Testimonial from Seller – Derek Riley

We had been trying to sell our property in Italy using local agents for more than 2 years without success. Rightmove Overseas provided an excellent forum to promote the property to a wide audience resulting….read more »

The sunshine state tempts Investors
Search activity for June 2014

50.87% of locations increased in search activity….read more »

Testimonial from Seller – Jeremy Streeten

I thought I would just let you know that as a result of one of your leads, we have exchanged contracts on our beautiful mill in Italy. I have made the property invisible on….read more »

Watching today’s football heroes battle it out at the World Cup in Brazil, don’t you wonder what sort of luxury pad they disappear to after a hard day’s work? Curious for a peek into their world, we went house-hunting in….read more »

World Cup fever sets in for future buyers
Search activity for May 2014

52.98% of locations increased in search….read more »

Investors turn their attention to Germany
Search activity for April 2014

54.41% of locations increased in search….read more »

Rightmove Overseas Search Report – March 2014

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New flight timetables contribute to growing interest in European destinations
Search activity for March 2014

54.09%….read more »

Rightmove Overseas Search Report – February 2014

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Buyers look to bag a property bargain
Search activity for February 2014

54.20% of locations increased in….read more »

Saving money unexpectedly on their property purchase in Italy will make moving there this year all the more enjoyable for Duncan and Karen Veal, thanks to the great exchange rates the couple received when they transferred euros to Italy. ….read more »

Interest in purchasing overseas property surged in the UK during 2013, according to the latest Overseas Guides Company Quarterly Index, which saw overall enquiries for the year increase 33 percent compared to 2012, with growth driven by key European destinations…..read more »