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116 bedroom hotel for sale

Greece - Chalkida, Evvoia


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Commercial information:

  • 64,583 sq ft (6,000 sq m)

Full description:

"PELAGOS" hotel is a 4star seaside hotel in Agios Minas area of Chalkida municipality, the capital city of Euboia prefecture of Greece.
It is hitched on the rock, 4 klm from the Old Bridge of Chalkida, with view to Euboean Gulf, was constructed in 1985 and further expanded with bungalows built in 1997.
It is A category, 4* hotel. According to the operation license no. 178, dated 2/2/2011, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the hotel has a total capacity of 119 rooms - 227 beds.
The total area of the main hotel building is 5,880 sq.m. and of the bungalows and ancillary areas 1,733 sq.m. The hotel room and bungalows areas are approximately 4,000 sq.m. and the common areas and staff areas (reception, lounge, dining area etc.) are approximately 2,000 sq.m.

The total plot of land is 31,340.84 sq.m. and, according to data provided, the total area consists of smaller plots of land, acquired in stages from early 1980's until 1997. Almost 15,000m2 are committed for the initial construction of the hotel. 17,000 sq.m. are available for further expansion. According to the hotel owners, there is possibility to develop approximately an extra of 3.000 m2, i.e. 70 rooms and 1,000 sq.m., plus underground conference rooms.
The hotel has many indoor and external facilities such as meeting and conference rooms, billiards, grounds for tennis, basketball, volleyball, 7X7 football ground, a large swimming pool with bar, barbeque etc.
Aghios Minas area
According to the data provided and as verified by the inspection undertaken, the property is ideally situated, on the Aghios Minas bay, 4km from Chalkida town, the capital city of Euboea prefecture.
It is within 45' minutes from the El. Venizelos Airport - Athens, 70 km. from Athens city centre, 1hr driving distance from Delphi, 1hr from Acropolis, and 20' minutes from the main tourism resort ERETRIA. Furthermore, and of utmost importance is the fact that, the hotel is close (40min drive) to the famous and miraculous Aghios Ioannis Rossos - Saint John the Russian (Holy Monastery) with all year round pilgrimage of his body and relics. Chalkida is accessible by car, bus and rail.
Chalkida town Chalkís or Chalkida (Modern Greek: Χαλκίδα, [xalˈciđa]) is the chief town of the island of Euboea in Greece, situated on the Euripus Strait at its narrowest point. The name is preserved from antiquity and is derived from the Greek χαλκός (copper, bronze), though there is no trace of any mines in the area. In the late Middle Ages, it was known as Negropont (Italian: Negroponte, "black bridge"), a name that was applied to the entire island of Euboea as well. Its people are known in English as Chalcidians.
The modern town received an impetus in its export trade from the establishment of railway connection with Athens and Piraeus in 1904. In the early 20th century it was composed of two parts-the old walled town at the bridge over the Euripus, where a number of Turkish families continued to live until the late 19th century, and a sizeable Jewish community lived until World War II, and the more modern suburb that lies outside it, chiefly occupied by Greeks. The old town, called the Castro, was surrounded by a full circuit of defense walls until they were completely razed for urban development around the start of the 20th century.
Development / Local economy
The municipality of Chalkida was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 5 former municipalities that became municipal units:

