Who we are
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    Greenwoods Property Centre is a local independent agency specialising in Sales and Lettings across South Bristol. We provide a comprehensive service for all your property requirements. Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, we offer comprehensive advice and unrivalled customer service.

    Dealing with properties involves some of lifes most important decisions and we believe you should be able to trust and have confidence in your estate agent. Thats why all our senior staff have accreditations and qualifications appropriate to their specific roles.

    At Greenwoods Property Centre you will receive a fair, professional and prompt service from a team committed to serving your property needs.

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    Where we are

    Our modern, welcoming offices are situated at either end of the A37 Wells Road, providing easy access from the City centre and Habourside, through to the villages and countryside in Bath and North East Somerset.

    We successfully sell and let properties in Southville, Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Victoria Park, Totterdown, Knowle, Hengrove, Headley Park, Whitchurch, Withywood, Stockwood and local villages including Pensford, Clutton and Temple Cloud.

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    The future
    Even in the property business technology keeps moving on, which is why at Greenwoods we embrace new developments and welcome new tools that make the buying or letting process easier. We use QR codes in our advertising, ipads, have a downloadable iphone app as well as web based advertising and e-mail mailing lists.
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    Landlords - What we do

    Greenwoods Property Centre has a team of dedicated property professionals who have an unparalleled reputation for providing a complete Lettings & Management service. When it comes to letting your property, you can expect highest levels of customer service available and rely on the support from a very progressive property firm.

    Our aim is to introduce reliable, professional tenants and manage your property with your interests first and foremost. We expect to achieve the highest possible rental and select the best possible tenants who will occupy your property for the period of time you feel most comfortable with. With comprehensive legal back-up and many years of experience, we are well placed to assist you with all your lettings and management requirements. We always recommend a visit from our lettings manager who can assess your property for rental purposes, provide you with guidance on the expected monthly rental, levels of furnishings required and any other matters which need further clarification.

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    Landlord FAQs

    What checks do you carry out?
    For a successful property let, finding the right Tenant for a property is fundamental. From the outset, we will establish with yourself the sort of people you wish to occupy your property and will endeavor to source tenants matching the agreed criteria with our prospective tenant's log.
    Once an application is forwarded, references are usually taken from the following: Current Employer, Previous Landlord and Personal Character Referee. We also credit check tenants for reliability and track record. We aim to process and complete all references within 7 working days. Only after checking these references and credit checks and confirming them with you will we proceed with a tenancy.

    'We let properties as if they were our own and we will not offer Landlords any Tenants that I would not be happy to rent my own rental property to' - Michael Grimsted, Director.

    Do the Tenants Pay a Deposit?
    In most circumstance, we request a 6 week deposit on all tenancies. For private tenants, the deposit may vary from property to property depending on its condition and/or whether the property is furnished or not.

    Deposits are held to help ensure the tenant looks after the property and as a safeguard against unpaid rent. It is refundable at the end of a tenancy only after the tenant has vacated the property, providing the house and their account are in order and subject to the conditions within the Tenancy Agreement.

    For our managed properties, we will register the tenants deposit with the Custodial Scheme supplied by the Deposit Protection Service under the new Tenancy Deposit Act which came into affect on the 6th April 2007, this scheme is free to use. If you would like to learn more about this, please visit the Deposit Protection Service website www.depositprotection.com
    Other insurance based schemes are available but involve registration fees and other criteria that landlords are required to comply with. If you wish to use the insurance based schemes, you will need to register for these yourself independently from Greenwoods Property Centre.

    Do you Inspect the property?
    Yes, once a tenant's application has been placed and accepted, providing you take advantage of our Inventory & Inspection package, we will prepare an Inventory. This is not just a list of included furniture and belongings, but a schedule for the condition of your property. This can then be compared to a schedule of dilapidation's prepared at the end of a tenancy. Photographic evidence is also taken as part of the inventory process. A copy of the inventory will be sent to yourself and the Tenant. This provides both parties with an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of the document.

    With our managed option whilst compiling the inventory we will take the meter readings. These readings are then passed on to the appropriate companies. At the same time we also inform the council of the change in tenancy. We cannot inform British Telecom of the change in tenancy. This must be done by the user of the service. We will conduct regular inspections of all tenanted properties which take place approximately every three months. These inspections serve numerous purposes and they allow us to visit the Tenant in the property and ensure they are looking after it. We also check for signs that something may be wrong with the property. If something needs attention we can then inform you as soon as is practical, helping to reduce the risk of the problem becoming worse and the cost escalating. These visits also help us get to know the Tenants better, so that when the lease is due for renewal we can be confident in the advice we give to you. You will receive a written report once an inspection has been carried out on your property.

