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Ostuni, Brindisi, Apulia, Italy

Casa Puglia, Fasano
215 sq. ft.
(20 sq. m.)

Key features

  • BEAUTIFUL 3 cone TRULLO to renovate
  • EXCELLENT location on sought after area
  • Extension possibilities for 2-3 bedrooms plus pool
  • Land of 5.700 sq m (1,4 acres) with natural vegetation and olive trees
  • Long drive-in from quiet country road
  • Private and secluded position
  • Short drive to famous Ostuni for all shopping and restaurants
  • 20 min to the sandy beaches
  • 10 min to Ostuni
  • 35/75 min to Brindisi/Bari International airports

Property description

When looking for a trullo to renovate, the overall quality andcondition of the trullo, its shape, the land and overall location are naturally important factors.
This is a fine example of a trullo which ticks all boxes!
You enter the property by a 100 m drive-in gently upwards. The first part of the drive-in is shared with another trullo property, which is on the far right hand side. Almost at the top of the land is this trullo and south west facing. Its high position gives impressive panoramic views down the gentle sloping land, which has 3 terraces with stone walls.
The trullo has two large roof cones which means a ceiling height of approximately 4,5 meters and could be developed so full height inside even for tall persons!
Its current layout enables a renovation of one bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom and small living room. Alternatively, the trullo can be extended to make a 2-3 bedroom property, possible also to build a separate building next to the trullo. Please refer to the proposed plan which shows the last option. A swimming pool is possible to make, subject to planning approvals.
The land has natural Mediterranean vegetation, a few olive trees and scope to plant fruit trees.

The access to the property is easy from the main road about 5-10 minutes to Ostuni. The local road has many impressive properties in this beautiful part of Valley DÍtria between Ostuni, Cisternino and Martina Franca.

What to do what to see:

When you're on holiday in Apulia, there are numerous towns to visit, a few close and others more distant, which are enticing enough to plan for the day. The eastern seaboard tends to be most evocative of the Crusader history, as the ports along this coastline were used over many hundreds of years, not only by warriors embarking upon conquest of the Holy Land, but by countless pilgrims who preferred the perils of the sea to the tortuous overland route of the Anti-Taurean mountains, Syria and Palestine. In fact, it is no coincidence that many of the great churches were built during this time to offer sanctuary to the old or sick traveller.

Whilst the northern part of Apulia around Bari has a much more European and industrial flavor, the arid, sun-baked area central, and leading south west towards Gallipoli, is so dramatically unlike the rest of Italy, eschewing the fashionable, and chic, big names and smart restaurants, that it is seemingly a region that never became part of Europe. The whole peninsular displays a startling diversity of culture, topography and demographic. If you're on holiday in Apulia, our advice would be to take a little look everywhere. Our trullo in Apulia is just about in the middle of it all - so you are ideally situated, wherever your travels take you, to cover any of these destinations within a day.

Eating Out
What to say about the food, apart from the fact that it is fabulous. We cannot begin to number the osteria, and tavola calda that have filled our tummies over the years. Pugliese dishes will astonish you, and you won't be able to resist their unique, fresh and genuine flavors, because in Puglia there's a deep-rooted culinary tradition, composed mostly of simple dishes, made with local products. Our trullo with its close proximity to all of the major hill and coastal towns, is right in the middle of an incredible selection of places to dine out, or just to shop for wonderful fresh and local ingredients to conjour up your own gastronomic delights, using the first class indoor and outdoor cooking facilities at the trullo.

Then, of course, there is the sea and beautiful coastline. Only 30 minutes away are the fabulous beaches of the Adriatic. There is a whole coastline (the longest in Italy) to choose from, where there are sandy stretches and rocky coves. Some beaches have 'paid for' areas, where you can hire beds and umbrellas, in season, but the clear majority are free. When you stay at our charming trullo, we provide you with beach chairs, parasol, picnic hamper and cool boxes. In fact, all that you would need for a day at the beach.