Lilantia, Nea Artaki, Anthidona, Avlida, Chalcis
According to the 2011 population census, the population of Chalkida town was 59.125. The population of the new municipality is 102.223 (Source: Wikipedia).
Main sights
Chalkida has several valuable and important landmarks:
The town is now connected to the mainland Greece by two bridges, the "Sliding Bridge" in the west at the narrowest point of the Euripus Strait at the entrance there is a new striking Cable (suspension) Bridge a modern technological breakthrough, which contributes to the city easier approach and to avoid congestion in the center. The Old Bridge Mobile used by visitors as observation point tidal alternating motion of Evian water. In its present form was built in 1962. The Euripus Strait which separates the city and the island from the mainland was bridged in 411 BC with a wooden bridge. In the time of Justinian the fixed bridge was replaced with a movable structure. The Turks replaced this once again with a fixed bridge. In 1856, a wooden swing bridge was built; in 1896, an iron swing bridge, and in 1962, the existing "sliding bridge"; the construction works of the 19th century destroyed the most part of the medieval castle built across the bridge. The cable stay suspension bridge which joins Chalcis to the mainland to the south was opened in 1993. A special tidal phenomenon takes place in the strait, as strong tidal currents reverse direction once every six hours, creating strong currents and maelstroms. • In the city there are also archaeological and folklore museum. • The Town Hall, which is housed in Kotsika. Dominates the town beach with beautiful architecture and wonderful balance of volumes. The Red House of Malliou family decorates the quay on the north side of the city beach. Built in 1884 by French architect Flegkis. It belongs to the municipality of Halkida. The Archaeological Museum contains finds from excavations in various parts of Eboia and mainly in Eretria. The Folklore Museum includes rare items, weapons, coins, traditional costumes, the way of life in town and country, etc. The Turkish Mosque houses a Byzantine collection, mainly Byzantine and postByzantine sculptures, mosaics and ceramics, and various works of art exhibited at the Municipal Gallery. In the center of the Castle Quarter is the medieval Church of Agia Paraskevi. This Byzantine church was rebuilt by the Venetians in the 14th century. Agia Paraskevi is the patron saint of the town and is celebrated every year from 26 July to 2 August. The church of Saint Paraskevi (the patron saint of the island) was the church of the Dominican Priory of Negroponte, one of the first two houses authorized for the Province of Greece in 1249. Started about 1250, this is among the oldest examples of early Dominican architecture surviving, and is one of the only early Dominican churches to retain its original form until the present. The central arch over the iconostasis and the ceiling and walls of the south chapel are the est examples of Italian Gothic stone-carving in Greece. Images of the Dominican saints, Dominic and Peter Martyr, stand at the base of the central arch. The north chapel holds the tomb of the founder of the senatorial Lippamano family of Venice. Some of the column capitals are Byzantine. 1. The House with the Statues opposite the Red House. The Church of St.. Nicholas Byzantine style with remarkable frescoes. 2. The Central Public Library in St. Nicholas Square. 3. The Municipal Gallery. 4. The Art Workshop in Ag. Dimitriou Square. 5. The church of Ag. Dimitrios metropolis city . 6. The Historical Archives, housed in mansion Kriezotis. 7. The Court House in Avenue El. Venizelos, whose architect was Matthew Kamaras ( 1909 ) who designed other buildings of that time in the town of Chalkida.
Other attractions are the Fort of Veli - Baba and the Tower of Kara - Baba , the Medieval Aqueduct and the Marble Fountain . Below the road leading to the castle Karababa and at a location from where one has a panoramic view of Chalkida and Euboean Gulf, the writer Giannis Skarimpas was buried. (Source: Municipality of Halkida)
Consequently, and particularly because of the unique phenomenon of the tide of Evripos and easy access from Attica, Viotia and the rest of Euboia, Chalkida is a particularly attractive destination for a one-day visit or overnight stay, mainly for weekends. Chalkida is an attractive place of residence and tourist destination, that with adequate support from the state side and tourist promotion, can accrue to local residents and entrepreneurs.
Property location and the immediate area
The property is situated by one of the coasts in Aghios Minas area. The immediate area is full of olive grounds fields and developed with a number of houses, luxury villas with swimming pools and another large hotel at a distance of about 150 m.
Due to the very large size of the plot of land and the size of the hotel and accompanying facilities, one can say that the subject hotel is a landmark for the area.
The exact property location is indicated on the maps attached in the Appendix of this presentation.
2. PHYSICAL PROPERTY CHARACTERISTICS PLOT OF LAND The plot of land, according to the plan of the Civil engineer Vasileios Nicolaou Alexandrou, dated May 2015, is measured 31,340.84 sq.m. On the subject plan, there is also an indication of the outline of the buildings and outdoor facilities.
Based on the subject plan, the plot has a good shape that can be seen as being formed of three almost rectangular plots. It has a large frontage of about 200 m. on the coastal zone on the north, frontage on the road to the west of a length of more than 120 m., a road and other properties on the east and various properties (mostly land with olive trees) on the south. The plot of land in at a higher level that the sea, it is amphitheatrical and, from almost all parts of the land, there are stunning views to the sea and the surrounding areas. It can be said, that the subject spot is very privileged and has a uniqueness attached to it due to location and size.

It's A category, 4* hotel and has 89 rooms in a main building and 22 rooms in bungalows. There is a spacious dining area, bar, lounge area, gym, billiards, conference rooms. Furthermore, the hotel accommodates a large sized swimming pool with seawater that is continuously recycled. There is tennis, basketball and volleyball's courts. The hotel installations have a total area of 7,614 sq.m.