    What happens with repairs and what am I responsible for?
    For managed clients we provide a repairs service, as every property at some point will require some remedial works. If things go wrong and the Tenant contacts us, we will then contact you immediately. In the majority of cases the problem can be resolved quickly. However, if a serious fault does occur and we are unable to contact you, we can authorise a repair agreed by you prior to the commencement of the tenancy. Authorisation for this is contained within the agency agreement you sign.

    Once the tenant has occupied the property you do have an obligation to ensure it is well maintained. Carrying out repairs efficiently is as important for you as it is for the Tenant. Repairs caught early often can save money in the long run and tenants do have statutory rights. Tenants can contact the Environmental Health because repairs are not being attended to within acceptable time periods and the possible 'enforcement order' could include additional repairs and subsequent higher final repair bill.

    What about preparation and presentation?
    Our experience has shown that those properties which have been properly prepared for letting benefit from successful, long terms lets, generating the right market rent and attracting reliable tenants. In the majority of cases where tenants have been problematical, badly maintained property or opportunist landlords have been the root causes. We recommend your property is properly prepared and that any decorating jobs are undertaken prior to marketing. Furniture should be of good quality or removed all together. Windows should be clean, and domestic appliances serviced. If you have any unreliable appliances in the property you should consider replacement or removal prior to letting. Our representative will offer impartial advice aimed to assist you. In summary, quality homes attract quality tenants. Unfortunately the reverse is also true.

    What sort of tenancy agreement is it?
    All tenancies are now Assured Shorthold unless stated otherwise and are initially prepared for no less than six months. To gain possession the landlord should serve the tenant two months written notice. The tenant is required to serve the landlord one months notice, after the initial six months. Thereafter, it is perfectly acceptable for the tenancy to run on a month to month basis, with termination as above.

    How to I receive my rental payments?
    For managed clients, we will collect the monthly rent on your behalf. We then make deductions for management charges and other maintenance items, paying the net amount into your bank account.
    We also have a dedicated credit control department which carries out regular audits on all our clients accounts. If there are any outstanding payments these are monitored and appropriate action taken to bring the accounts up to date.

    What about taxation?
    The following information is intended only as a guide. If you would like to know more about taxation when letting your property, you should consult your accountant or financial advisor.

    Tax Consequences - The tax implications of property letting can be confusing. A Landlord has two types of taxes to be aware of, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax.

    Capital Gains Tax - As a Landlord there is a risk that you might be exposed to Capital Gains Tax, we would recommend that you take professional advice. If you are a non-resident landlord or you have let out a former home for no more than three years or you have let out a former home when forced to work abroad, then you may well be exempt.

    Income Tax - Income tax is payable on the net income from property letting regardless of where you live. It is the responsibility of the landlord to inform the Inland Revenue of letting income whether they are resident or non resident. The income that the landlord is liable to pay tax on is the gross income minus expenses incurred whilst letting the property.
    Allowable expenses are as follows:

    • Loan interest
    • Costs of providing services included in the rent (cleaning etc)
    • Agents fees
    • Costs of repair, redecoration and renovation
    • Accounting and legal costs
    • Ground rent and Insurance

    Where a property is let furnished the Inland Revenue will allow a deduction for wear and tear of furniture, fixtures and fittings.

    Non Residents - From the 6th April 1996, letting agents for non UK resident landlords have been required to deduct tax from the rent collected and pay it directly to the Inland Revenue. Tax is assessed at the basic rate on net income received after allowable expenses.
    We are bound by FICO (Financial Intermediaries and Claims Office) to collect the tax and sufficient funds will be retained to meet this liability. However, a non UK resident landlord may apply to receive income without the tax having been deducted and we can provide you with further advice and information regarding this. In order for a landlord to avoid deduction of tax at source we must receive a certificate of exemption from the Inland Revenue.

    Stamp Duty - The Stamp Act 1891 states that a document is not admissible as evidence in the civil court unless it has been stamped by the Inland Revenue stamp office. The duty payable varies depending upon whether the property is furnished or unfurnished and the length of the tenancy.

    Furnished Tenancy for One Year or more - On the agreement signed by the Landlord the duty payable is 1% of the value of the gross rental for the fixed term rounded up to the next £5.

