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We’re pleased to announce the arrival of a few updates to our map view on each property details page which we hope will aide you in your search for your dream home.

Tube Lines
For properties situated in London, there is a new option to add tube lines to each property’s map view.

By simply selecting to add ‘tube lines’ to the map you are then able to see which London underground lines are available in the area you are looking, as well as how these connect to local stations and the wider underground network.

Fullscreen view for map and streetview
We know from experience how frustrating small maps can be which is why you can now view each property’s map in ‘fullscreen’ mode.

The same also applies for viewing streetview which, believe it or not, adds a whole new dimension to home hunting!

The only thing limiting you now is the size of your screen!

Happy home hunting!

3 Responses to “New improvements to maps”

  1. Paul Berry Says:

    It would be a logistical nightmare, and they change slightly every year, but if you could get school catchment areas shown on maps that would be incredibly helpful.

  2. graham harrison-jones Says:

    really great to have the underground lines shown aand not just the distance to the closest station but when will it start?

  3. Rightmove Says:

    Hi Graham – this feature is live on the website so you can start using it straight away.

    Paul – great suggestion!

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