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Abode is Unique
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    Some Agents Let Properties... We Change Lives
    Our mission is to provide the ultimate property management experience.
    We will strive to make you more money, save you time and minimize your stress. 

    We can change your life! 
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    Who we are
    Not only do we have over 15 years of hands on experience in Lettings & Management, we are also active portfolio Landlords ourselves. 
    We are a rapidly growing, exciting company with a clear vision and a fresh approach.
    We understand about yield, buy to let mortgages and exactly what it means to own, invest and let property.
    We are dedicated to our business and passionate about property. 
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    What we will do for you 
    We will share with you our specialist knowledge and expertise about how you can increase your rental income and minimize your voids. 
    We will only send our best trusted tradesmen to your property, tradesmen that we use ourselves.
    We will free up your time so you can do the things you enjoy, spend time with your family, go on holiday, focus on your work without distraction. 
    We will keep you informed with regular updates by email or phone, or you can pop to our HQ for a delicious coffee. 
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Landlords, Our Promise To You
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    We will increase your profits
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    A saving is as good as a gain. There are many ways to save money when you're a landlord and we know most of them as we are landlords ourselves. That's the easy part, but do you know how to increase your income from your current properties? One huge benefit of working with Abode over other Letting Agents is that we are up to date on all the cutting edge strategies of how to increase your profits and we're willing to share these with our landlords.
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    More free time for you
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    Time is the most precious commodity in the world, once its gone you can't get it back so don't waste it! Let us find you the best quality tenants; keep those tenants happy so that they stay for a long time to minimise voids, collect the rent on time for you, manage any maintenance needed and update you with ways on how to increase your profits!
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    Remove your stress
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    Let us worry for you. Let us make sure we get the right tenant that will look after your house like it was their own. Let us diagnose any problems that need fixing and arrange for trusted maintenance to be carried out. Let us pick up and drop off keys, take calls at the weekend from upset tenants when water pipes burst in the winter, we'll hang on the phone for utility companies to answer, chase the rents, do the move ins and move outs..... you get the picture!
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    Please see our website for more details of Abode plus ALL of our plans and prices. 
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Tenants, Welcome to Abode
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    Viewing a Property
    Once a tenant has viewed a property with Abode, the leading letting agent in Manchester, they will be asked if they want to proceed with an application, if the answer is yes the tenant will then be asked to surrender an application and an administration fee. The administration fee is £150 for a single application and £200 for a joint application. This is inclusive of VAT and a receipt for this application fee will be issued at the point of move in. Once an administration fee has been received by the agent the property will not be viewed by any other party at this time.
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    Application Forms
    The tenant will be given help and advice where needed when filling out an application form, a member of staff will advise a prospective tenant if he/she is annually earning enough, to enable us to proceed with an application. In some cases where a person is not earning enough they will be asked if they have a friend or family member who could stand as guarantor. Where a single earning is not enough another working member of family who will be living at the same property for example a partner, can be put forward as a joint application. Ideally a tenant will need to have had a continual employment with the same employer for at least six months. If a tenant has been self employed they will need to show three years self assessments or an accountants letter. If a tenant is not working and is in receipt of benefits then a Guarantor will be required for the application to proceed. This person must be in full time employment and a home owner. On signing of the Tenancy Agreement the Guarantor will need to be present along with the tenant to sign the necessary paperwork.
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    Administration Fee
    The cost of an administration fee is £175 for a single application with guarantor and £225 for a joint application. On receiving the administration fee the applicant will be given an application form in which they will need to fill out and return to Abode. It is important that all interested tenants are aware that the administration fee is none refundable.
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    Age Restriction
    An interested tenant will need to have reached their 21st Birthday before they can be put forward on an application, unless it is stated otherwise by the landlord of a particular property.
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    Housing Benefit
    Not all landlords will accept tenants who are claiming housing; this will be discussed before an application is put forward for a property, if the landlord is willing to accept an element of housing benefit the prospective tenant will still need one month advance rent and a deposit before moving into a property.
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    Once an application has been surrendered for referencing, there will be certain checks that will be carried out against each applicant. If an applicant has a bad credit history it is advised to discuss this with the agent before putting an application forward, failure to disclose this information from the onset may cause a tenant not to pass their credit check and fail the application for the property they want to rent.
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    You must present two forms of identification on presenting your application forms, this will include a copy of a passport or driving license and a copy of a utility bill or bank statement with your current address, we cannot proceed to application stage until we have this in place.
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    Time Process
    An application can take up to five working days to be referenced; the tenant will be advised where necessary not to give notice to their current landlord until their application has been successful.
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    Withdrawing from a Tenancy
    If you decide that you do not want to proceed with a Tenancy, the following rules apply: At Reference Stage You surrender the administration fee Prior to Move in after payment of a Deposit A pro-rata calculation will be made and a portion of your deposit will be surrendered to cover the Landlords void period Unfortunately this is non negotiable, as a leading letting agent in Manchester we have to consider all parties in these circumstances.
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    Both tenant and landlord will be informed of a successful application. A tenant will be requested to pay their deposit within seven working days of a successful application. If a deposit is not received within the specified time, we would re-advertise the property and start viewings again. Once a tenancy agreement has commenced the agent or landlord will lodge a deposit with The Deposit Protection Service until the end of the tenancy agreement. A deposit will be refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement once the property has been checked by the agent, any damage caused by the tenant has to be rectified, and this amount will be requested from a tenant's deposit. If a deposit has been paid and the tenant decides that they do not want to proceed, the agent must be informed as soon as possible, the agent will allow for a period of up to two weeks from accepting the deposit before the deposit will become none refundable, as the agent could have let the property to another tenant over this time period.
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    The rent has to be paid in cleared funds before a tenancy is signed. If a tenant wants to pay by cheque this has to be received by the agent five working days before a tenancy is due to commence, this will give the cheque time to clear. The agent can also accept a bankers draft on the same day the tenancy is due to start.
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    Utility Bills
    Once a tenancy has been signed it is the responsibility of the tenant to notify the appropriate utilities i.e. gas, electric, water and council tax, these bills will be separate from the rent. Meter readings will be taken at the start of the tenancy agreement and documented on the inventory. Abode will also supply meter readings to the Utilities to close any previous accounts but it is your responsibility to set up your own accounts.
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    It is the responsibility of the landlord to have buildings insurance for the property, but the tenant will be asked to have their own contents insurance in case of accidental damage before the tenancy is due to start. The agent will have more information regarding contents insurance and will be happy to help.
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    During your application
    It is the agents aim to provide a professional and friendly service. It is in our best interest that the tenant is well informed of the procedures at all times and given the best possible advice.
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    Our Commitment to you as a Tenant of Abode
    During your tenancy we will do our very best for you. It's why we are the best letting agent in Manchester. In return we ask for prompt payment of your rent and for you to keep us informed of maintenance issues that may arise at your property so we can ensure your property is well maintained. We also ask for you to keep an open line of communication with us should your situation change in any way that may affect your tenancy. Perhaps your partner moves in, or your job changes and you wish to amend your payment date. We look forward to welcoming you as a tenant of Abode and working together for a successful and happy tenancy.
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Meet Our Team
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    Meet the Abode Ladies.....
    We pride ourselves on having dedicated and passionate people, find out about us all here.
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    Charlotte Puddy, Director & Landlord 
    As a portfolio landlord with more than five years experience I am all too aware of the responsibilities and rewards of investing in property.  I understand what it feels like to know that you rent is coming in on time to help with cashflow. I have been awake in the night worried about a maintenance issue at a property. 