    Unfurnished Tenancy - If the Tenancy is unfurnished which includes properties which contain carpets, curtains and white goods, but no other furniture the percentage rate of duty payable is the same regardless of the length of tenancy being 1% of the gross rental for the fixed term rounded up to the next £5.

    Furnished Tenancy for Less than One Year - On the agreement i.e. the copy signed by the Landlord the duty payable as from the 1st October 1999 is £5. This charge is borne by the Landlord. On the counterpart i.e. signed by the Tenant the duty payable is £5 as from 1st October. This charge is borne by the Tenant.

    Do I need insurance?
    Yes, all landlords need buildings insurance and we recommend contents insurance to be taken out as well. There are a number of insurance policies available to landlords including buildings, limited contents, legal expenses, rent guarantee and emergency repair. We can provide full details of any policies you may wish to undertake.

    Are there any other compliance matters?
    Yes, There are three compliance matters, which need to be considered when planning to let your property: Gas, Electricity and Foam Furniture. It is now a criminal offence to let your property without first having a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate (CP12). Similarly, any furniture included in your property must comply with the foam furniture regulations. We have listed all three compliance matters below:

    Gas Compliance - More often than not this is a simple inspection carried out by a Gas Safe registered inspector. Upon satisfaction, a certificate is issued for 12 months. This certificate must be placed on file at our offices.
    Landlords must maintain gas appliances annually. Gas appliances must have detectors, which cut off the gas supply before dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide build up. Gas appliances such as open flue boilers are banned from bedrooms due to incidents when lives have been lost because of faulty appliances. A Gas Safe or registered installer must carry out maintenance of appliances.
    If an appliance is faulty, both Landlord and Tenant must be notified, only Gas Safe registered installers will be allowed to carry out re-connection, repairs or fit new appliances. If a faulty appliance is not disconnected, an installer who will use their Statutory Rights to disconnect the appliance should inform British Gas. The tenant has the right to complain to the Health & Safety Executive if they believe an appliance to be substandard. The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations are in addition to the Gas Cooking Appliances (Safety) Regulations 1989.
    Our advice, in summary, is to have a service contract on any gas appliance with either BritishGas or a reputable Gas Safe engineer. Further information can be sought from our lettings manager.

    Electrical Compliance - The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, mandatory since 1 January 1997, state that all electrical appliances supplied with let accommodation must be safe. This applies to both new & second hand appliances and covers all electrical items supplied for the intended use of the tenant. The regulations also cover fixed appliances such as cookers, showers & immersion heaters, which must also be safe. The only sure method of ensuring that these appliances are safe is to have them tested by a trained competent person using the appropriate calibrated portable appliance testing equipment (PAT).
    Failure to comply with the electrical regulations may constitute a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 that carries a maximum penalty on summary conviction of a £5,000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment.
    Landlords and/or letting agents could also, in addition, be sued in Civil Law under THE DUTY OF CARE for the failure to ensure the tenants safety and face punitive damages.

    Furniture Compliance - The Fire & Furnishings Safety Regulations place a responsibility on the landlord of a furnished or part furnished property to ensure the furniture which is supplied in the property complies with current legislation. The following notes have been prepared as a guide to enable you to comply with the law
    In general, upholstered furniture must have a fire resistant filling material cover fabrics must have passed a match resistant test (covers in certain fabrics such as cotton or silk maybe used in non-match resistant form, provided the furniture has a fire resistant material between the cover and the filling material.) The combination of the cover and filling material must have passed a cigarette resistance test.
    Furniture Included in the Above:

    • Bed Bases
    • Headboards
    • Mattresses
    • Sofa/Sofa Beds
    • Armchairs
    • Futons
    • Convertible Beds
    • Nursery Furniture
    • Garden Furniture
    • Scatter Cushions
    • Seat Pads
    • Pillows
    • Loose & Stretch Covers for Furniture

    Items Not Included:

    • Sleeping Bags
    • Bed Clothes (Including Duvets)
    • Loose Covers for Mattresses
    • Pillow Cases
    • Curtains
    • Carpets
    • Any items manufactured before 1950

    In order to identify the compliant furniture, the majority of the above items, with the exception of mattresses and bed bases that comply with existing legislation will carry a label that states "Carelessness Causes Fire". The label will also state whether either the covers or the interliner will pass the match test. Items that should, but do not carry the appropriate level can not be included in the tenancy. If there is any doubt, we would recommend that it be left out.
    The penalty for non-compliance carries a maximum punishment of up to 6 months imprisonment or a level 5 fine currently £5,000 or both.

