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    Dowen Auctions Sales & Lettings was established in 1982 by Principal Denis Dowen who is still involved in the day to day running of the business.

    Over the years the firm has continued to evolve and now has 9 estate agency branches offering coverage over mid North East England from the coast to the A1 corridor.

    Dowen was a founding member of The Great North Property Auction which has sold hundreds of properties since its inception in 2011.

    The Dowen Lettings Department is very successful with hundreds of homes under management.

    The firm operates a busy Surveying Services division, which provides professional services to both corporate and private clients. 

    Conveyancing at competitive rates is offered via a panel of local solicitors.

    Dowen is a service focussed organisation where all personnel commit to delivering the highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

    We subscribe to the National Associations of Estate Agents, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Ombudsman For Estate Agents and as such abide by the strict code of good estate agency practice laid down by these organisations.

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    Our enormous, beautifully presented Hartlepool branch is situated in the heart of York Road and offers easily the biggest property window display in town.

    Wander inside and you'll find a team of friendly, motivated property professionals who will be more than delighted to help you to buy or rent your next home or likewise sell or let your current one.

    The branch also has a bespoke showroom representing The Great North Property Auction, so if you'd like to try for a quick sale at auction..... contact us the region's best selling agent at The Great North Property Auction.

    If you are ready to sell, auction or let your property..... or stuck with another agent and going nowhere.... your next move should be to ask for a FREE VALUATION from Dowen Hartlepool.

    Simply call in or phone us on 01429-860806.... we will be delighted to be of service to you

    WE'RE SELLING & LETTING HOUSES...... Let's Make Yours The Next

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    Dowen was one of the 3 estate agents which founded the Great North Property Auction in tandem with auctioneers IAM-SOLD at the end of 2012. From the day of launch, it has been a runaway success with over 1600 properties now sold.

    We now have 3 bespoke Great North Property Auction stores in Sunderland, Peterlee and Hartlepool, whilst all our other branches are set up and equipped to offer properties via auction.

    If you are looking for a alternative way to sell your property in the Hartlepool area with no estate agency fees to pay, contact us on 01429-860806 for a free auction valuation and advice on how best to offer your property for sale at The Great North Property Auction.


    Picture shows our Hartlepool - Great North Property Auction Store

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    We offer a second to none service which includes all of the following


    We advertise in numerous publications across our region. All properties are advertised 24/7 on DOWEN.CO.UK Our top quality presentation includes a photographic slideshow, aerial photo, location map, route guide and local schools information. Every property is advertised 24/7 on RIGHTMOVE.CO.UK the biggest property website in the UK.

    As soon as a property is listed it is matched against these buyers and then text messages and e-mails are sent to those who may be interested. Using sophisticated in-branch computer software we continually match walk-in buyers to our property register and get those who are interested round and viewing. Our sales agents are motivated and enthusiastic about selling. Each is a well-trained professional with good local knowledge and a commitment to everyday exceptional customer service.


    Sellers receive a regular courtesy call to discuss the progress of the sale. We endeavour to phone or text with feedback after every viewing. Every offer is confirmed in writing. Once a property is under offer, we keep in regular touch with the seller, the buyer, solicitors, mortgage advisors and other connected parties right up to moving day.


    We subscribe to the National Associations of Estate Agents, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Ombudsman For Estate Agents and as such abide by the strict code of good estate agency practice laid down by these organisations.


    If you are ready to sell please contact your nearest Dowen branch and ask for a free valuation. Our valuer will be delighted to tell you about our selling service, your expected moving expenses and what we, as your estate agent, can do for you.

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Buyer Advice
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    Unless buying a brand new home most people buy houses through estate agents. However before rushing into a purchase you need to know how much you can afford and, at the same time, consider what you REALLY want from your first/next home. The following section should help give you a clearer idea.


