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    Greetings from Banner Cross! This week has seen our team pick up 2 properties from our competitors that we initially valued 3 months ago. With 66 agents operating on our patch and less properties available than in 2015 you can imagine how hard it is for our valuer to win instructions, when you consider many of these agents don't have as good a market share as others you can see why some agents resort to under hand tactics to win these instructions to improve their share of the market and offer cheap fees and an inflated asking price. Both these new instructions were valued honestly by ELR 3 months ago and the figures were backed up by sensible comparables. Unfortunately we lost the initial instruction as the chosen agent offered a very cheap fee and a very high asking price, we cant blame the seller for having their heads turned but what we can tell you is that they have unfortunately had 3 months of inactivity on their property. Numerous excuses from the agent about the summer holidays slowing the market down and not to mention the dreaded BREXIT having a similiar effect (both nonsense) and have had enough and have now changed agent to ELR. When the September market is such a critical time to sell (people wanting to be in before Christmas and in many cases moved in time for choosing schools) you have to ask yourself if ambitious pricing and a cheap fee is really the best option for you, what if you were still for sale in November/December with no interest? At  ELR we are committed to giving the best advice to our prospective clients and crucially this includes getting the price right, with Sheffield agents being able to disclose offers you dont need to be asking a high figure as the chances are more than likely that you will get more than your asking price if you are on a figure that attracts viewings. After all without viewings you arent going to get any offers are you?This approach really pays dividends when you look at the ratio between our listed price and sale price and saves a lot of time for buyers and sellers alike. When you combine this with our award winning customer service and excellent marketing you can see why our staff don't make excuses for not selling our clients houses we just get on and sell them! If you are thinking of moving maybe you would consider speaking to our valuer about selling your property or even just come into the office for a chat with our friendly team, we would love to discuss how we could help you with any of your property requirements. Thanks and see you next week. All at Banner Cross
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    Hello from all at ELR Banner Cross on this lovely day.
    This weeks news is that the holidays are coming towards their end and people are once again gearing up to sell their properties, maybe with an eye for a pre Christmas move or perhaps to get into an area in time to register the kids for the local schools. Either way we have received 18 instructions to sell already this month (1 a day) and we have a full weekend of open viewings already booked in. This weeks new instructions include a beautiful Victorian semi on Totley Brook Road in Dore for £475,000 a 3 bed semi on Burlington Road set in the most beautiful garden with bags of room to extend for £350,000 and a fab, extended detached on Newfield Lane with a finish to die for which we are asking £589,950 for. All the vendors are motivated to sell and we have viewings already booked but more time to accommodate any stragglers so please don't delay give us a call and grab your time slot as we are sure you will be impressed. More news next week.
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    WEEKLY UPDATE - 3rd of August
    Hi, our apologies for not being in touch, holidays and a very busy office are to blame! So here we are in August and we have 16 houses lined up for sale in the south west suburbs already, this is promising to be our busiest month of the year with regards listings so make sure you have your Rightmove alerts set to get news on them before anyone else.