    What are your fees?
    Our fees are payable from the rent we receive on your behalf. We do not make charges in advance of successful letting. Management fees are deducted monthly and are subject to VAT. Letting fees and ancillary charges are deducted from the first month's rent and are subject to VAT.

    Inventory & Inspections - Once a tenant's application has been placed and accepted we will prepare an inventory. This is not just a list of included furniture and chattels, but a schedule of the condition of your property. This can then be compared to a schedule of dilapidation's prepared at the end of a tenancy. As well as preparing a written document we also take multiple photographs, this is essential if a dispute arises at the end of the tenancy.

    We are also prepared to negotiate on our fees to offer bespoke services for our clients.

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    Tenants - what we do

    Whether you would like to rent your property or find a property to rent, we at Greenwoods are in position to help you whatever your lettings requirements are. We have an experienced team at Greenwoods who have a combined experience of over 25 years in lettings management who are on hand to assist you in any way you wish. When it comes to letting a property, you can expect high levels of customer service with additional support from a progressive property managing group with a large managed rental portfolio.

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    Tenants FAQs

    Where do you advertise?
    We advertise our properties to let in local press, in our window displays and on www.rightmove.co.uk.

    What condition will the property be in?
    We recommend to our landlords that properties are properly prepared for let and that any decorating jobs are undertaken prior to the start date. Furniture should be of good quality or removed all together, windows clean and domestic appliances serviced.
    Once your application has been submitted and accepted an inventory will be prepared by the landlord or ourselves. This is not just a list of included furniture and belongings, but a schedule for the condition of your property. This can be compared to a schedule of dilapidation's prepared at the end of a tenancy to avoid any dispute. Photographic evidence is often taken as part of the inventory process.

    What do I do if I see a property I like?
    Once you have viewed a property that you would like to take we will ask every person over the age of eighteen to complete an application form. These forms must be returned to our office with a Holding fee. If you withdraw from the application, at any stage, we reserve the right to retain an administration fee of not less than £50 plus vat.

    If your application is successful the £100 fee will be set against the initial account payable for the property. Applications normally take 7 - 10 days to complete. Once your application has been completed we will contact the Landlord of the property and advise you if your application has been successful. If the Landlord withdraws from the transaction the fee will be returned in full, unless the applicant's references and/or credit checks are not acceptable to the Landlord's requirements, when the £50 deduction plus vat will still apply.

    If your application is successful you will need to pay the first months rent in advance, security deposit, which will vary from property to property so please confirm this amount with the negotiator that you view the property with, and the remaining legal and processing fees.

    Will I get my deposit back?
    One of the biggest concerns for a tenant is 'how safe is my security deposit, will I get my money back?' The deposit will be protected by The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of The DPS. The Terms and Conditions and ADR rules governing the protection of the deposit including the repayment process can be found at www.depositprotection.com. This is designed to ensure that you will get all or part of your deposit back when you are entitled to it.

    What type of tenancy will it be?
    The tenancy agreement we use is very comprehensive. An initial contract is usually prepared for no less than 6 months. All tenancies are now assured shorthold, unless stated otherwise. To gain possession the landlord should serve the tenant two months written notice. The tenant is required to serve the landlord one months notice, after the initial six months. Thereafter, it is perfectly acceptable for the tenancy to run on a month to month basis, with termination as above.

    When is rent due?
    Rent will me required a month in advance on the due date by cleared funds. This would be preferred by Standing Order.

    Do I pay for utility costs?
    Tenants will assume responsibility for all services charged at the property including: gas, electricity, water, sewerage, council tax etc...and will need to comply with the requirements of the individual suppliers.

    Do I need insurance?
    You will be responsible for insuring your own contents but we recommend that all tenants take out a home contents insurance policy. Please speak to one of our staff further who should be able to provide further details of any policies you may wish to undertake.
    Do I need identification?
    You will be required to provide a driving licence or passport, and additional proof of residence i.e. current utility bill, mobile phone statement, bank/credit card statement etc.

    What are the fees?
    On submission of a fully completed tenancy application we require a fee for Processing and legal costs, should we need a guarantor a further charge will be required. We ask for an initial holding fee to secure the property (Subject to contract) and the remaining amount must be paid when signing the tenancy agreement. Should an applicant withdraw once processing has commenced we will withhold £50.00 of the application fee to cover administration costs.