As the plot of land borders on the beach, the main hotel building and most parts of the hotel offer stunning views to the sea. The external entrance to the hotel grounds accommodates a large metallic door and is located on the north west side of the plot of land. A wide asphalted road leads to the main entrance of the hotel, while the bungalows are located along the whole west side of the land. It is noted, that for a few meters past the entrance to the hotel grounds, there is a right of way for a residential property located at the north, which is a holiday home.

The main hotel building was initially developed and operated in 1985 and further expanded with bungalows and facilities in 1998 and subsequent years. The constructions are of good quality from a macroscopic view and the state of maintenance is considered as very good. According to the hotel owners, the hotel was renovated in 2004.

THE MAIN HOTEL BUILDING The main hotel building is centrally located and towards the northern part of the land, so as to have a close distance to the sea front.

Due to the topography of the plot of land, the main building has been developed on several levels. a. Level +0,00 accommodates the reception, the lobby, the café-bar, a gym and 22 rooms. b. Level +3,20 includes 11 rooms. c. Level +6,40 accommodates 10 rooms. d. Level -3,20 accommodates the restaurant, the kitchen areas, storage rooms, TV room, conference rooms, toilets, games area and 23 rooms. e. Level -6,40 includes 23 rooms. f. Level -9,20 accommodates storage rooms and ancillary areas such as laundry and the electromechanical installations.
The several wings of the hotel are spanning in various directions, but designed in a way that, practically 95% of the rooms enjoy excellent sea views, irrespective of the floor level they are located. This is a major advantage of the hotel, as guests can be certain that they will be allocated a room with a beautiful sea view.
The reception, lounge and sitting areas are spacious, as well as the dining room, TV and billiards area. There is a verandah with view to the swimming pool and the sea and small sittings areas at several corridor ends towards the wings accommodating the rooms.
The dining area can accommodate 200 seats and the lounge area an equal number of seats. Furthermore, the kitchen, storage areas and other areas supportive to the operation of the hotel, are easily accessible and good sized. The store room and cold stores, have an area of 30 sq.m.
The gym is situated in the south part of the main building and has nice views to the external areas, towards the parking area and beyond that towards the 7X7 football court. The subject area can also be used as a conference room. Further meeting rooms are located in the same section at a lower level. The total meeting room / conference area is 300 sq.m.
The hotel rooms have an average size of approximately 20 sq.m. and have very good dimensions and rectangular shape. They all have a spacious balcony with sea view. The standard of the rooms fixtures are high, with quality cupboards and sanitary equipment. The rooms have a marble floor as all common areas of the hotel, and the openings to the balconies have aluminum frames with single glazing.
The furniture of the rooms are of good quality and according to the standards for 4* hotels. They were replaced in 2004, when the hotel was renovated.
BUNGALOWS The bungalows consist of one (1) ground floor building and four (4) two-storey buildings that accommodate 22 rooms in total.
There are several small size buildings in the surroundings of the main building, such as a small church, the swimming pool bar, toilet areas, the BBQ and an office for the maintenance employees, a tennis court office, storage areas and the biological wastewater treatment.
According to the data provided the main building was developed, after the issue of the building permit 1364/1981 and the bungalows according to the building permit 386/1994 and its revision 418/1997. For the rest of the buildings, no building permit was issued, but according to the engineer of the hotel, these can be legalized, according to the provisions of the law 4178/2013, at a fine of approximately 60.000€ plus engineer's fees.
Furthermore, according to the information provided, almost 15,000 sq.m. of land are committed for the hotel development and 17,000 sq.m. are available for further expansion. Approximately 3,000 sq.m. could be further developed, for example 70 rooms and 1,000 sq.m. conference rooms underground (to be confirmed).
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has pointed to a boost in the Greek tourism sector as international arrivals to Greece increased by seven percent in 2015, reaching 23.6 million visitors (http://www.greece-is.com).
Tourism is a key contributor to the Greek economy. According to the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), it comprises more than 20 percent of the country's GDP and accounts for one out of every five jobs. (source: VOA). Despite the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis, Greece expects to welcome a record 27 million tourists this year. - http://greece.greekreporter.com/2016/05/17/forecast-bright-for-greek-tourism-despite-refugeecrisis/#sthash.MfXGsFRY.dpuf (http://greece.greekreporter.com/2016/05/17/forecast-bright-for-greek-tourismdespite-refugee-crisis/#sthash.MfXGsFRY.dpuf)

This pin shows the exact location of the property as provided by the Advertiser

Nearest Airports*

  • Athens (INTERNATIONAL), 40.3 miles
  • Spata (Eleftherios Venizelos) (INTERNATIONAL), 41.8 miles

*Distances are straight line measurements. This feature is currently in beta.

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