Jermaine Defoe trades up!

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Jermaine Defoe

Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermaine Defoe is selling his six-bedroom detached home for £3,750,000. The extensive mansion is situated on ‘The Ridgeway’ in Cuffley, Hertfordshire, which is locally known as ‘Millionaires Row’.

Look inside now!

The property is filled with all of the necessities one might expect from a premier footballer’s house: a games room, a cinema room, fitted en suite dressing room and not forgetting a fully equipped gym with shower room and plush sauna. The pad also boasts the ultimate celebrity essential – a gated entrance with high boundary walls (to keep all of those WAG wannabes out… or in!)

But it seems this long list of luxuries aren’t luxurious enough as the footballer has put the 7000ft2 property on the market and is set to move into his new “palace” in Chigwell, Essex.

Defoe is said to be spending around £4.5million on the project which will see a neo-Georgian manor demolished and a mammoth 10,000ft2 eight-bedroom house erected in its place. If you thought the features in his Hertfordshire home were extravagant then wait until you hear what’s inside his Essex abode….

His new home is set to include:

  • a nightclub
  • Jermaine Defoe
  • a treatment room
  • a cards room
  • a bar
  • a hair salon
  • giant outdoor hot tubs
  • an underground swimming pool
  • several football pitches

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    29 Responses to “Jermaine Defoe trades up!”

    1. Chris Boshell Says:

      Perhpas you could put this comment next to this property. Property for footballer who has absolutely no sense of the injustices of the world, i.e. mass starvation, poverty and exploitation. This property is ideal for anyone who is noveaux riche who wants to play at beoing a little boy, whoi desires to be lord of the manor. Yours in disgust

    2. emmy Says:

      such a shame that all these sort of people can think of is self-indulgence – and Joe Public is silly enogh to keep on paying ever increasing gate prices to help subsidise this type of lifestyle whilst they scrimp and scrape to make ends meet – their self-indulgence is to pay ridiculous gate prices to see such people kicking a bag of hot air around a pitch and writhing in agony if they brush against another actor, sorry, player – suppose they have to earn their equity cards somehow
      ah well, good job we’re not all the same :-)

    3. Mick Says:

      Me thinks there’s a little jealousy going on in the above 2 post, get a life, if you had the money to buy a house of that size, I’m sure you would but because you haven’t you feel hard done by. Why don’t you try harder and maybe you could buy a house like this

    4. jaxxon001 Says:

      These people are at the top of their game. They deserve all the trappings that position brings. Yes there is starvation and poverty in the world…, on a vast scale. £4.5 million wont change that.

    5. B365 Says:

      Maybe the first 2 posters could……get a life?

      Footballers are overpaid, but what do you expect them to do? Turn down the money? And how would that affect poverty, starvation etc? Oh, it wouldn’t, you’re just being self-righteous.

    6. Mr Mouse Says:

      I like cheese!

    7. Steph Says:

      Proof that money can’t buy you style.
      Plus, why knock down a beautiful Neo-Georgian house to build what will probably be a MTV cribs-style monstrosity?
      It’s his money to spend how he likes of course, it’s just a shame that a bit of architectural history has to be lost.

    8. julia Says:

      laughing so much at the cheese comment!
      lovely house, my sons 16 just starting his football career as an
      apprentice earning £55 per week, as a family we have struggled financially for over 10 years, sometimes costing us over £100 per week in fuel alone to help this dream happen for our son..if he makes it and can afford a house for us like that…yipeeeee we would so deserve it!!1

    9. The Gardener Says:

      I wouldn’t waste your money (or your son’s), the rear garden is North-east facing.

    10. The Beancounter Says:

      One great characteristic of our nation is we love to build them up so we can knock them down. Love success until we see what others get for it.

      The man’s taste is not mine but then neither is his budget.

      Be comfortable with yourself and let us do likewise.

      Oh, by the way can you lend me a couple of million?

    11. Gary McGhee Says:

      Don’t speak for everybody. If I had that kinda money I’d buy something half the size but with history, atmosphere, something aesthetically beautiful. This is just further proof that most English people have no taste.

    12. Darren Says:

      It’s also really crammed in. People are knocking down a house and building TWO. No space around you for the money they are asking. Busy road aswell!!!

    13. artske Says:

      Dont hate…we’re only here once lets enjoy it.
      Yes there are starving people in the world and poverty but why dont you comment on their governments who probably waste 10 times more per year.

