoff.Brittany Ferries has launched the Armorique, a £100 million purpose-built ferry that can carry 1,500 people and 470 cars between Brittany and Plymouth, in addition to boasting a number [...]

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Window of opportunity tipped for Brittany buyers

The French property market is offering a "window of opportunity" to buy at a reduced cost, an agent working in the country has stated.In comments that may interest potential Brittany property investors, a representative of French specialist real estate firm VEF has commented that in the present climate many sellers are willing to accept a [...]

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Brittany property buyers may consider budget market

Britons wanting to holiday in France this year have been given a series of top tips on how to save money on accommodation, something that may be worth noting by those keen on buying Brittany property.Daily Telegraph travel writer Fred Mawer wrote that those keen to keep their costs down due to the credit crunch [...]

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Good value of region may help Brittany property

Brittany is an area of France where visitors may still enjoy low value when visiting the country, despite the recent fall in the value of sterling against the euro, it has been stated.In a feature on the costs of visiting France, the Daily Telegraph notes that many expenses - particularly travel - are much less [...]

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Brittany property still good for investment, says expert

A property professional has said that the French market is still a good one to invest in, something that could encourage those considering buying Brittany property. Speaking to the Birmingham Post, managing director of Solihull-based Cherish Properties Steve Wright said the country still has much to offer despite the fall in the value of sterling [...]

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Brittany property served with scallops

One of the factors that may appeal to Brittany property investors is the strong relationship the region has with the sea, which surrounds the peninsula on three sides and gives rise to a number of maritime and seafood-related events.The latter takes centre stage in April when the annual Cotes D'Armor Scallop festival takes place.Fans of [...]

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Brittany property may gain from euro rate cut

Those investing in Brittany property may find that it soon becomes cheaper to take out a mortgage to do so.As part of the eurozone, France will see its interest rate lowered if the European Central Bank decides a cut is warranted tomorrow, something widely predicted by economists in a Reuters poll.The majority of the 81 [...]

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