    We wanted to focus on moving this week, the question we always here is 'whats best to do, put our house on the market and then find somewhere or find somewhere and then put our house on the market'?
    The answer is simple if you look at it from outside the box. When you are looking to buy in such a thriving market place you must ensure you are in the very best position to get an offer accepted when the house of your dreams comes on the market or you risk the real danger of not being accepted and someone else buying it instead.
    This is obviously not what you want so you must consider the end result. What DO you actually want? If it is to move then you have to take the plunge and market your house and get it sold subject to contract as this gives you a complete chain and any offer you are then going to place will be seriously considered by the seller. 
    If you don't there is always going to be someone ahead of you when it comes to that property you have your eye on. Most of our new listings are attracting multiple bids (see 14 Rundle Road with 12 offers over the asking price) so how do you expect to stand out being dependent on a sale? Obviously you advise your prospective purchaser that they will have to wait for you but bearing in mind they are probably buying the house of their dreams when they look at yours you will find that most of the time they will be prepared to wait for a lot longer than you can imagine! 
    We have recently had a number of clients who have always been reluctant to sell 1st but after seeing countless deals fall by the way side have finally agreed to listen to our advice and for the most part these clients are now happily SOLD and moved on to pastures new. (Hello to David in Anglesey from the team by the way) so please if you are considering how to play it why don't you arrange to meet us for a discussion to see how we can help you? We will back with more info next week until then 'stay classy Sheffield'.
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    WEEKLY UPDATE - 4th of July 2016
    Hello again, just like the Americans must have felt all those years ago on July the 4th it seems like we are all in a state of shock that Brexit actually happened, in or out either way I don't suppose many of us saw that coming, in Sheffield 136,000 people as opposed to 130,000 people voted for the UK to leave so we were definitely showing our 'Northern Powerhouse' colours. It will certainly be interesting to see how this will affect our industry but for now things seem to be 'business as usual'. Rightmove intel states that in the last 2 weeks ELR have been instructed to sell more properties (14) than any of our other competitors across our key areas (S7, S10, S11 and S17) and crucially we are also top of the table for selling property as well with 10 sales agreed. We  have 5 more instructions geared up and nearly ready to go and the office has sold another 2 properties this morning so it seems that the good people of Sheffield are happy with their decision after all and the perceived slow down isn't happening here. Lets see what happens next week though! Maybe if you are thinking of buying or selling you may consider asking us to come out and give you some much needed advice, we would of course be keen to hear from you so please don't hesitate to get in touch.
    We will be back in touch next week, all at Banner Cross.
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    Our sales directors 7 favorite things in Sheffield
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    1 - Beautiful downtown Bramall Lane! Like all fans I'll never forget my first visit to watch Utd, it was a night match, the grass looked so green, the ground so big and it was a real assault to the senses. I have spent many a happy time there over the years, the atmosphere on a big game day is incredible and much better than many so called superior stadiums. I love singing 'you fill up my senses' at kick off and I can't wait until my son is old enough for me to take him down 'the lane' and enjoy it the way I have and do still. UTB!

    2 - I was born in Dore, I live in Dore and I work in Dore. Dore Village is in my blood, my Mum still lives here, I got married in the church and my office is right in the centre. I love the Village And have seen it change so much over the last 40 years. My 1st job was as a paperboy on Causeway Head Road but I covered for several other rounds and in doing so I discovered all the 'hidden gem' properties that I now get asked out to value and sell. When you combine that with all the exploring I did on my bike as a boy, the secret gennels that criss cross the village and all the other places I shouldn't have been going It has given me a superb knowledge of the area and I find this really helps in my job when out at peoples houses. Dore is where I am at my most comfortable when I'm valuing property and because I know a lot of people in the area its always easy to find willing buyers.

    3 - Blackamoor. Blackamoor was always the go to place when I was younger, out on walks with my family or again with friends on our bikes and It's here that I now take my reluctant children at the weekend when I want to stretch my legs. The Moor is always beautiful, whatever the season. Be it in Summer when the Bracken is at head height and the trails are hard to follow, or in Winter when the rain comes down sideways or its covered in snow it's always somewhere to visit and another of those hidden gems, it always astounds me that the Moors aren't full of people as the views are fantastic, I love the contrast between the natural beauty of the moor and the city of Sheffield which is visible from some of the higher areas. My favourite times to visit though is in the late Summer when the Blackberries and Blueberries are out and we can be out all day. A stop off in The Cricket Inn or The Crown is always included and I can't honestly think of many things that are better than a day spent in this way.

    4 - The Cutlers Hall on Church Street. I first went here for an NSPCC Ball while at school and was amazed by its main staircase and the grandeur of the whole place with everyone dressed in Black Tie. I have since visited on numerous occasions with Solicitors for the law society do, The Sheffield Clubs Christmas lunch and a couple of great weddings and have always enjoyed the surroundings and architecture. It reminds me of a private members club in New York or London (something Sheffield desperately needs in my opinion) and is a great setting for any fine occasion.

    5 - The Botanical Gardens, I love this place, my earliest memories of 'The Botanics' were when my Gran used to take us to see the Piranha in the Victorian Glass Pavilions before they were renovated and of course the bear pit which always fascinated me as a young child. Since the lottery funded renovations these Pavilions are now beautifully restored and house some fine plant specimens and I now take my own children to the bear pit which now has a very realistic bronze statue of an actual bear. There is also a Riddle Trail to follow which takes you around all the best sites like the Pan statue, bear pit and ponds. My wife introduced me to the 'Music in the Gardens' about 8 years ago and I loved being surrounded by the lovely plant life while sitting down, eating a picnic and listening to live music. This mini festival has got larger as the years have gone by and I am looking forward to watching James and UB40 play this year however I really did enjoy the earlier shows as they were a lot more laid back and there was also a lot more room for the picnic table!