    • Do you need to be near work?
      • Consider - The further you live away from work, the more it will cost you in time AND money to get there.
    • Do you need to be near relatives?
      • Consider - Do your relatives baby sit for you? Are you needed to help care for a relative?
    • Do you need to be near a particular school?
      • Consider - Even if you don't have kids now, you may well do in the future, so think about where you would prefer them to be educated before you buy. A good school is surely worthwhile.
    • Would you prefer to be near friends?
    • Would you prefer to be near shops and other facilities?
    • Do you need to be near to a bus stop, sports club, gym, nursery, etc?
    • Would you prefer to live in a town or village?
    • Do you like the idea of living on an estate?
    • What type of house would you like?
      • Terraced, Bungalow, Flat, Detached, Semi
    • Would you like a brand new or pre-owned home?
    • What floor plan do you prefer?
      • Traditional or Modern style
    • Are you into DIY?
      • Consider a home which needs improving could ultimately make you a useful profit. However you will need the resources to finance a DIY project. Have you got the resources?
    • Double Glazing?
      • UPVC, Hardwood, Aluminium?
    • Central Heating?
      • Gas, Electric, Solid Fuel, Oil?
    • A nice Kitchen
      • What do you like?
    • Fireplace
      • What do you like?
    • Bathroom
      • Is a shower a necessity?
    • Ensuite bathroom?
    • Hallway?
    • Decor - Modern or Traditional?
      • Consider - Would you be willing to redecorate to your taste. Or would you prefer ready to move into with little to do?
    • Do you intend to have/add to a family in the near future?
      • Consider - Is it worth buying a bigger home in which you can also live happily with a growing family?
    • How many bedrooms do you need now and in the future?
    • Where can you park your car(s)?
      • Is a garage essential?
    • Would you like a garden?
      • or would gardening be a chore?
    • Do you need plenty of storage?
    • Do you need a hobby room or extra space?
    • Do you need a study?
      • Do you work from home and need an extra room or space to do so?
    • Do you regularly have people to stay?
      • and need an extra bedroom?
    • Do you need a dining room?


    Why not prepare a list with two columns one containing what I/we


    This will help you build a picture of exactly what you want from your first/next home and allow you to quickly eliminate those homes which don't meet up to your requirements. Without proper planning many people will move into a home and then find it does not meet with their needs. Avoid this by planning now. Once you have a clear picture of what you want, use the HOMES TO BUY button to search for a home on this website, call into any of our branches to browse through sales particulars or read our ads in the local press. Once you see something you like, contact the Dowen branch involved to arrange a viewing. Many people prefer to view a selection of homes to get a good idea of what is available. Finally you will find the home of your dreams. The way forward is then to make an offer to the estate agent.

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Additional Services
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    Letting is a good way to obtain a regular income from a vacant property. People choose to let for a variety of reasons, for example they may be unable to sell the property and therefore decide to let instead; they may be working away for a period of time and intend to return to the property in the future or simply may have decided to invest in a property in the hope of receiving a better overall return on their capital.

    All our branches offer an individual letting service with experienced personnel whose aim is to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

    We offer a choice of service:

    Management :

    We find the tenant, complete all documentation then manage the property on a day to day basis for a monthly management fee (usually taken as a percentage of the rent collected). We deal with the day to day needs of the tenant, attend to repairs and other related matters. Your bank account will be credited monthly with any rent collected.

    Tenant Finder :

    We find the tenant, complete the initial paperwork and prepare the lease then you manage the property thereafter. For this service we charge a single one off fee.


    Regular local newspaper advertising.24/7 advertising on DOWEN.CO.UK Our top quality presentation generally includes a photographic slideshow, aerial photo, location map, route guide and local schools information.24/7 advertising on RIGHTMOVE.CO.UK the most popular property portal in the UK, Property presentation via in-branch brochures and static displays. Motivated and enthusiastic lettings agents. Each is a well-trained professional with good local knowledge and a commitment to everyday exceptional customer service.


    If you are ready to let please contact your nearest Dowen branch and ask for a free valuation. Our valuer will be delighted to tell you about our lettings service, your expected expenses and what we, as your letting agent, can do for you.


    We subscribe to the National Associations of Estate Agents, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Ombudsman For Estate Agents and as such abide by the strict code of good estate agency practice laid down by these organisations.

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    The Great North Property Auction was founded in November 2011 by Dowen, two other estate agents and auctioneers IAM-SOLD Ltd. Hundreds of properties have been sold.

    To Enter Your Property Into The Great North Property Auction is simple

    We Firstly Agree With You A Reserve Price: below which we will not sell the property without your permission

    Thereafter We Immediately Take Your Property TO AUCTION ON THE INTERNET FOR 40 DAYS via The Great North Property Auction website (www.gnpa.co.uk) which works just like eBay.

    Over this time we will heavily promote your property in our newspaper adverts, bespoke auction advertising, through our branches and via the internet

    BUYERS CAN MAKE BIDS ON-LINE, IN OUR BRANCHES OR DIRECT TO OUR AUCTION OFFICE. We will keep in touch with you throughout the process and advise you of all bids



    If we get lots of internet auction bids we will take your property to one of OUR REGULAR LIVE AUCTION EVENTS AT THE RAMSIDE HALL HOTEL, DURHAM where we have our auction room and an auctioneer.

    At these events buyers bid in person or by proxy

    ONCE AN ACCEPTABLE BID IS RECEIVED the buyer pays a minimum £4200+ deposit and is expected to exchange contracts in 28 days It's that simple

    For a free no obligation auction valuation and discussion - contact your nearest Dowen branch

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    Dowen Surveying Services is a specialist division of Dowen Estate Agency.