    I have also worked with other letting agents in Manchester that did not fill me with confidence. When we set up Abode it was with a very clear focus, to be the No.1 Letting Agents in Manchester. I had had too many experiences with companies that offered no communication, little professional advice and did not give me the peace of mind I wanted as a landlord.

    I am passionate about fulfilling Abode's mission which is to provide the ultimate property management experience. We strive every day to do the very best for our landlords and our tenants. Not only by offering excellent customer service but also by always looking to improve our systems and procedures. 

    We are determined to be unrivalled with other letting agents in Manchester.We have such a great team at Abode and we have created an excellent environment to work in, it is a joy to be part of the team and to be making a difference to so many landlords, making life less stressful for them and making them more money!

    Pop in and see us and don't forget to choose your biscuit!  I love keeping up to date with new creative strategies for letting and buying property. One of the ways I do this is by running the Manchester Property Meet , a networking event for like minded property professionals.

    At the weekend you will find me...... in the gym, out with my pals, catching up on admin and breathing some fresh country air.
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    Tracy Wardle, Director 
    As a Director of Abode I run the office and ensure the smooth running of our operations and the team. 

    I love changing the lives of our landlords. So often landlords come to us, having had poor service, no communication and often feeling very negative about their situation. I can turn that all around. I strive to make all our landlords more money, save them valuable time and relieve stress.

    I am your main point of contact if you are a new landlord who wishes to discuss your property. At Abode it will be me serving you your biscuits when you pop in to HQ for a meeting!

    By running the Manchester Property Meet with Charlotte I keep up to date with all new strategies that are available to landlords. I keep abreast of regulation changes that are so important to all landlords. I love building relationships with attendees of the events as you never know what new connections may lead to.

    With over 10 years experience in of working within Manchester what may be stressful for a landlord is an exciting challenge for me to resolve. I have first hand experience of all sorts of scenarios and can draw on this experience to resolve matters swiftly. 

    Whilst running the Abode HQ office, I also specialize in liaising with tenants and ensuring their rent is paid on time.I work with councils to ensure smooth running of Housing Benefit claims. I am a particular expert in advanced housing benefit strategies which are making our landlords more money every month. 

    If you are looking for the best of all the Manchester letting agencies and are interested in making more money, without any more stress then let me know!It's April 2014 and I am part way through the NFOPP Qualifications in Residential Letting and Manchester, with three exams passed and one to go.

    At the weekend you will find me.... cheering on my son at football, laughing with my friends and spending time with my wonderful family!
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    Collette Booth, Portfolio Manager
    I love working for Abode as a Portfolio Manager.

    I am my Landlords point of contact for everything. I ensure the smooth running of all Abode's tenancies. 