      If I had the money Id build it too…bring on those 6 numbers ;)


    14. Helen Says:

      I used to live on this plot, 14 The Ridgeway, Cuffley, I grew up there. The original house was beautiful, full of character, complete with servant bells, tennis court lawn. ~Before my parents owned it, it belonged to a local Doctor – Doctor Gardiner, I am sure he would turn in his grave at the monstrosity that Defoe has built in its place. Indeed I left home at 18 years and moved to France, on my return 20 years later in 2005 I returned to my childhood home to just drive past and have a peek- Defoe’s workmen must have literally pulled down the original house the day before as there were bricks and rubble everywhere. Such a shame and please do not call the Ridgeway Millionaires Row, because it was once a truly classy place to live, until the chavs moved in.

    15. caroline Says:

      THAT IS NOT a home….its a soulless,cold building, full of toys!

    16. delroy Says:

      I lIKE it but then again im from a working class background and i live in a tower block where the only mod con is not having to walk in piss occasionly when you get the lift.
      I love how all you snobs label us as chavs.
      I dont particulary like defoe but i respect him how he has found success and can rub it in all your toffee noses

    17. Nathan Says:

      How can anyone nock Jermaine Defoe for spending HIS money as he wishes. Hes come from a poor family and worked his nuts off to get to where he has! Let the lad enjoy spending his money.

      NB. His charity work is endless!!

    18. Rascal Says:

      Remember, he’s SPENDING that £4.5m, which is great for all the normal people who’ll receive it in exchange for goods and services. Its a lottery win for the local builders, suppliers, gold tap shops, chandelier shops etc. What recession..???!!!

    19. mama t Says:

      no probs on how he spends his money, just think its a shame he’s building himself a luxury prison (with what he has in mind he’s never going to need to out now is he?)………..oh yeah, silly me he will need to out to kick his little football ;)

    20. les watson Says:

      I know a relative of a Prmier League player who plays for one of the lesser London clubs.
      His father goes crazy with him as he is always chanbging his cars and spending money recklessly.
      These boys now how to earn money like Kings but they also spend like Kings. In 10 years time most of the Premier League players will be on their uppers as all the thier money and houses will be flitted away.

    21. jo Says:

      Fair play to Julia’s comment, my son now 15 is also academy footballer and after giving up all his childhood from the age of 5 the last 10 years have been totally committed to the sport. The hours of training and travelling up and down the country to matches is hard. If he was to get to make it big well take my hat off to him. As previously stated in an above comment these footballer’s also put a lot of their time in to helping and donating to charities and visiting sick children etc.

    22. JT's armband Says:

      Why the need for them big gates? He uses the catflap..

    23. Jeff Says:

      Presumably all those bemoaning the high salary which enables these “sportsmen” to live in such luxury don’t subscribe to SKY.

      The ridiculous sums which this “service” will pay to “clubs” for sole broadcasting rights has driven up their TV-rights expectations and enabled them to pay players unbelievable wages, effectively provided by subscribers to the “service”.

      I love football and cricket but can’t afford SKY so get to watch only highlights programmes on terrrestrial TV – which have turned cricket into nothing more than a series of boundary shots and falling wickets. No wonder interest in the tactical and absorbing five-day game is waning, when TV portrays a one-day match as an hour of wham bam activity.

      Thanks SKY.

    24. Bridget Says:

      Fast forward 10 or 15 years and unless Mr. Defoe has had the commonsense to invest some of his vast current day salary in something other than Chigwell’s version of the Playboy mansion, he will find his proposed monstrosity of a home has become little more than a huge white elephant!

    25. STEAMY Says:

      My cat likes cheese and a mouse but only plays with mice.I could do with this house and my pussy too to run around in but like everyone else, no dinero…

    26. Geez Says:

      Hope JD was in when the piccies were taken… Isn’t that John Terry’s car outside?!!

    27. Polka Dots Says:

      Lets hope it makes him score sum goals!!!

    28. Stokie Says:

      For all the obscene’ amount of money these guys receive, remember he’s still ugly!

    29. Richard Holmes Says:

      The only thing that is obsence here is the total lack of respect for someone who at the pinnacle of their successful career is able to afford something of this magnitude. We all have our own style & maybe the replacement dwelling will be a bit gregarious, so what. It seems to smack at jealously & envy, hopefully he will be happy & enjoy the local area. Incidentally a few million doesn’t go very far in & around Manor Road.

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