    We carry out professional survey and valuation work for private individuals, solicitors, companies and institutions such as banks and building societies. Our aim is to provide a personal service where the Surveyor will also be available, personally, to discuss any aspect of the survey work he/she has carried out. Our clients find this aspect of our service invaluable, as we insist that the Surveyor concerned will always be approachable and ready to answer any queries raised in easy-to-understand layman terms.

    Why Have A Professional Survey?

    The purchase of your own home is generally regarded as the biggest financial outlay you will ever make. Most mortgage lenders will insist on at least a basic valuation before allowing your purchase to proceed. However this valuation provides little more than to advise the lender of the basic condition of the property and that it is a worthwhile mortgage risk. If you are buying for cash a survey is essential to ensure that your purchase is sound. Intelligent homebuyers therefore realise that it is important to commission a professional survey to advise as to whether the property is free from significant defect and associated expense. Money wisely spent on a professional survey can often save the need to spend thousands on repairs or replacements. In the event of essential repairs being found, your survey report could also be a useful negotiating tool to further reduce the price you pay for your next home.If no significant repairs or expenditure are required then at least you have peace of mind. Remember it is too late to re-negotiate the sale price once you have exchanged contracts or moved in. When buying a home you should never rely solely on a mortgage valuation. Most lenders themselves state, within their terms and conditions, that this should not be done. The section to the right allows you to consider the benefits of each type of professional survey and which type would best suit your needs

    We also carry out: Written Private Valuations

    This style of report is suitable if valuations are required for

    • Matrimonial Purposes
    • Disputes
    • Probate
    • Tax Purposes
    • Compulsory Purchase

    To obtain a written valuation please ask for a quote. Prices start from £80

    DOWEN SURVEYORS OFFICE21 Athenaeum Street, Sunderland, SR1 1DH

    Tel: 0191-5142299

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    In Pursuit Of Excellence
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    Whether you are selling, buying, letting or renting you can expect first class service from all Dowen branches where our personnel are consistently in pursuit of excellence
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    Trudie Bowes : Branch Manager & Valuer

    I've worked in estate agency since leaving school and have been manager at Dowen Hartlepool for over 10 years. Under my leadership the branch has been always one of the most successful in town... simply because me and my team are highly motivated. We totally enjoy selling and renting houses. We are consistently praised for our high quality service and because of that we have customers returning to us again and again. If you are ready to sell your home or would like to talk to me about a quick sale via The Great North Property Auction, ask for me Trudie and I will personally call at your property, provide you with some great advice and of course details of the top grade selling & letting service we consistently deliver

    I adore my work at Dowen... but away from the office my life always revolves around my husband, family and three beautiful kids.

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    Andrew Masterson : Assistant Manager

    I have been with Dowen Hartlepool in excess of four years after having worked in the property industry for many more. I thoroughly enjoy my job and have progressed whilst being here from negotiator to assistant manager. I have always lived in Hartlepool so know the local area and it's people inside out. Since we began entering properties for sale at The Great North Property Auction I have particularly enjoyed being involved in that side of the business. If you'd like advice in that respect... ask for me Andrew.... I will make sure you are looked after from start to finish.

    My life involves property inside and outside of work, as I have been a property renovator since I was 18.  My hobbies include owning nice cars, seeing friends and family as much as possible as well as trips away both in the UK and abroad.

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    David Sharpe : Sales & Auction Negotiator

    I commenced my career with Dowen Estate Agents in 2009 following a number of years in the commercial property sector. I happily describe myself as a people person and love dealing with our customers, my challenge being to find buyers their perfect home either through our Hartlepool branch estate agency or our very busy auction department. I live in the town and thus have first class local knowledge. My customer service feedback is exceptional. Please call in or phone me personally on 860806.... it will be my pleasure for me to help you find your next home

    Outside of work I love to travel particularly packing and among others have enjoyed trips to Japan and Scandinavia. I'm an enormous music fan and do some DJing in my spare time. Likewise I enjoy meals out, fine cuisne and socialising with friends

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    Michael Daurge : Sales & Auction Negotiator

    I've been an estate agent for the past 12 years, firstly working with 2 other agents in the town before joining Dowen Hartlepool four years ago. I'm Hartlepool born and bred so my knowledge of the town is first class. If you are looking to buy a property or would like to discuss any we have at auction, pop in or phone me Michael on 860806. I will help you find the right property then seamlessly guide you through the process from beginning to end.

    Out of the office I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I'm also a dad with a wonderful young son. Sport is one of my passions. I'm a season ticket holder at Hartlepool United and follow the team regardless which can sometimes be a trial

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    Bev Corkhill : Branch Lettings Manager

    My 8 year journey in the lettings industry started via another lettings company, where over time I became manager. I recently joined Dowen Hartlepool which I have found is a wonderful place to work, as the team sprit and professionalism in the branch is perfect. I'm now looking for fresh well presented properties to add to our Hartlepool branch portfolio. If you are a landlord and would like details of what we offer, please ask for me personally. At the same time I am always in need of responsible tenants to live in the homes we have on offer.