One of the most stunning cities in southern Italy, famous for the dazzling effect of its whitewashed houses. It is a genuine and charming example of Mediterranean architecture. The city of Ostuni is a series of levels, staircases, small roads, alleys and arches, hidden behind the great medieval bastion-ed walls. The architecture of Norman and Byzantine invaders permeates every niche, and the vista of the olive grove encrusted coastal plan is stunning. The brightness of its whitewashed houses, set against the pink-tinged brown of its duomo, sets the scene, brilliant in the full sun, Ostuni has become the fabled Città Bianca (the White City). For a holiday in Apulia, having Ostuni on your doorstep is a real bonus.

Ceglie Messapica-9km
A settlement since the fourth century BC, with 5 km of its original fortification walls still standing. The 15th century castle and bishop's residence, with Norman tower was built on the site of a far older Greek acropolis, in turn replaced by a Roman temple. Today the site is being entirely restored by the commune in partnership with the European Union, and will form an extensive museum of local history and educational centre. Famed also for its gastronomy, no visit to Ceglie would be complete without the purchase of its famed 'dolce Cegliese' or Ceglie cakes, which are divine. Equally restaurants in Ceglie are renowned throughout the peninsular for the quality of their fare. Ceglie is also surrounded with many examples of the trulli.

Sits high above a virtual 'sea' of olive groves and vineyards on the edge of the famous Val d'Itria. Visit the 'centro storico' a fine example of 'spontaneous architecture', alleyways, houses, churches added to, built upon, partly extended over the centuries presents the visitor with a charming warren of tiny streets, and exit through the Porte Grande, an 11th century Norman arch to the most stunning panorama of a sea of olive groves. Famous also for its 'fornelli' or stoves, tiny restaurants offering delicious barbecued food to eat in or take home, free concerts every Sunday in summer in the central piazza, or the large Monday market, Cisternino is an absolute gem. No holiday in Apulia would be complete without a visit to this beautiful hill town with its views looking over some of the best examples of the trulli in Apulia.

Martina Franca-22km
One of the most elegant towns in the region. The old town has great tourist appeal, with its fabulous and completely intact baroque buildings including the ducal palace, built in 1668, owning to more than 300 rooms. The town enjoys a unique setting, dominating the Valley d'Itria, known as the Valley of the Trulli in Apulia, small groups of picturesque white houses, with dry stone walls, and everywhere olive groves. The architecture of the historic part of town is charming, narrow lanes, wrought iron balconies covered in flowers, palazzi, churches, and monuments including the gateway -Porta di St. Antonio, the Arch of St Stefano. In August, the town stages its annual, international opera festival, and the streets are quite literally buzzing with open air performance.

Overlooks the entire Valley d'Itria, it's houses safe behind a long protective wall that encompasses the entire town, and provides a natural balcony from which to survey the countryside. The stunning views again will remind you that this area really is the land of the trulli in Apulia. The town skyline is dominated by the massive dome and the campanile of the historic church, and main piazza at the radial point of the 'centro storico'. The town hosts a number of events including festivities to honor its patron, Sant' Rocco, and a whole series of gastronomic fairs. Locorotondo also produces the most delicious white and sparkling wines, and Apulia is also renowned for its robust Primitivo and Negromaro wines.

A designated UNESCO world heritage site, with its beautiful coned trulli houses and their white-washed walls. Alberobello really is the capital of the land of the Trulli and confirms that the trulli really is the main residence in Apulia and has been for centuries. The city of trulli first made its appearance in the 17th century when the local earls of Conversano decided to build a town of dry stone dwellings which could be quickly dismantled when the reviled tax collector of the Aragonese Kingdom of Naples came calling. See also the symbols painted on the cones to represent, religion, fertility and astronomy. Today these tiny structures are restaurants, trattoria, a museum, and even a church.

Polignano a Mare-51km
An enchanting seaside destination, with an ancient town built on a spur of rock directly above a magnificent, clear blue sea. The caves beneath the town still bear testament to prehistoric human settlement. Today the town is well known for the variety of its musical venues, and many international artists play in the vicinity.

