Happy at Home Index

There's a happy out there for everyone, but where in Great Britain are we happiest!?

Rightmove's Happy At Home Index for 2014 is a unique, nationwide insight into the emotive relationship we have with the place we call home. We surveyed nearly 50,000 people asking them to rank 12 distinct factors about where they live. The results can be found on the map to the right for 111 towns and cities across Britain.

For more information about Rightmove's Happy at Home Index 2014, please click here.

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How to use the map

What are these buttons on the top right for?

The buttons to the top right of your screen allow you to filter the map by each of the 12 questions that were asked in the Happy at Home Survey.

We have also included a button for overall ranking, as well as for the 5 highest rated towns and cities in 2014.

When clicked, the colours will change to reflect how well each city or town ranks for that factor, with green being highest and red representing the lowest rankings.

How to use the map

• Interact with the map's markers (either by hovering over with your mouse, or tapping on your touch device) to see the scores

• Zoom (either using your mouse's scroll wheel or pinching on a touch screen device) to drill down into specific regions

• You can also use the buttons on the top right to filter between the different categories

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