Finding You a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle
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    A Refreshing New Approach to Lettings
    Belhus Properties is an independent and passionate Estate Agency offering both Sales and Lettings. At Belhus, we aim to put a smile on every client's face. Our service truly caters to the demands of a modern lifestyle as we work hard to find great homes and manage wonderful properties - quality homes our clients are proud to live in.  
    If you are looking for private rented accommodation or searching for an apartment or house to buy, we have first-hand knowledge of the area and can find the perfect home. At Belhus, we'll guide you every step of the way, making everything move along smoothly and with an end result that makes everyone smile. 

    Our dedicated approach will ensure you are well taken care of through all of the services we offer:
    • Arranging viewings
    • Negotiating contracts
    • Locating schools
    • Organising the connection and transfer of utilities
    • Coordinating removals and storage
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    A Service to Fit a Modern Lifestyle
    The property market has changed, with more and more people looking to rent long-term, in properties of exceptional quality. Expectations are high, and at Belhus Properties we make it a priority to only have apartments and houses on our records that we would happily move into ourselves. And it works both ways too. We would rather have super tenants who we would happily give the keys to our own homes. Such is the level of trust and service we aspire to.
    Our service buys time for all busy professionals:
    • Medics & nurses
    • Accountants
    • Legal professionals
    • Managerial professionals
    • Professional contractors
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    Local Knowledge of Essex & Suffolk
    Based in Stanway and operating in and around the Colchester, Essex and Ipswich Suffolk area, we all live locally, which means we can truly help our clients find properties that have all the facilities and local amenities that their lifestyle desires, including finding schools, shops and any other services you may require during your tenancy. We have also worked hard to build trusted relationships with local contractors and tradesmen, meaning that we can keep costs down and profits up for landlords, while keeping rental costs fair for tenants too. It's a win-win situation on both sides when you have quality homes at affordable prices.
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    Taking Good Care of Our Clients
    We understand and appreciate the stress of home searching, so it's become our mission to make moving home as smooth a transition as possible. We are dedicated to putting our clients first - arranging sensible times for property viewings, negotiating contracts, checking paperwork and dealing with any other issues that may arise. We are proud of the fact that we have clients who trust our instincts so wholeheartedly that they have allowed us to to manage and arrange complete property improvements, safe in the knowledge that their biggest investment is our priority and concern. With today's modern lifestyle, your life is filled to the brim with demands that pull you in all directions. We strive to make your life that little bit easier - it is a lifestyle choice.
    As a family run agency, everyone at Belhus Properties has a strong belief that all of our clients deserve to be treated with care and attention. We are all about people, not numbers. When you visit us, you will be met with a smile and a friendly supportive attitude that will continue long after you sign on the dotted line and we've handed you the keys.
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Landlords Services at Belhus Properties
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    Your partner for investment growth
    Whether you are looking to rent out a single property or build an investment portfolio in the Essex and Suffolk area, Belhus Properties will provide a service to match your needs and your busy lifestyle. With our dedication and care, we will give your assets the best opportunity for growth. 