    6 - Loving food I also appreciate a great restaurant, Sheffield has got better and better in recent years and the choice is staggering. I do love Sharrowvale and Nonnas on Ecclesall Road though. The atmosphere in Nonnas is always great and this continues on the food side of things, I think it's a fabulous Italian restaurant and have never been let down with the food or service. I celebrated my 40th birthday here with my wife this year, I regularly go with my Mum for lunch, I took my eldest daughter there for cake on her birthday and have spent many nights drinking with my friends here in the evening either inside the busy bar area or outside 'people watching' on the terrace.

    7 - Padley Gorge and Grindleford Café - Another place where we go to walk in all weather conditions, the Summer brings large crowds out and it becomes Sheffields Beach so I prefer it when it's a bit colder. When I was young we used to catch the bus from The Dore Moor Inn and walk down from The Surprise or The Fox House and base ourselves at the head of the gorge on the massive boulders watching the fast flowing black water tumble by. These days it's more likely that we will catch the train from Dore station to Grindleford and walk up the gorge on one side and then back down the other, stopping off at the café with all its bluntly written signs about ordering for some hearty food and refreshment before getting the train home.

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    When an estate agents has been operating since 1840 like ELR you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We have seen more rises and falls in the market than any other operating agent in Sheffield and our team provide the very best advice when looking to place your property on the market and this leads to our clients getting the very best price available.

    Every home is different and therefore not all our marketing material is the same, for example a house with a stunning view will surely need an elevated photo to capture that view in the best possible way. We use state of the art drone cameras for this purpose, capturing not only the shot of the house but also the stunning backdrop to truly reflect what your house is all about.

    ELR have always looked to explore innovative marketing ideas, we were after all the 1st agents in Sheffield to use colour photography in the local paper, on our brochures and also offered floorplans for every property, all of which are now common practice and copied by our competitors  With this in mind we are always looking to embrace different ways to showcase our properties for example we now offer professionally taken photos for every property we place on the market and the option of a 3 dimensional plan if our client prefers. With more people using their phones to search for property than ever before our impressive website has been recently redesigned to be viewed on any form of media device, resizing to fit even the mobile phone giving the user the best possible viewing platform in any format they choose to access our information resulting in more potential purchasers for our clients.  When you combine this with innovative marketing techniques such as open houses, virtual tours, 'premium listings' and 'featured properties' on the nations favourite website, Rightmove and our brand new 'ebrochures' packed with interesting info on the surrounding area its easy to see why ELR are still selling houses for the proud people of Sheffield. 

    If you have any questions as to how we can offer you a personalised service why don't you call James Ross on 07773821068 to discuss how ELR can be of service to you and give you a competitive edge when selling?

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    Headed up by our experienced auctioneer Nick Riddle, the auction department at ELR is continuing to grow in popularity, creating a niche for properties that offer something 'that little bit different'.

    Our quarterly auctions held at the splendid Maynard Arms Hotel in Grindleford have attracted great crowds, creating a real buzz in the room and resulting in some exceptional sold prices.

    If you have a property which is unusual, has holes in the roof, a wonky gable end, or even something that is 'just hard to pigeonhole'; you should consider contacting Nick and our dedicated team to discuss whether selling at auction may be the right option for you.

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    Mortgage Advice Bureau works with Eadon Lockwood & Riddle Estate Agents to provide independent mortgage advice in the Sheffield and surrounding areas.

    Our advice is totally independent and will be specifically tailored to your needs and circumstances which could be for your first home, moving home, investing in property or remortgaging.

    Mortgage Advice Bureau

    Doing what's right for you

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Banner Cross Team
  • Introduction

    Welcome to ELR Banner Cross, an independent local estate agent, where the entire team are Sheffield born and bred. Not only do we know the City and its property trends better than anyone else, but it's our home... and we love it!