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  • Introduction

    At Greenwoods, we recognise that it is essential to take great care in finding and selecting responsible tenants for your current property or future investment. We believe that the success of any let lies in the relationship between tenant and landlord and we strive to ensure that this dynamic is handled with due diligence.
  • Team Member

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    Phil Marsh - Branch Manager
    Phil has a wealth of experience in the industry having left school in 1988 to take his first position as a trainee negotiator. Since then, he has worked in many locations including London, Dorset, Wiltshire and Bristol working his way up through the ranks to manage his first office in 1994. Having worked in South Bristol for thirteen years, Phil has built a reputation for giving no nonsense, honest advice along with an unrivalled level of customer service. He thoroughly enjoys working in the busy Knowle office and has a passion for the character and sometimes quirky properties! In his spare time, Phil loves nothing more than getting out on his mountain bike around the Ashton Court trail or exploring new trails in South Wales and beyond.
  • Team Member

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    Rob Stead MARLA - Lettings Negotiator
    Rob has a vast experience of the property business starting as an estate agent in Yate, Bristol back in 1998 and upon returning to his hometown of Hereford quickly progressing to management level. Since then he has gained many year's experience in sales and lettings, turning his hand to lettings in 2011, he has now returned to Bristol, living in Totterdown and becoming part of the Greenwoods team. He has a friendly, efficient approach and a strong desire to help landlords in South Bristol get the service they deserve as well as helping tenants find good quality, well priced accommodation. As a landlord himself he is involved in both residential and student lets and has also renovated and refurbished several properties therefore having a great understanding of the processes involved from a personal point of view. Outside of work Rob is a big music fan both playing guitar himself as well as enjoying Bristol's thriving live music scene.
  • Team Member

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    Darren Knebel - Letting Negotiator
    Darren started his career in lettings at Barons Property Centre, the sister company of Greenwoods and has now been with the company as a whole since 2005, and currently he is now a very active member of the Lettings team at Knowle. From my first day I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm of the whole Team and I am privileged to be a part of it. The team work very well together in meeting company objectives and have a great team spirit. One aspect I found is that they appreciate your hard work and truly value you as an employee. The Employees are encouraged to continue learning, whether it's through formal education or advancing skills through their job, where over the past years, I have witnessed the company grow from strength to strength. I use my knowledge and experience I have gained and maximize this in the day to day running of our lettings department where I am also on hand to deal with any management or maintenance issues that may arise and ensure that problems are dealt with as swiftly and smoothly as possible and feel I am dedicated to providing a friendly, honest and professional service. I currently live in a village on the outskirts of Bristol with my beautiful partner Kirsty and 2 children, Chloe and Ryan. In my free time I love and enjoy playing football where I also run and manage the football team.
  • Team Member

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    Louise Farrell - Sales & Lettings Negotiator
    Louise has been a Sales & Lettings Negotiator for over 8 years and joined Greenwoods Property Centre in 2010, working previously for another local agent. Her previous experience within the Finance & Insurance industry has been valuable within her current role. Louise is a friendly, non - pushy, but very client focused Negotiator, with good local knowledge and understanding of the house buying process. She enjoys meeting people and helping them with their search for a new home. Louise has always lived locally and has been involved with the St John Ambulance, helping to organise and attend annual camping holidays including Glastonbury http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/ .Greenwoods Property Centre is dedicated to training its employees and Louise is currently studying to gain further industry qualifications.
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Greenwoods branches
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    Our modern, welcoming offices are situated at either end of the A37 Wells Road, providing easy access from the City centre and Habourside, through to the villages and countryside in Bath and North East Somerset.

Our branch locations

Our Branch

Our Branch

Branches within our network

Branches within our network

Our Office Address Services Contact
Bristol - Lettings
Wells Road
Letting: 0117 977 7672  Local call rate
Network Offices Address Services Contact
148a Wells Road,
Buying: 0117 407 2238  Local call rate
40 Gilda Parade,
BS14 9HY
Buying: 01275 600013  Local call rate


The Greenwoods area
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    Where we are
    Our modern, welcoming offices are situated at either end of the A37 Wells Road, providing easy access from the City centre and Habourside, through to the villages and countryside in Bath and North East Somerset.

    We successfully sell and let properties in Southville, Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Victoria Park, Totterdown, Knowle, Hengrove, Headley Park, Whitchurch, Withywood, Stockwood and local villages including Pensford, Clutton and Temple Cloud.