    As the working population becomes more transient many professional people are choosing to retain their principal residence and rent rather than buy when a new job demands a move. Many of our investment clients started their property portfolios this way - using our time, energy and experience to let and manage their property efficiently and effectively. 
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    Choose Us as Your Partner
    Use our market expertise, years of industry experience and our friendly and honest advice. We'll help you:
    • Build a portfolio that combines rentability, yield and capital growth.
    • Find the right tenants to care for your property
    • View properties to find the best opportunities
    • Make improvements to increase the value and attractiveness of your properties.
    • Negotiate contracts and check paperwork
    • Save time, by letting us do the leg work for you
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    Excellent Rental Guarantees
    When words simply aren't enough, for total peace of mind, we provide our landlords with excellent rental guarantees. The rental guarantee covers the property rather than the tenant and even pays 50% of the rent once the tenant has vacated, so no matter how many times tenants change, your income is always covered.
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    We are an Agency that Listens and Cares
    At Belhus properties, strong family values influence our belief that a relationship with a landlord should be like a friendship, with trust, regular contact and support at all times. Our goal is to be more than just an agency it is to become a valued partner. We support our landlords with a kind and reliable service and tireless work ethic, making it our priority to ensure that the homes we manage are being rented and cared for by the calibre of professionals that we would happily hand over our own house keys to. 
    The team at Belhus Properties listens to every landlord's needs and requirements. We want our landlords to feel confident after our initial consultation, and within the early stages of our relationship, they can feel safe in the knowledge that an experienced and knowledgeable team are taking care of all the particulars. We know the Essex and Suffolk counties well. Not only have we lived in Colchester and Ipswich for years, but our current portfolio of landlords spans both regions. Coupled with extensive research, and a network of contacts, we often know of quality properties before they reach the open market. 
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    Take a break from your busy day and stop by our office. Over a cup of tea we'll show you how you can capitalise on our knowledge and connections - and how we can make managing a property investment portfolio so much easier.
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Tenant Services at Belhus Properties
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    If you are looking for a place to rent in the Essex and Suffolk area, Belhus Properties will help you find a great home - one that fits your lifestyle choice.    
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    Tireless Service for all Our Tenants
    Give us your requirements and we will soon find you a great place to call your home. We'll listen and understand your needs and your work/life balance, so that we can go the extra mile to hunt down suitable properties and not waste your time by trying to second guess you. Choose us to take care of your move. 
    We'll tick every box on the process, including:
    • Locating schools
    • Finding a property that suits your lifestyle
    • Coordinating removals and storage
    • Transferring and connection of utilities
    • Offer a pack and unpack service to relieve you of the burden
    • Negotiating rent and contracts for you
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    Saving You Time
    We'll take away time-consuming house hunting duties, giving you a shortlist of great options. And once you do move in, we submit homes to maintenance and quality checks with an eye to detail that is second to none. 
    Our tenants are professionals with a busy lifestyle, and the hustle and bustle that comes with finding and moving home can be a stressful time. It is our mission to be as helpful as we can be to move through the whole process with you without the worries and delays that could hold you back. We will hand you those keys with pride and a smile, and look forward to keeping you happy long after you move in.
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    A Friendly and Established Team who Care
    Whatever Belhus Properties can do to help on your house-hunting journey, we will be there for you to make the transition from old home to new home a smooth, relaxing ride without any stress and anxiety. And when you move into that new home, we'll keep in touch to reassure you that our services and helping hand is always there for you when it's required. Our tenants receive a personal service like no other: One that cares, and for the long-term. And should you ever want to buy in the future, we will be there to help as we also offer property sales as well.
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Meet our Team
  • Introduction

    Belhus Properties began with the family and that family ethos spreads through every aspect of the business, from the team to our clients. Our team are made up of confident and experienced individuals, each with their own strengths. Allow us to introduce ourselves!"
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    Katy Adams - Director
    Katy prides herself on the ethos she has developed at Belhus Properties, one that shines  through every member of the team. She has built a friendly, family orientated business that takes care of its clients as though they were family themselves. 

    Katy describes her most memorable moment as the day her daughter Lydia joined the company. Katy says: "The joy of seeing Lydia develop into the asset she is today is undeniable. That, along with visiting clients and making them feel like their properties are in the most capable hands, are the favourite part of my job. I love it when owners can see my enthusiasm of their property shine through. When a landlord buys a new property, I love to be able to share in their joy. And if a tenant is happy with the property and all round service, it is an amazing feeling. My team make it possible too, by being enthusiastic, eager to please, always coming up for ideas that improve the service. The key to our success is quality: Quality tenants, quality landlords and quality from our end above everything else."
    Katy's favourite word: Quality is a good word, however trust and loyalty mean a lot to me.
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    Lydia Adams - Sales Director
    Lydia is Katy and Derek's daughter.  She works hard to keep the family happy, and she considers the team, the landlords and the tenants to be part of that extended family too. She considers the business to be a great adventure, filled with exploring and making new discoveries. 
    Lydia says: "Meeting new people and making them smile is at the heart of everything I do. We have a close family unit here, and we are always open to suggestions and easy to get on with. We hope that our clients will be too! We work together to raise the profile of the business and meet new clients, such as serving lemonade at Colchester Football Club in matching outfits on a hot summer's day. Work is fun to us."
    Lydia's favourite word: Adventure
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    Michelle Ballard - Lettings Negotiator
    Michelle is the newest member of Belhus Properties, and has instantly become an integral part of the team, as an experienced negotiator Michelle has slotted into her role with ease. Michelle enjoys her role because it enables her to fulfill her love of property, while ensuring clients receive the highest service possible. Her extensive knowledge of Colchester allows her to give great advice and match people to properties expertly. 
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    Charlotte Perry - Marketing & PR Assistant 
    Charlotte is a recent graduate and is currently assisting us with Marketing and PR. Charlotte loves her role because it incorporates many different tasks and challenges while building strong relationships with other local businesses, the landlords and tenants alike. 