  • Team Member

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    James Ross MNAEA - Director

    James came to ELR in 2004 and has 14 years of industry experience to his name. He is our main Valuer for the South West suburbs of Sheffield and is an expert in all things property! Forward thinking and full of energy, James knows how to attract the most number of potential buyers to your property and in turn to get you the best price. James has built up a great list of applicants and understands exactly what they are looking for, so much so that he can often find a buyer for a property before it even hits the open market!

    Out of work - As a father of four, James is kept pretty busy out of work, but he does try to find time for his other passions - cooking and cricket! His perfect Sunday would be a walk around Blacka Moor, stopping off for a quick pint in his local, before heading home to cook lunch for his family and friends.

    E: james.ross@elr.co.uk

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    Jennifer Beal BA (Hons) - Sales Manager

    Jennifer started with ELR in 2007 after completing her degree in Communication Studies. An experienced negotiator, Jennifer was appointed Sales Manager in 2015 and is now responsible for the smooth running of our busy Banner Cross office. A self-confessed perfectionist, Jennifer has incredibly high standards and works to ensure that all of our clients, whether buying or selling, receive nothing but the best possible service.

    Out of work - When not at work Jennifer is normally busy running around after her two young sons (and husband!). She also enjoys good food & wine and loves listening to music...70s disco and anything by Stevie Wonder are particular favourites.

    E: jennifer.beal@elr.co.uk

  • Team Member

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    Vicki Greenstreet - Senior Negotiator

    Vicki joined ELR back in 1999, making her a bit of an ELR veteran, yet she still gets a buzz out of agreeing a sale! There is nothing Vicki doesn't know about buying or selling property and her friendly and patient demeanour, yet no nonsense approach, makes her perfectly suited to liaising with surveyors & solicitors and holding together tricky chains, to ensure your sale reaches completion.

    Out of work - Vicki loves foreign travel and has visited some fascinating destinations such as Vietnam and India. She also enjoys socialising and cooking for her family, including two gorgeous grandchildren. We have been trying to persuade Vicki to go on 'Come Dine With Me' for years!

    E: vicki.greenstreet@elr.co.uk

  • Team Member

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    Rachel Mosley - Negotiator

    Rachel started her ELR journey at our Dore office in 2005 and has been making us laugh ever since with her wicked sense of humour! Rachel has a real talent for matching applicants to their ideal property and is incredibly pro-active, bringing bags of energy to the buying and selling process. Not to mention her excellent negotiation and people skills.

    Out of work - Rachel is currently busy planning her wedding but in her spare time also enjoys holidays, reading (her favourite book is The Horse Whisperer) and baking cakes. Rachel is ELR's answer to Nigella!

    E: rachel.mosley@elr.co.uk

  • Team Member

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    Lis Shimwell - Senior Negotiator

    Lis returned to ELR in 2007, having worked for us earlier in her career, bringing with her a wealth of experience gained in her 29 years in the industry. Her exceptional negotiation skills and extensive knowledge combined with her traditional customer service ethos make Lis a real asset to the team. Her lively and quirky personality also make Lis a lot of fun to have around!

    Out of work - Lis' favourite holiday destination is the Isle of Skye but closer to home she enjoys spending the day wandering around Bakewell with her husband and two dogs. Lis is also partial to the odd glass of wine whilst listening to some rock music!

    E: lis.shimwell@elr.co.uk

  • Team Member

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    Louise Jones - Negotiator

    Louise has been with ELR since 2006, after having worked for another Sheffield estate agents. Warm and approachable, yet knowledgeable and ever the professional, Louise is an excellent member of our sales team. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she genuinely cares about her clients, building up a strong rapport which leads to repeat business and lots of personal recommendations which is lovely!

    Out of work - Louise's perfect day would be a relaxed walk around the Derwent Valley with her family and adorable Shih Tzu, Minnie, followed by a pub lunch and a couple of glasses of wine!

    E: louise.jones@elr.co.uk

  • Team Member

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    Will Bennett BSc (Hons) - Valuer

    Will is the most recent addition to the Banner Cross team, having started with us in February 2015. With a degree in Physical Education and Youth Sport, estate agency was an unexpected career choice for Will, but boy are we pleased he chose it! Will has taken to the role like a duck to water and is constantly developing his knowledge of property and the local market. He is incredibly passionate about the industry and has a positive can-do attitude.