    My tasks include booking in viewings and following up on all viewing appointments. I liaise with landlords and tenants as we negotiate new tenancies. 

    I will then prepare for a new tenant to move in, do all the administration and paperwork involved with that move in, including the prompt protection of every deposit and notifying all utility companies.

    I  am organised, efficient and methodical so that I ensure all my tasks are carried out efficiently, I am representing one of the leading property management companies in Manchester so my work always reflects that.

    I am also the landlords and the tenants main point of contact throughout the tenancy. I want my landlords to feel completely reassured that their investment is looked after. I will do the hard work so they can take the time to do things that are important to them.  That might be having time with their families or working on their other business interests.

    The systems that we have in place at Abode are second to none and make Abode one of the most successful property management companies in Manchester. I am always looking for ways I can improve on a process so that I can give my landlords the ultimate property management experience. 

    I really enjoy fulfilling Abode's mission.  No day is ever the same for me! I love the challenges and rewards that come from my role. I am passionate about ensuring all our tenants have a successful tenancy with us. This in turn provides our landlords with the security of happy tenants and expertly managed properties.

    At the weekend you will find me....running around the rugby pitch after my two boys, spending time with my lovely husband and doing a marathon ironing session!
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    Paul Creamer, Tenant Administrator
    As Abode's Tenant Administrator I am the eyes and ears of the company out and about. 

    My role includes all viewings, move in and move out appointments, as well as mid term inspections. I love the variety of the role and I am quite often going round the M60 a few times a day!  I get to meet so many different people every day, I enjoy the moment when you hand tenants keys to their new house and see the start of their adventure in their new home.

    My background is in block management, I spent 8 years working for Realty, looking after buildings across Greater Manchester.  My past work experience which involved liaising with property owners, whilst managing contractors and maintenance issues has given me a great basis for my role at Abode.

    At the weekends you will find me taking my two dogs for a great long walk, then tinkering with an engine or two in my garden! I love mechanics, figuring out how things work and getting old engines up and running again!

    I look forward to meeting you out and about with Abode, I am easy to spot as I'll be wearing the Abode jacket!
  • Team Member

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    Elaine Bracegirdle, Maintenance Administrator
    As Abode's Maintenance Administrator, I ensure the smooth running of all maintenance tasks in Abode's head office. I take the calls from our tenants, log the maintenance issues, liaise with our landlords and our trusted contractors to ensure the maintenance task is completed in a timely manner. 

    You wil hear from me when a quote needs to be approved or briefly to advise you a task has been completed within your agreed spend limit. 

    My days will be spent on and off the phone to you our landlords, to our trusted contractors and also out and about inspecting issues that arise. In some circumstances the best way to deal with a tenant who may have a problem and need some reassurance is for me to hop in my car and be there with them within the hour taking a look. 

    Often tenants get more frustrated as they feel they are not being looked after when things go wrong, this is exactly the situation I am here to manage and will ensure that all our tenants are well looked after, thus ensuring they stay as our tenants for a long time. This gives you our landlords, minimal voids and more cash in your pocket.

    I  also organise the FREE Inspections on our managed properties and liaise with tenants and landlords if any items arise from that inspection. By joining Abode in this role, I aim to minimise your stress with regard to maintenance and ensure we deliver the best service in Manchester property management.  I work closely with Collette Booth to ensure the smooth running of all Abode's tenancies.

    My background is in customer service having worked for 02 and I also have experience in renovating my own properties. I am perfectly placed for this role, combining my skills of dealing with people on the telephone and in person, with my extensive knowledge of the intricacies of properties.

    Abode's mission is to provide the ultimate property management experience, so with customer service always at the heart of what we do my experience will be integral to my every day activity within our busy Manchester office.

    At the weekend you will find me...walking my dog, Beckham, and finishing off one of my own refurbishment projects.
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    We are proud of what we do... so are our Landlords

    Testimonials from Landlords

    • Landlord Testimonial

      the stress is taken away  of trying to find tenants
      "Abode provide us with an excellent service by managing our properties. The stress is taken out of trying to find tenants,collect rents and arrange any maintenance issues.  
      We have used other agents in the past and there was no priority in them being proactive for us. This defeats the object of having a property agent. 
      Abode also provides excellent customer service to all our tenants.  
      The agent fees that we pay each month are worth every penny" 
      Mr L Jones
    • Landlord Testimonial

      I completely trust them
      "Charlotte and Tracy provide an excellent service with regular communication. I completely trust them and their maintenance team with my property." 
      Mr J Ellis
    • Landlord Testimonial

      may I particularly commend Collette to you
      Thank you for invoice and for the efficient way in which Abode conducted the process of finding and referencing the tenant.
      May I particularly commend Collette to you. Our experience of dealing with her has been very professional, yet she offers a warmth.
      The combination of these skills enabled me to feel secure in dealing with Abode.
      Once again thank you for finding the new tenant and expediting the process so efficiently.
      Mrs M Etchells
    • Landlord Testimonial

      Collette was amazing!
      Brilliant, Collette was amazing pinning down 3 tenants within one property to agree to viewings. This would have been a nightmare for me and very time consuming. M Moore
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