Where we're active

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Our Branch

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Wells Road

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Letting: 0117 977 7672  Local call rate

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What our customers say
  • Introduction

    We aim to provide unrivalled customer service whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant.

    Below are a selection of genuine reviews and testimonials that we have recieved from both Tenants and Landlords -

Testimonials from Landlords

  • Landlord Testimonial

    They're still our agents & we'd use them again

    by 'Peter F & Helen I'  

    We have let our property through Greenwoods since November 2010, and having nothing but praise for the team there. We have always been kept up-to-date, and always consulted if any issues have arisen. They are still our agents, and we would use them again.

  • Landlord Testimonial

    always found the service to be very professional

    'Dave M'

    As a landlord for the past two years, I have used Greenwoods and always found the service to be very professional.

    Any issues are dealt with without delay and I am kept in a constant communication loop which in today's climate is key.

    Thank you Greenwoods Property Centre and keep up the good work!

  • Landlord Testimonial

    Know the area and market very well


    A professional and speedy service provided by Greenwoods
    • Know the area and market very well
    • Personable and helpful staff
    • Competitively prced
    • Will use them again

  • Landlord Testimonial

    efficient, helpful and courteous


    I am a landlord with experience of using several letting agents. I used Greenwoods last year and found them to be efficient, helpful and courteous. They found me a tenant quickly and there have been no problems. I would use them again.

  • Landlord Testimonial

    I would certainly recommend them


    I have always found Greenwood's very professional and courteous, and they have always gone that extra mile to help. I have experienced no issues or problems with Greenwoods and I would certainly recommend them to anyone selling or letting.

  • Landlord Testimonial

    Highly recommended

    'Very Happy Tenant and Landlord'

    I have used Greenwoods as both a tenant and landlord in recent years and they have always provided an excellent, professional and prompt service. I rented a property through them for 18 months and never had any problems at all. I have recommended Greenwoods to a number of friends and would have no hesitation using them again. Highly recommended.

  • Landlord Testimonial

    they have always found us lovely tenants


    All I can say is that the service from Louise, Rob and the team is nothing more than fantastic at Greenwood property centre. At all times they are nothing more than professional, and totally on the ball, and certainly sets the standards for all the estate agents and letting service in the area.
    We would recommend any landlord or tenant to use Greenwoods Property centre, they have always found us lovely tenants and nothing ever is a problem.

Testimonials from Tenants

  • Tenant Testimonial

    ..restored my faith in an industry..

    by 'Jamie fullarton'

    Having moved to Bristol almost overnight from Spain for work, finding a property for my family was key. Not only did Greenwoods facilitate the move, they made and continue to make my tenancy easy. They processed the property very quickly and efficiently which allowed my family to join me here in Bristol from Spain within a week of finding the property.I have had 2 minor problems,one with a wall needing painted and the washing machine not working. The speed and manner in which they dealt with these minor issues and solved the problems was a real credit to the company. Their dealings with myself from communication to inspections has restored my faith in an industry that is open to complaints..... So much so that any new players that join Bristol rovers fc ( my place of work) from other parts of the country,I recommend they use Greenwoods to help facilitate their transition to Bristol.

  • Tenant Testimonial

    very helpful, friendly and efficient


    We have been renting the same property for almost 2 years and right from the start Greenwoods have always been very helpful, friendly and efficient. I would recommend them to my friends or anyone else without hesitation. Any problems we have had have always been dealt with by Greenwoods straight away. If we should ever need to move we would try to use them again if staying in their area.

  • Tenant Testimonial

    very friendly and helpful manner


    This was my first rental experience and I raised a few issues at the commencement of the tenancy. All were dealt with and resolved speedily, efficiently and in a very friendly and helpful manner by the team at Greenwoods. I would use them again should I need to, and whilst renting, am also being helped by their sales team as I am looking to purchase in due course

  • Tenant Testimonial

    The staff are always ready to help

    'Mr D Jones'

    Any problems I have had with the property have always been dealt with in a quick and professional manner. The staff are always ready to help what ever the issue.

  • Tenant Testimonial

    Well done Greenwoods!


    We have been tenants of Greenwood for over a year now and the service we have recveived has been excellent. The staff have been professional and very approachable and have always dealt with any issues that have arisen extremely promptly. We are very satisfied with their service and will certainly continue to use them for the forseeable future and would definately recommend them to any prospective tenants. Well done Greenwoods!

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