Advertising feature written by Ideal Homes Portugal
Buying property overseas can be a daunting prospect, but in these times of freelance working and flexible lifestyles, living and working overseas has never been more easily achievable.
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Search activity for November 2014

56.45% of locations increased in search activity
43.50% of locations fell….read more »

The Top Places to Move for Winter Sun

Tuesday, 16th December, 2014 by Overseas Editor

Article written by Clockwork Removals
The dark nights are drawing in and we are all starting to feel the chill, which got our International Team thinking, where would we like to move to for the winter?
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Pension Buy to Let

Friday, 12th December, 2014 by Overseas Editor

Article written by Gareth Bertram of John Charles Property Investments
Should I keep my pension plan or transfer it out and invest in Buy-to-Let?

New pension legislation comes in to force in April 2015 with The Daily telegraph stating that they….read more »

Article written by Alfredo Millá of
Many people have questions as to how exactly Spanish property market is doing and whether it is the right time to buy a second home in this country or not.
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If your holiday abroad develops unexpectedly into a property buying trip, one thing you’ll need to organise is how to send money overseas safely, quickly and cheaply. Fortunately, as new homeowners in Spain the Obornes found out, Smart Currency Exchange….read more »

Wowed by just how affordable property on the Spanish Costas is right now, many Brits and other foreign buyers are snapping up a holiday home on their first viewing trip. We meet one couple who did just that… Article….read more »

Besides its unspoilt countryside and beaches, Brittany’s proximity to the UK by ferry and road makes it popular with Brits, and recent months have even seen new flights there. Evidently interest in the region is growing, so we take a….read more »

Championed as a closer alternative to the Caribbean, Cape Verde is expecting a surge in interest following the opening this month of a mega five-star beach resort. Could it be time to dip your toe in the water of this….read more »

Search activity for October 2014

51.48% of locations increased in search activity
48.47% of locations fell in search activity
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