    Charlotte says: "The entire team are friendly, willing to help each other out and I think that makes us a great workforce. I think our clients can tell how ready we are to help each other and it comes through in our readiness to assist anyone we can. It puts us in a great position to concentrate on providing for our clients. I just want to help people find what they're looking for, whatever it may be."
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    Lorraine Perry - Accounts Administrator

    Lorraine's role is to support the team and ensure that everything flows smoothly between the team, the landlords and the tenants. It's a stimulating role that Lorraine loves, as it gives her new and interesting challenges every single day. Her aim is to ensure every landlord and tenant has confidence in the team.

    Lorraine says: "The satisfaction that comes from achieving something even as simple as a smile is something that's difficult to put into words. We aim to get that feeling every day, from everyone we deal with. It can be tough, but we work hard together to make sure we get there, and we always do. Their confidence in us creates confidence in ourselves, and each other."

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    Delienn Churchill - Property Manager
    Delienn loves the challenge of juggling all the work that needs doing on the properties, from dealing with maintenance issues and liaising with tenants and landlords. Her passion for delivering the best rubs off on the rest of the team, and the busier she is kept, the harder she works to make sure the highest possible standards of quality service are met. 

    Delienn says: "Quality is everything. I conduct quarterly visits on all properties to make sure the property is maintained to an acceptable standard. It also gives tenants the opportunity to report or discuss any maintenance issue they may have. I would hate a boring job, and as I work well under pressure, I relish the busy working environment here, and thrive off the enthusiasm and drive of the team, and Katy in particular. We work well together and able to pull together when necessary in achieving our goals."
    Delienn's favourite word: Determination
  • Team Member

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    Derek Adams - Partner
    Derek is involved with the business on a daily basis.  He makes an early start and makes sure all our landlords are paid prior to the office opening.  When he left Kier London, he thought that helping out in the office would give him more time to play golf!  Little did he know how much he was wrong.  He is always ready to lend a hand to all aspects of the company.  He is responsible for the health and safety of our staff and properties and has good old fashioned values. He does his best to ensure our clients experience with us is professional and sincere.
    That's the most appropriate word to Derek: sincerity 
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Colchester and Surrounding Area
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    Shopping and Culture
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    The Essex and Suffolk area is filled with beautiful landscapes and a rich history filled with intrigue - involving invasions and raging battles. With a history dating back to the early Anglo- Saxon times to periods of Celtic, Roman then Norman rule, the region is filled with diverse, rich architecture - from historical buildings to the new ultra modern movement - the perfect area to call home. 
    Essex is one of the largest counties in England, filled with diverse landscapes and famous sea-side resorts. Mediaeval "gothic" architecture in timber, brick, rubble, and stone is to be found all over Essex. There are over 14,000 listed buildings in the county, compared with 13,000 in Suffolk, of which just under 1000 are Grade I or II*, of outstanding importance. One person in particular who made a great impression on the area was Lord Thomas de Belhus, who held the manor of Great Stanway - Stanway Parva. The de Belhus family`s connection with Essex dates back as far as 1066 when they came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror. Their name survives in Stanway at Belhus (now Bellhouse) Farm. 
    We work and live in this amazing region. Our offices are based at Stanway, Colchester on a site bordering the 14th century land-holding of the de Belhus family. This was the inspiration for our name - Belhus Properties. Family, property and longevity have always surrounded the Belhus name and this is why it was a perfect fit for us.  
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    In and Around Colchester
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    Colchester is known as Britain's oldest recorded town. It's filled with historical architecture including the famous Roman wall and the Colchester Castle. The landscape around the town and into the Suffolk region nearby have been an inspiration for famous English artists such as landscape painter John Constable, 18th century artist Thomas Gainsborough and 20th century equestrian artist Sir Alfred Munnings. 
    Colchester is also home to the new cutting-edge contemporary art gallery First-site, which can be found in the heart of the town. The town is also filled with art cafés where you can sit and relax. You can also spend time at the famous Colchester Zoo, one of the best in all of Europe. 
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    Rail Connections
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    Mainline rail connections to London Liverpool Street make London only a short 50 minute commute away.