    Out of work - Will is an avid rugby fan who also happens to be a Prop for the Sheffield Tigers! When not on the rugby field Will likes to spend time with his girlfriend, family and friends, enjoying holidays and dining out.

    E: will.bennett@elr.co.uk

  • Team Member

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    Rebecca Jones - Mortgage Advisor

    Rebecca works with Mortgage Advice Bureau, which is one of the largest mortgage brokers in the UK, having access to over 90 lenders. Since starting her career in finance at the Royal Bank of Scotland 16 years ago, Rebecca has amassed a huge array of experience in residential lending, buy-to-let, commercial financing and secured loans. She has even won Best Overall Performer at MAB and 2011 and Estate Agency Advisor of the Year 2015! We are very happy to have Rebecca as part of our Banner Cross team and it is great to hear how she is helping our clients on a daily basis...saving them money and handling the whole application process.

    Out of work - Rebecca likes nothing more than getting out for a run after a long day at work, but also spends as much time as possible with her 5 year old daughter and husband. Her other passions are the two P's - pizza and prosecco!

    E: rebecca.jones@mab.org.uk

  • Team Member

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    Catherine Jenkinson - Accounts and Administrator

    Catherine is our longest serving member of staff, having been with us for 25 years! Super-organised, Catherine manages to stay on top of our never ending admin and keeps our accounts up to date.

    Out of work - On a weekend Catherine can often be found wandering around Wentworth Garden Centre with her husband or friends, stopping off for coffee and cake. She is also a bit of a shopaholic....with the biggest collection of jackets out of anyone we know!

    E: catherine.jenkinson@elr.co.uk

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    • Introduction

      Customer service

      Customer service is our number one priority; in order to monitor how we are performing, every seller receives a post completion questionnaire, asking them how they rated our overall service. We are proud to say that over 95% of our clients would recommend us to their family and friends, some take the time to write a few words.

      Here are a few of their comments:

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      Efficient, organised and helpful

      ELR were efficient, organised and helpful the whole way through the process

      Ms Grey, Nether Edge, S7


    • Seller Testimonial

      Job well done

       Thanks Vicki to you and your team, job well done

      Mr Holland, Handsworth, S13


    • Seller Testimonial

      Has been exceptional and deserves recognition

      We are about to write to ELR with a commendation letter as our sales negotiator , Louise Jones , has been exceptional and deserves recognition within her company. We have already passed her name on to a friend .

      Mr and Mrs Crowther, Dore, S17


    • Seller Testimonial

      Very happy with level of service

      I was very happy with the level of service; Lis Shimwell in particular has been great throughout and I highly recommend ELR


    • Seller Testimonial

      Felt safe in Lis' hands

      Lis Shimwell was efficient, helpful and we felt safe in her hands.

      Sue Ross, Dore, S17


    • Seller Testimonial

      Achieved great price on my sale....well done!

      Excellent staff and communication. Thankyou and well done! Achieved great price on my sale and it was followed through to completion with great support from Lis in particular.

      Mrs Thackery, Millhouses, S7


    • Seller Testimonial

      excellent in all ways

      Vicki Greenstreet of ELR Ecclesall Road South, Bannercross, Sheffield dealt with our sale. Vicki was excellent in all ways, she made the process of selling our home so easy for us and completely stress free. She kept us informed as to what was happening every step of the way. Many thanks Vicki!!

      Mr & Mrs Stacey, Fullwood.


    • Seller Testimonial

      5* Service

      5 star service from Lis Shimwell of Banner Cross branch in Sheffield. She worked really hard on our behalf and kept in constant communication with us throughout the process of the sale.

      Mrs Addis, Dore


    • Seller Testimonial

      Personable and efficient

      Vicki was lovely. Personable and efficient.

      Mrs Male, Bradway.


    • Seller Testimonial

      Everything well handled

      Everything well handled.......staff were always helpful and quick to get back to my messages.

      Mr / Mrs Duncan, Netheredge.


    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      We appreciate how easy you made it for us

      We appreciate how easy you made it for us.

      Mrs Sanders, Bradway, S17


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