The capital of the Salento region due to its geographical position between the Ionic and Adriatic Seas. Known as "the Florence of the south", Lecce has a wealth of architectural monuments in Baroque style, with gargoyles, cherubs and portals. There are many sites of artistic and historic interest, including the Church of St Croce, Piazza St Oronzo, the Column of St Oronzo, Porta Napoli, Lecce Cathedral, the Roman Amphitheatre seating 25,000 spectators and much more. Lecce is certainly worth a visit on any holiday over here.

The commercial capital of Apulia, Bari was first settled in the 3rd century by the Romans, and later invaded by Lombards, Saracens and Byzantines, all of whom have left their marque upon the city. The cathedral famously houses in its crypt, the remains of St. Nicholas, whom we refer to as Santa Claus, and thus Bari has become also a centre for pilgrimage for both the orthodox and catholic faith. A fine Swabian castle constructed during the time of Frederick II is open to the public, and the stamp of Napoleon was left, clear for all to see in the fashionable shopping district, reminiscent of any Parisian boulevard. The delightful promenade, some 15 km in length offers a pleasurable walk watching the many ships entering and leaving the mainland for Greece.

A World Heritage Site located in Italy's Basilicata region, on the north-eastern fringe of Apulia, was, with Grassano, its much smaller neighbour, a backdrop to Carlo Levi's stunningly beautiful book "Christ Stopped at Eboli", as well as being the film location for Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ". Matera is a unique example of a cultural tradition and civilisation which stretches back to the Neolithic age. The old city was created out of a rocky ravine, the numerous natural caves being the first houses of the Neolithic inhabitants. Today these 'sassi' homes have been turned into boutique houses, and hotels, a far cry from the malarial backwater of Snr. Levi's most poignant book. Matera is another must see site to visit.

Gallipoli is quite clearly divided into two parts, the more recent, enveloping the marina, and main habitation, and the old 13th century city built around the Aragonese fort which guards the entrance to the bay. This walled island is connected to the mainland by a 6th century bridge, and although small comprises homes and churches of splendid Baroque architecture, in particular that of Sant' Agata built in 1629. No holiday over here would be complete without a visit to the wonderful fish market located under the bridge. Although small, the range and freshness of the produce is breathtaking.

A picturesque fishing port in the south east of the region this is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. Boasting a 15th century Aragonese castle (today open to the public), and defensive walls which encircle the old town, Otranto is one of the prettiest places of interest in the whole peninsular. Not to be missed is the beautiful cathedral of Sant' Maria Assunta, consecrated in 1088, displaying a massive rose window, and one of the longest Roman mosaic to be discovered anywhere in Europe.

Castel del Monte-450km
This most astonishing castle, constructed at the behest of Frederick II during the 13th century is a site of rare architectural value. The central octagonal keep is bordered on all sides by octagonal watch towers, which each have eight rooms on each floor. Nobody is quite certain whether this unique building served as a military fortress, hunting lodge, or was specially commissioned as astrological observatory. Whatever may have been it's original purpose, Castel del Monte is spectacular.

By air there is a choice of two international airports, served by Ryanair, Easyjet , BA and others, both easily reached within the hour; Bari in the North (80 km) and Brindisi ( 64 km) in the south are reached in 45-55 minutes. Both cities have ferry traffic to Greece, Albania and Croatia so it's possible to make weekend trips across the Adriatic Sea.

Bari being the commercial capital city with 250 000 inhabitants offers the best shopping, a grand opera house, called the Petruzzelli teatro; a large medical city centre with many museums. Just north of Bari lies a little town called Giovinazzo a true gem, right by the sea. Further north is Molfetta Outlet, a famous shopping galleria and 20 minutes further is Traini, a sophisticated town with a beautiful half moon bay & marina. Continue north to Castel del Monte, which is the mystical castle built by Frederic II in the 14th Century.
Within a 2,5 hour drive to the north lies Gargano, the peninsula called the spur of the Italian boot. Gargano forms a large nature and wild life Reserve and offers hiking and scenic trips around the peninsula. From here there are daily boat trips to the small Tremiti islands.