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  • Introduction

    Please see below a selection of the testimonals we have received from Landlords and Tenants over the past few years:

Testimonials from Landlords

  • Landlord Testimonial

    letting agents who care for landlord & tenant

    "My agent Katy Adams dealt with the letting of my property like it was her priority. I did not give her much time to find tenants as I was in a hurry and she managed to find tenants within my time-line. It was always arranged that I meet the tenants viewing so I could also decide whether the people were suitable or to my liking so the entire process was very well managed and always under her control. I was constantly informed on progress and also recommended to improve certain decorative aspects which did help the attractiveness of the interior. We did not choose the first people interested but the most suitable, which was an advantage obtained by having a lot of viewings in what I understand to be a quiet period, so I was very happy with the entire process. "

    M Weller

  • Landlord Testimonial

    Fast and efficient service

    "We would like to say that Katy Adams was extremely fast & efficient in finding us very good tenants. She is a lovely person whom we got to know quite well. Not only has she fulfilled her promise in finding tenants she was very helpful with anything we needed to know and do.

    She is very approachable and didn't seem to mind when we contacted her. I have already recommended Katy to other friends. We would definitely recommend Katy to anyone. Great, fast & efficient service. Well done".

    G & M Elftheriades

  • Landlord Testimonial

    "Katy Adams was extremely helpful and provided me with more than 100% service in findinga tenant"

    R Canegan

  • Landlord Testimonial

    Excellent knowledge of the area 

    "Katy provided a very professional service. Our employee found her extremely helpful and her excellent knowledge of the area and competence in relocation made the move of Mr Lutkic and his family as smooth and successful as possible"

    A Roberts, HR Director, Schaeffler Group

  • Landlord Testimonial

    Worth their weight in gold

    "Katy has been amazing from the first phone call to handing over the keys. To say it was a speedy service would be an understatement. It took her just one week to get us moved in. Katy is worth her weight in gold and would recommend her highly."

    L Robertson

  • Landlord Testimonial

    Service with a smile

    Lettings service by Katy Adams of Colchester, has been exemplarily! My three Colchester properties have been let out immediately to good tennants paying large deposits and substantial up front rental payments. They are literally moving in on the day after completion of the purchase of my investments! Rates are competitive and it is service with a smile!

    G Sullivan

  • Landlord Testimonial

    "We are both very happy with Katy and intend staying with her and her team."

    A & C Cowper

  • Landlord Testimonial

    ... integrity, courtesy, consideration

    I simply cannot speak too highly of Katy Adams, there are insufficient superlatives within my vocabulary. Katy combines the inestimable personal values of integrity, courtesy, consideration and total reliability with an unparalleled professionalism that anticipates most issues and addresses
    them before they have manifested into something more serious. Katy addresses all aspects of her business with an exceptional attention to detail that
    engenders an absolute degree of trust in both landlord and tenant. As one professional to another, I can pay her no greater tribute than the fact that she would be a critical member of any team that I would assemble should I wish to enter the business market of letting.

    J Kelly

Testimonials from Tenants

  • Tenant Testimonial

    providing quality properties

    Katy has been providing quality properties to me since February 2009, the way I work means attention to detail has always been paramount and often the time from my first viewing to the beginning of the Tenancy agreement is often very short and Katy has always been swift and efficient. The company always goes the extra mile to ensure the highest of standards are maintained to ensure I can begin the Tenancy Agreement on the date confirmed.

    The properties are well managed and I am very satisfied with the service provided.

    I have in the past and will continue to recommend the company to landlords seeking to rent

    their properties.

    O Tighe

  • Tenant Testimonial

    I cannot fault the service that Katy provided me during my recent move. She went out of her way to be helpful and ensured that the whole process was as hassle free as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to my friends and colleagues, and in fact have already done so.

    E Walker

  • Tenant Testimonial

    The team are not about just making money

    When I first approached Katy I had many questions regarding the property I was interested in. They were extremely patient with me and did much more than an agent needed to do. They made every effort to sort out all my problems and were very flexible, unlike other high street agent. Katy also helped with aftercare. The team talk to people, and communicate with you as a friend, with respect and not just about the money.

    I would advise anyone to go to Katy and her team when they need to look for properties.

    A Leung

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