    Away from work my family are most important to me, especially my grand children. However I also like to get away from it all with a holiday overseas.   

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    Mike Twidale : Lettings Agent

    Most of my career has been spent in the property industry, the early years for a major builder and latterly for over a decade in the lettings department at Dowen Hartlepool. Over the years I have developed a fantastic relationship with our landlords many of which live in other parts of the country and are happy to trust us at Dowen with managing their property portfolios. If you have a property to let and would like a professional service from one of the regions biggest estate agents contact me or my colleague Bev.

    I'm a dedicated supported of Hartlepool FC, like sport in general as well as gardening. My wife and I live locally and enjoy trips away when possible.

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    Janis Lowe : Lettings Accounts Manager

    My career at Dowen started 2 decades at at their old branch in Easington. From their I progressed to become manager at Peterlee for many years. After requesting a part time position I was transferred to lettings and now manage the accounts department

    Away from the office my life is dedicated to my husband and family. I recently became a proud grand mother and love everything that this wonderful new addition to my life involves.

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    Helen Martin : PA To Managing Director

    Employment for me with Dowen began at the Peterlee branch when I was 19. I was office junior/branch administrator. Thereafter I quickly progressed to become a sales negotiator and in time the assistant manager. After a 2 year career break to have my youngest son, I returned to Dowen head office to act as Mr Dowen's Personal Assistant. Although I work back of office, I can see first hand the dedication and service levels that are offered by Trudie and her team. This is a great place to work.

    My home life is dedicated to my husband, family and three gorgeous kids. I also enjoy nights out and socialising. In time I would like to travel extensively and see more of the world

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    • Introduction

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      Customer service is paramount to the success of any business.

      Our aim is to constantly deliver the service levels we would expect to receive ourselves.

      You will find everyone at Dowen Auctions, Sales & Lettings, friendly, approachable and professional.

      We are committed to making your estate agency experience the very best possible.

      Denis Dowen FNAEA - Managing Director

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      Ms M Alton (132706)
      From the day Trudie walked into my home I felt totally confident that Dowen were the best people to sell my property. All the staff have been very friendly, helpful and professional, in particular David who has been absolutely fantastic. Even my buyers have commented on his professionalism.
    • Seller Testimonial

      Mr M Savage (131704)
      Tanya was warm, friendly and very helpful but at the same time very professional and showed her wide experience in all matters concerning the sale of our house. From the moment she became involved things moved forward and her suggested selling plans worked well as the house was sols fairly quickly considering the current market. Selling a house is very stressful but Tanya put us at ease and helped us through all stages of the sale. She liaised with us on a regular basis and kept in constant touch to keep us informed of all developments and her advice throughout the process was of great assistance to us. My wife and I would like to thank Tanya for all her help and guidance in the sale of our house we are so grateful. She is a very real asset to the Denis Dowen team an d you should be proud to have her there. Thank you again.
    • Seller Testimonial

      Mrs P Wardle (133008)
      Without Linda's drive, determination and perseverance I doubt the sale of my property would have gone through. Her tireless efforts to keep the sale moving and get round any obstacles put in her way was truly admirable. Whilst doing all this she kept me regularly informed and provided a friendly but professional service at all times.
    • Seller Testimonial

      Mr A Hawthorn (140413)
      A very professional attitude with up to date information on the progress of our sale. All completed within 4 weeks. A credit to the Dowens team, and now I am enjoying my re-location to Ireland.

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      Mr J Dineen (131111)
      Again went out of her way to be more than helpful, not just in buying also in rental. Very patient, outstanding knowledge, fantastic advice. Well done Dowen Peterlee. Again one very happy customer
    • Buyer Testimonial

      Mr Johnson - regarding Catherine Calvert (130710)
      What a well natured women - very customer focused, a pleasure to speak too
    • Buyer Testimonial

      Mr and Mrs Metcalf (120709)
      The accompanied viewer was prompt and friendly. Professional yet personable. Efficient but good humoured. She was honest to draw our attention to things that needed doing, though these were few and far between. It seems as though you have good systems which allow viewings to take place when quickly & convenient to potential buyers. We felt at ease to view the property at our leisure rather than under pressure or rushed. Cheerful, friendly, polite and well informed. Many thanks John & Claire
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    Reserve Price: Each auction property will be subject to a “Reserve Price” below which the property cannot be sold at auction. Normally the “Reserve Price” will be set within the range of “Guide Prices” or no more than 10% above a single “Guide Price.”

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