The Italian lifestyle means many things but especially socialising; the home is used for sleeping and breakfasts, the Italians go out for enjoyments and dining. Based in Canale di Pirro there are so much you can experience, like early morning markets in the small towns. music festivals, religious carnivals, the beach life, historical tours in the main towns, cooking classes, learning a bit Italian at language schools, dining at the many country and sea side restaurants, night clubbing at the beach clubs of Capitolo.

As Apulia is a peninsula and surrounded by the two seas- the Adriatic in the north and the Ionic in the south - water sports dominate in the area; sailing, yachting, water skiing, kite-surfing swimming & beach life. Golf is available with five good courses and San Domenico is world class (PGA 2014 Challenge Final). Tennis (there is one tennis club just 5 minutes away from the villa in Selva di Fasano) horseback riding, hiking and bicycle tours are other options for the active minded. Squash clubs are located in Bari, Bitonto and other places.

Being south, Apulia has warmer weather than Northern Italy and even in the "winter months" of December to February the average number of sun hours per day is 4 and in June-August 10-11 sun hours per day! This means you can enjoy a long season of nice weather in Apulia. When you plan to buy a holiday home in Apulia think of that you will spend a lot more time outside than in the inside compared to at home. Therefore you will need plenty of terrace space, pergolas etc. at your Apulian property and also cooking facilities outside is very practical.

The water temperature in beginning of May is in average 19 degrees, up to 27 degrees in August/September and 19 degrees in November. This means you & family will spend time at the beach. Where ever you are in Apulia you can reach the beaches within 30 minutes!

Apulia has until recently been called the hidden treasure of Italy, unknown to most tourists who come & stay in Rome, Florence, Venice and at the Italian Riviera. However, all this is rapidly changing because of massive investments in the infrastructure, such as the improved motorways, enlarged airports and the introduction of low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. The property prices are low in Apulia and low means value for money at bargain prices for the international buyers. We see more and more foreign visitors coming to Apulia and in our opinion investments will show good growth in value because of the increased demand. Also from north Italians as Apulia has become the most popular holiday destination for Italians. But rest assure, no tourist villages will ever be built because in Apulia the cost line is protected and people are not in favour of modern developments which do not fit into this historical landscape. Therefore, with increased demand for a fixed and limited number of properties prices are bound to rise.

Our vision is based on the concept of introducing the Apulian life style to you.
In doing so our aim is to make your purchase process a most enjoyable one and our consultants are here to provide answers to all your questions, including if you are considering relocating to Apulia.
We are an English speaking agency based in the middle of Apulia with local experience and can guide you to get the right property at the right price for you.
We have personally inspected every property that we recommend to buy and do not list hundreds of properties but a smaller selection of properties which we believe offer good value to the buyer. In Apulia many properties are offered at unrealistic prices but we say no to sellers who want us to list properties for sale at silly prices.
We have many years of international property experience, including 10 years in London, and see investments in Apulia through an international perspective. We have been active in several EU property markets and specialise in property management to ensure well maintained property for growth in property value.
We have a comprehensive range of local services:
- acting for the buyer - and not for the seller - by searching the market for the right property, negotiate the price and give advise through the buying process leading to completion of the purchase
- property management; we look after your property when you are away and ensure it is in perfect condition when you arrive. We will prepare a maintenance plan for annual maintenance and repairs of you property, which is essential to maintain and increase the property's value
- project management; we can act as you local representative and manage any renovation or refurbishment. We will also advise on any value added measures which could further enhance the capital growth of your property.
- lettings- we can assist you in the letting of you property and check in your tenants, deposit taking, checking out & inventory control.
Refer also to our webpage

We at the CasaPuglia team look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ostuni, Brindisi, Apulia, Italy


Distances are straight line measurements
  • Brindisi - Salento(International)
    21.4 miles
  • Bari Palese(International)
    50.6 miles
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